Friday, January 13, 2017

13 January 2017 (Friday)

Sheesh. One (admittedly rather largish) beer and I feel like crap all night. Mostly anyway. I slept pretty okay, only woke up a couple of times though I slept on the floor all night which I think is better for my back anyway. But I woke up at like 4:10, which was okay since I'd gone right to sleep and didn't wake up for any extended periods.

Workout was fairly Meh. Started out pretty weak, but got better as things went along. More people there than yesterday but I didn't have any trouble with equipment. Before going to Cascadia this morning I put the new planter box on the porch and filled it with dirt. Cold this morning like 26 but I wanted to get it out of the garage so I could drive the Mustang. Plants will go in tomorrow since it is supposed to stay above freezing for a while now. Didn't do much at Cascadia except get some KeH data ready. Also I am the company lithics expert. Ha. That should be interesting.

Went to Spam's Club and gassed up the Mustang. On the way on Aurora some guy turned onto the street going the opposite direction driving like a 1959 Corvette and as I passed we both looked sideways at each other's cars. That was funny. What Old Car Owners All Do.

I went for lunch at Five Guys by NGate. Then was going to go to an estate sale, but went to the B&N first to look for a calendar and movie (Captain America) but they didn't have the latter so I went to Best Buy instead and they had the movie, and then I got a calendar at the stand in NGate. Met Fiona there and had a nice visit. Her mom is still being all crazy like so we hashed that out and all her boyfriends and gym stories, etc.

I actually played a Kansas album in the car. I dunno, I felt like something loud, other than loud sacred polyphony or Vivaldi. It was Leftoverture, which I think is their best recorded album; they changed for the one after that to a much (I think) more mushy sound to it. The estate sale was interesting. Small-looking house but kind of big on the inside. I think the company was selling more stuff than the person actually had because there was a LOT of stuff there. Some neat LPs. I didn't buy anything though. Came home and started dinner stuff after giving Jack lots of brushing because he was desperate for attention, which he of course rarely gets. *eye roll*

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