Sunday, January 15, 2017

15 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
Sept. 6, 1936: Very beautiful state parks on each side. Visited Oak Harbor and Coupeville. Fine blockhouse there. Rode in motor boat at nite. Flashlight on front.
She is an adventurous young lady, I'll give her that. I've been to both Oak Harbor and Coupeville quite often on fieldwork. Perhaps this is the blockhouse.

Only spent an hour in the bed last night -- bad dream woke me up after an hour -- and then mostly slept okay on the couch. I woke up at 3:45 and thought I wasn't going to get back to sleep but I did, at least until 4:15 which was okay. At one point I dreamed that I was driving my mom's Equinox and kinda wrecked it. Not my fault, I was on a bad road and the side of it collapsed. Weird.

Decided not to go to Mass as I was tired and sleepy and I took a nap around 9? Maybe even 8. For about 25 minutes so it was a decent one. Did some chores including planting the plants in the planter box out front. Looks okay. We went to an estate sale at 10:45 and it was too soon to go to lunch so we drove back, got some pictures to take to the frame store which was closed so drove alllll the way back up Lake City to the BBQ place. Gadzooks, I got some fries with stew stuff on top and I barely made a dent in it. Then to UVil for the usual shopping stuff. And home. Practiced guitar while watching some of the Packer game -- they beat Dallas on a last second field goal, in Dallas  -- and then cooked dinner. Steaks were slightly underdone but edible. Walked. Will probably watch Captain America: The First Avenger tonight. I'm not sure I've ever watched it from beginning to end.

I sent a text to Carol Vangelos, Norma's daughter, saying thanks for the coffee and donuts and that we would really like to keep in touch with them. She thought the same. I hope we can still see them fairly often. 

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