Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 January 2017 (Thursday)

Just got back from a 'happy hour' at Cascadia. We took care of a bunch of my last batch of beer and mead. Need to make some more beer soon, maybe this weekend. Or Monday. Maybe I'll make this stuff again, I dunno.

Can't remember how well I slept last night, although I never ended up on the floor. I think I took a while but then mostly slept until about 4:15. Workout was really pretty average, odd because I supposedly had all the elements there for a good one: Adequate sleep, pasta the night before, and awake early enough to really hydrate. Not as many people there today as yesterday.

Came home and didn't turn up the thermostat because I wanted the furnace guy to see it start from scratch. He came at 11, futzed with it, and then left, but I called back an hour later to say it hadn't worked. Which it hadn't. May have fixed it though; apparently, the thermostat was set for it to cycle on and off 5 times an hour, which is why it would keep turning on and turning off and taking forever to warm the place up. Hopefully this will work.

That was about it. Didn't do a lot of work. I went over to Cascadia around 2:30 and picked up some KFC popcorn chicken on the way which TT thought was kind of weird but everybody ate it. I dunno, I was craving it. Pleasant little get together.

Oh, and f*** everything. 

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