Wednesday, January 11, 2017

11 January 2017 (Wednesday)

I don't think I was in the bed that long last night. The weird thing is, I start dreaming right away a lot. My understanding is that one usually spends the first hour or so in a non-dreaming state. I don't know if that's a problem or not. Well, I mean, one problem among many. . . .I suppose I should do a sleep study at some point.

I did manage to sleep okay, with some assistance at one point (or was it two?) but my back hurt like the dickens this morning. Workout was pretty good though. I ran on the track even though the back and right hip hurt (I must have slept on it wrong). I worked at home for a bit and then went to Cascadia and tried to finish up some projects. Left there at around 11:20 and went to the nearby QFC to use their coffee grinder and ended up walking down half the aisles because I could find the dumb thing and then it was Out of Order. Grrrrr. So I had lunch at Five Guys at NGate and then went to another one and snuck in my coffee and ground it.

Came home and then went to the UVil to get some comestibles and then came home and worked on Coptic stuff for a while. Most of the 6- and 12-month biopsies are now taken care of. It's kind of a mess but not too bad. Probably will go to WI Feb 1-11. Cheapest fares then. Apparently now they're talking about moving Mom from the 1st floor to, well, the 3rd which isn't very fun. Well. . . .1st floor is technically the temporary floor for rehab but they'd kept her there because she needed more attention and because she seemed comfortable there. But the 3rd floor is for the nutsoids. I mean the. . . .well, mentally deficient? The alzheimer's and dementia patients. Which saddens me somewhat. I'd rather see her on the 2nd floor where she can be around non-crazy people and perhaps that would give her more normal stimulation. I don't know. I really never thought I'd be in this position. But then, neither did Nancy. 

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