Saturday, January 14, 2017

14 January 2017 (Saturday)

Busy day today. The good news is that I almost slept through the night with no assistance. Stayed in the bed until after midnight and then on the couch until almost 5. Went out for breakfast and then did some minor chores around the house. I took a quickie nap downstairs around 9 and then found a text message from Carol -- Norma's daughter -- that they had coffee and donuts at Norma's house. So we went there and had a nice visit. I had, however, already eaten most of a donut I'd bought after breakfast. For some reason I was just hungry all day.

We went to Renton around 11:15 and had a small lunch at the Popeye's and then hit Uwajimaya for a few calendars and some ramen and then hit an estate sale. I got two CDs. Then to a retirement party for a coworker of the Spousal Unit. Two rather embarrassing things happened while there:

1) I was walking to the bar when a woman -- who I took to be a bartender -- waved at me at so I went right over to her and started asking about the beer selection. Then I realized she had waved at someone coming in the door behind me. Oooooops.

2) I went to use the bathroom and turned the little lock knob but didn't read the sign that said to pull the door and lock it. Right in the middle someone walked in and, of course, a female. Ooooooops.

Came home and stopped at the brewing store for stuff for my next batch and then to the Audubon Society store for a new hummingbird feeder. The old one leaks, I think. Watched a bit of the SeaChickens game (they lost) and then made dinner. I wrote a post at ArchaeoBlog about the wine cooler, linking it to the ancient practice of mixing wine with water. May try drinking those more often. I can control the amount of alcohol easily by just using more soda and less wine. It also occurred to me that I could do the same with whiskey or something else like that. I imagine I could even get fruit juice and vodka and it would be, arguably, a healthy alternative. Hmmmmm. Maybe while in Wisconsin I'll get a decent bottle of bourbon.

Oh, we watched Start Trek: Beyond last night Pretty stupid. Lots of Social Justice Warrior preaching although the basic story was kind of okay as was the action. Blew it so many times though. Ferinstance, they were resurrecting an old ship which, as they explained, was so fragile it was never even meant to travel in atmosphere. Well, fine, but then they were bashing it into mountains and stuff. Do these people even read what they write? Probably not worth watching again. 

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