Monday, January 16, 2017

16 January 2017 (Monday)

Weird day. My guts felt awful after around 8 last night and had trouble getting to sleep, but once I did -- on the floor -- I did okay, although I woke up at 3:45. I might have dozed off again but my bladder was being insistent. No workout first thing, so I made pancakes and then went to the Slaveway and got some purified water and started making a batch of beer at 7. Oh, before that I cam upstairs shaking a bit container of baking powder and the lid went and fell off and I dumped half of it on the kitchen floor. Really irritated me.

Beer process seems to have turned out fine. I used less malt extract than before and the specific gravity was 1.032, which the Internets says will make beer at about 3.2-3.8% alcohol by volume. That is kind of in my target range (which would be about 2.6-3.0% by weight (the old "3.2 beer" was by weight which made for about 4% by volume). It is now sitting on a basement shelf churning away making alcohol.

I piddled around the rest of the morning (was done with the beer about 9:30). I went up on the roof to clear out the drains but it was all still frozen. Went to McD's and ate a burger around 11:30 and thence to the gym. Crowded. If you are a young man looking to meet women, the afternoon is the time to go. If you are an older man just looking to work out hard it is not. But I kicked it anyway. Couple of the morning folks were there but no one I ever talk to. The Fitness Model was there and drawing attention; she (I think) usually goes in around 7:45 or so in the morning.

I went over to the UVil afterwards because I needed some sugar and while in the SBux got corralled by some weird lady who said she was a film maker and saw my Wisconsin sweatshirt and had to talk to me about it. GAWD. She had to shake my hand like 6 times. Liberal whack job too, had to tell me about "the apocalypse" this Friday when Trump is inaugurated. Flake. I was pleasant though.

Did some cleaning when I got home and gave Jack a lot of attention. Walked. Puddy the cat came up the driveway to see us and then followed us for like two blocks. We had to walk him back home and then go the other way to lose him.

Also, Tim called and left a 3-minute voice mail -- he apparently forgot to hang up -- and said our old frat buddy Paul's wife died but to read her obit because it was hilarious. And it was! Here's the first bit:
Kay Ann Heggestad, age 72, bought the farm, is no more, has ceased to be, left this world, is bereft of life, gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, muriĆ³, c'est fini. She died on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, after a wimpy non-battle with multiple myeloma, a nasty bone marrow cancer, after almost two years to the date of diagnosis. No one should say she fought a courageous battle, because she did not! Unlike most folks, she complained all the way. What a whiner! She was ready to quit treatment many times but her family pushed her to continue, which was good since she then had time to have parties and say good-bye to friends and relatives.

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