Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 January 2017 (Tuesday)

No sign of an impending cold today, so hopefully yesterday's awesome workout was just an awesome workout. Slept Meh last night, woke up at 2:10 and again at 3:30. Not sure when I got out of the bed, but I think it was only after an hour. I went to bed before the game was over (Alabama lost).

Gym was very crowded today, although it didn't impede me much; stuff I wanted to use was being used a few times but I was able to do something else in the meantime. Up to 8*45+130+50 = 540 pounds on the leg press which translates to 270 lbs up and down. Which is okay, knees are doing fine with it. May start squatting again soon since my back seems to be doing well with the whatever back thingies I've been doing.

Went downtown and got a lot done, mostly going through the 6- and 12-month biopsies. I resolved some of them and Sharon has mostly gotten the rest. I took her down for coffee and showed her the Secret Tunnel (which isn't really a secret unless you don't know about it). Rowena had just gotten in so she didn't come down with us. Supposed to have a Care Conference call at noon with mom's staff but they didn't call.

Bus ride home was uneventful, except for the usual snotload of high schoolers that got on, but they've not been terribly noisy and annoying. Walked up to the library and then around a bit. Cold.

Oh, cat news: Harold came through his amputation okay and we got a picture of him lying on his side in cute little cat pajamas. We also grabbed Daisy and attempted to give her a butt shave. Meh. Didn't work all that well, but we got it cleaned up some. 

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