Tuesday, January 31, 2017

31 January 2017 (Tuesday)

I have given up (at least for now) on the milk and Ovaltine experiment. Sheesh. First I couldn't get to sleep last night, then I woke up like 3 times -- having to pee really bad each time -- and finally waking up at 3:45 with a minor hit of ambien doing nothing. Bad, bad, no good, awful, bad Ovaltine! Anyway, felt like crap all day, mostly. Didn't interfere with my workout though, it was pretty good. Still hitting 548 on the leg press.

I drove home and ate bagel and then went downtown. Okay day at work, I got a decent amount done, including finding IDs for about 26 diagnosis records that had none. Still need to check them out and make sure they're not updating any final DXs though. I met Engi for a break in the afternoon and she's going to suggest to her mentor (who has lots of money) to think about me for something. I hope that pans out.

Otherwise kinda boring I guess. Bus ride home was uneventful, except for A) The guy at the intersection who just blatantly went through a red light, and B) The guy walking toward me who, when about 10 feet away, just leaned over and yelled "FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" and then just kept walking. Oddly, the horde of teenagers from Roosevelt weren't waiting at the bus stop there. Hmmmm.

Spousal Unit was very upset when she got home, the other managers are being buttmunchers. Sometimes work sucks.

Got the old clock back, finally. It is humming beside me. I thought it was from the 1930s or 1940s but it turns out it's from the 1960s. Blehh. Still neat though. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

30 January 2017 (Monday)

Milk and Ovaltine Experiment 1: Drank 6 ounces at approximately 8 pm. Still woke up 2-3 times but went right back to sleep. So perhaps that is a slightly positive outcome. Otherwise, I slept on the floor all night (till 4:15) because the cats had taken over the couch. Which was fine.

Workout was pretty good. I did some added back stuff because Wednesday is a travel day. Chatted with some chick with a PLU shirt on, asked if she'd taken a class with Ryan (no). Stewart was there but we only said hey. Kinda crowded. Worked a little on some Cascadia stuff when I got home and then headed to Assumption to drop off some donations and then to Cascadia. I made some changes to the one report and then made a cost estimate for something up by Bay View (it's by Anacortes) on Padilla Bay. Kind of a silly survey but there may be some historical junk there. I asked Randall whether we should keep the Mason jar I had from the one site for reference but he said he's got a couple hundred at home. Bah.

Left there around 11:15 and went to Spam's Club to get gas in the Honder and some other junk. Came home, ate lunch leftovers, read a paper on cervical surgical procedures and they potential negatives on later pregnancies, then went to UVil to get dinner stuff. Not crowded there at all.

Speaking of Spam's Club, someone finally got back to me and we now have Hulu for 6 months. I don't know if we'll use it much, but at least I'm not out $50. So good on them.

Our alcohol paper was published online today. Success! Need to build off of this in some way.

Got all of my other errands done today, too. Just need to throw stuff in a bag and go Wednesday. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

29 January 2017 (Sunday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
September 12, 1936: At the wedding Rev. Allen said "Do you Buela Hall (her names Hale) and Elwood said "Buela Hale" they all laughed.
There's a name you don't hear much anymore.

Kind of a boring day today. I think I used minor assistance twice last night? Once? I don't remember. Once around 3. I went to sleep on the floor then because I felt kind of wired. A friend of the Spousal Unit's says she drinks a glass of warm milk with Ovaltine every night and she claims it helps her sleep through the night. We walked up to the Metropolitan Market and got some Ovaltine and I will try it tonight. Will report on its possible effectiveness. I'll start with maybe 6 oz.

What else. I woke up around 4:30 and the Spousal Unit got up around. .  .5:30? Waited a while and then went out for breakfast. Mine wasn't memorable, except in the somewhat negative sense. Bacon wasn't terribly crispy and very fatty and my "over medium" eggs were not as done as they should be. So meh. Came home and cleaned. And did some throwing out: I had a blue macrame plant hanger that an old girlfriend Ingrid made for me and I've had it ever since (early 1980s). It also held a plant that I got in the 1980s: one of those long viney things that I got a clipping of at a restaurant in Kohler Wisconsin when Fr. Tony and my mom and I went out for lunch and a tour of the Kohler factory. Tony was stationed in a Plymouth parish at the time. I got rid of the plant, too.

Ha, not really. The one out there was long and straggly looking but a cutting of it in my office/room is a bit more bushy and nice looking so I kept that one. That one I want to keep.

But I got rid of some more stuff, too. That felt good. Assembled a bunch of stuff for the trip Wednesday, too

Did the usual UVil thing and was back home by 1:30. I had a decent practice session on the guitar, mostly just switching chords. Still have difficulty going from C to G. Must have something to do with the placement of my fingers and/or thumb. I was going to say 'embouchure' but that's more of a mouth thing with a wind instrument.

I tried to drink some wine and Sprite but, while I did drink some, it wasn't very good. It was a cabernet and didn't go well with the sweet stuff. Leftovers for dinner. Walked to the MM for the Ovaltine as I mentioned earlier. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

28 January 2017 (Saturday)

Decent night's sleep although after going to the TV room I was all wound up for some reason. I took 1/4 ambien and read for a little while and slept on the floor. Pretty well actually. I think around 3 my hips hurt so I went up to the couch (which wasn't much better) and ended up sleeping until 4:30 or so. DIdn't work out this morning, I had to clean instead. Ate breakfast in. Walked up to get my two shots (avec Spousal Unit), which was kind of a waste of time; took like a half an hour for two stupid shots.

Slept a tiny bit around 10:45. During the old Star Trek Halloween Special (aka, the 'Catspaw' episode). We toyed with the idea of going downtown because it was supposed to be a nice sunny day but it wasn't so we decided to just do some errands that needed doing. Lunch at the Ivar's on Aurora and then the Spam's Club* and then the PetSmart. Went to an estate sale and it was a neat house but mostly a lot of junk. Also went to the grocery store for dinner comestibles.

Made some cookies this afternoon and I hosed off the patio roof of all of the squirrel poop and meant shells. Bastards. I put the old hummingbird feeder out back and those little rats learned to lift off the little plastic flowers and drink the sugar water. They pulled every single one off and nearly drank it all, and broke the little flowers anyway. Destructive little pups.

Drank some wine cooler -- I need a better name for that, befitting its ancient origins in mixing wine with water. . . .perhaps "wine in the Greek style"? -- and finished the Hillbilly Elegy book. The only parts that were really useful for me were chapters 13 and on when he was in college and law school. He described his job-getting as far more dependent on networking, which I knew at least intellectually, but given his background and how he described it, I finally understood it more. You really have to make people feel like you're one of "them" and that you will help them if they will help you. Just fitting in. That's been my weakness traditionally, as I've always kind of felt better being an outsider.

Couldn't practice guitar as I burned my left finger taking some cookies out. Grrrrrr. Plan on playing my old cornet back in FdL, so not taking the guitar. May look at some at the music store there though.

* After spending so much time on the phone I still haven't gotten the e-gift/rebate card they said they would send. I'm writing it off as me goofing on the email address. Still irritates me though. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

27 January 2017 (Friday)

Pleasant day today, sunny and around 50. I didn't sleep all that well. Was not in the bed for very long and 30 minutes and some minor assistance was necessary. Jack slept next to me most of the night so I was trapped against the back of the couch a lot. Did not, however, go to the floor at any point. I woke up at about 4. Meh. I felt okay.

Workout was. . . .good, but it didn't feel that way. Lots of people. I don't know what it is with the young women there, they must have something against blowing their noses. Half the time I'm within earshot of one she's over there sniffling away. ("And get off my lawn!" </codger>)

I did a little work at home and then headed to Cascadia to finish the one report. Finally. Toby the cat met me at the car and investigated it for a few minutes (I drove the Mustang). Then he followed me in and bugged me for over an hour. In a nice way.

Nice cat though, very sweet and soft. He's well taken care of.

And I spent probably 20 minutes cussing at Word because it wouldn't put in f***ing page numbers. Grrrrr. I finally broke down and told Teresa I would do a cost estimate if she did my page numbers. Took her like 2 minutes. Apparently, I managed to put the watermark for the DRAFT as part of the headers. HUH????

Anyway. I left, came home and dumped my computer off and then went to McD's for lunch. But there was no parking. In the lot, out front, or on the next street. HUH???? SO I went to Five Guys at NGate. Then walked up to the Bon and got some face junk at the Clinque counter for the Spousal Unit, walked it back to the car, and then went in to wait for Fiona at the SBux. Her mom situation is still in flux. I feel really bad for her, it has to be really difficult. She said her dad's BP was at like 199 because he's so stressed out. I hope it all works out. Well.

I went to an estate sale on the way home, but despite there being a ton of stuff still there, I didn't get anything. Mostly junk. Came home and threw 13 baseball hats in the washer. I'm going to get rid of all but 4. Maybe 5. But they're all clean now. Listened to big bands on Pandora most of the afternoon. I also did a 1970s Geek Out by driving my Mustang and listening to Frampton Comes Alive. Heh. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

26 January 2017 (Thursday)

I found a photo today of what is perhaps the earliest extant picture of me. It's labeled "May 1962" which would make me between 1 and 27 days old in it. A woman sitting next to a man is holding me in my little baptismal gown or something.

I mostly slept well last night although I woke up at 3:30ish. I made a tactical decision to take 1/4 ambien and it worked out well: I went back to sleep although it was touch and go there a couple of times. Ended up feeling pretty well all day. Workout was pretty good, too. I did 568 lbs on the leg press and even did some squats. I may go to the gym while in WI instead of swimming. I noticed the last time that swimming simply wasn't as rigorous; my apatite kinda went down when I was just swimming. Working out really hard simply blows through more calories and keeps them burning.

Anyway, well on track (*knock wood*) for 600 lbs on my bday. Who knows maybe even 300 on the squat rack. . . .

I came home and did some UW work, walked up for my double shots, and then rode the bus down to the UDist to get my hair cut. Ate a slice o' pizza at the pagliuglies and then dropped my library book off at Suzzallo and then walked to the UVil. Stopped at the SBux there because I was shaking and got a hot chocolate. Walk home was uneventful. Did some more UW work at home and then started the dinner process.

I ALSO got rid of two jackets and a bunch of baseball hats. I used to wear lots of hats all the time but I don't anymore because I think doing so gives me forehead acne. So I am keeping just a few that have some sort of sentimental value. One Wisconsin hat, one Packer hat, one gift that has a little football and "Tis the Season" on it, and. . . . .one other one. Don't remember which. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

25 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Slept until 4 and without assistance and only woke up once. Good.

Workout was very good as well, owing to the hydration beforehand. Stewart was there; apparently he'd had some sort of GI thing that's "been going around" that I hadn't heard of. Fairly crowded today, too.

I came home and worked a bit and then headed off to Cascadia. I wanted to get most of the report done so we can get rid of it and invoice for it. Left there around 11:45 and had lunch at the 5 Guys (fries). Went home and then worked on Coptic stuff for about an hour and a half. I think I finally have the ECC diagnoses pretty well done, too. Not much else, except for documenting it all. I will start doing more of that tomorrow.

Then I tried doing my IRA stuff again, and it failed, again. I dunno, one would hope the actual product works better than the web site sign up? Anyway, never did get it to work. Then I called Sam's Club to try to get my stupid money back. The person I talked to kept telling me they couldn't refund or exchange it -- the e-gift card I'd paid for but never got -- by law and that meant I was out $45.88 with nothing to show for it. I finally (nicely) asked to talk to a supervisor and it turned out that I'd signed up with the wrong email address: .COM instead of .NET. So I was getting ready to call it quits and just eat the money, but she said they'd send an exchange e-gift card to the correct email. Haven't seen it yet, but if not I think I may just let it go as a testament to my own airheadedness.

Finally got to reading and cooking around 3:45. Had the pork butt in all day and it turned out well. Also made faux fool (pinto beans) and collards. Went to UVil for walk to get comestibles. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Managed to sleep through the night without a major wakeup, no assistance, and slept until 4:30. Yay!

I was, however, bumping into things all day. Like walls and stuff.

Workout was fine. I am up to 548 lbs on the leg press so hitting 600 for my bday shouldn't be a problem, unless the knees start complaining or something. Lots of people there today, too.

Came home, worked on the report a bit and then went off to Cascadia where I worked on the report the rest of the morning. Lunched at NGate. Came home, futzed around with the cats a bit and then took some food donations to the church -- 24 ramen noodle packets and about 16 cans of soup and vegetables -- and then retrieved my old Onkyo amp and tuner from the repair shop. First service in 37 years and it was mostly minor so that was a good purchase, I think. First thing I played when I got it hooked up again was the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, which is great but desperately needs remastering, and then the title theme from Star Wars. Which is magnificent cranked up through decent speakers. Bad. Ass.

Had to pop over to UVil to cash two checks from my siblings and then pay the flight credit card which had two effects: 1) Irritating me, and 2) Prompting an alert from the bank on my card. The irritation: Stupid ATM demands that I remove my card, reinsert it, and reenter the PIN for every.single.transaction. Hello? Why can't I just do them all at once? So perhaps it was recording me swearing at it, because a few minutes later I got an email alert about suspicious debit card activity. HUH? So whatever. I was parched and needed sugar so I popped into the SBux and had a small hot chocolate. A few interesting people. A violinist came and sat next to me right before I left. I only know this because she was carrying a violin case. I suppose it might have contained a tommy gun. But probably not.

Came home, did a little more work on the report, and then started futzing with the guitar while tending to the squirrels. Today I mostly went over and over the chords for the Edmund Fitzgerald song (Asus2-Em-G-D). Still having trouble doing the G to D consistently. Spousal Unit came back and I started reading. Forgot to put the pork butt in this morning so I ordered pizza and salad instead.

The book, Hillbilly Elegy is okay. I thought it might provide some insight to my own childhood since I was the offspring of a self-described hillbilly.

Ummmmm. No. My dad may have come from the hills and said he was a hillbilly but he wasn't like these people at all. His grandmother once shot a man, had a foul mouth, and swore like a sailor. His mom was similar. Note that his parents are about my age. My dad was far more domestic in comparison. Never swore. Rarely raised his voice. No guns, non-confrontational. JAYsus. Maybe it's just my dad, or perhaps it's because he was of Scots-Irish descent, or maybe Appalachia isn't quite middle-Alabama, but there are precious few parallels. Then again, different generation as well. Still, interesting read. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

23 January 2017 (Monday)

Not a bad day. Started out. . . .dubiously. I woke up at 3:10, laid around a bit, procured some minor assistance, and then went and laid on the floor. Next time I looked at the clock it was 3:50. I thought I was sunk but I continued to lay there and didn't think I slept again but the next time I looked at the clock it was 4:50 so I must have dozed off some. At any rate, I felt okay. As I've mentioned, I can miss an hour right before getting up as long as I go back to sleep for even a few minutes.

Workout went great. Just tons of energy. Kind of a lot of people there, too. Went downtown and got quite a lot done. I got the data for a researcher who is doing a meta-analysis, although I had to dump the data into SPSS and do it that way because trying to do it in Stata would have taken me forever. I just got an email from her and that was what she needed so points for me. Also got the 18- and 24-month biopsies worked through. Those should need another round of scrutiny and then should be finalized. Then started in on the ECCs.

Went to coffee with Rowena and she was very excited about the march she went to Saturday and I think I disappointed her somewhat by not really talking about it. No religion or politics with coworkers is my philosophy. Or much of anything else to be honest. So, good day.

Bus ride home was uneventful although the boatload of teenagers convinced me that Western Civilization would collapse were there to be any sort of major disruption in the supply of spandex leggings.

Walked at UVil because I had to get bagels and they stiffed me one. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

22 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
Sept 7, 1936. Labor Day. Coming home we saw a forest fire. Uncle Nap & Dad caught a 4 lb bass, 6 trout, & a perch. Had a very good time and eats. 
Kind of a really day, weather wise. And football-wise: Packers got trounced by Atlanta so the football season is officially over. I may or may not watch the Stupor Bowl. Will be in WI for that so maybe mom and I will have our own little Stupor Bowl party with tiny sandwiches and thickened whiskey.

Didn't sleep real well last night, used minor assistance twice, one at probably 12:30 and again at 2:30. Thank God I woke up at 2:30 instead of 3:30 although even if the latter I probably still would have taken some just so I wouldn't spend both weekend days tired as hell. Still kind sleepy though. Ate breakfast early and napped before 8 -- which made me feel much better -- but it made the morning drag on. I cleaned and watched Zoolander. Went to 5 Guys for lunch and then the usual UVil shopping. Came home and watched most of the second half but not very closely because it was such a blowout.

I did more chores this afternoon and played guitar while watching some of the game. Made dinner. Walked. Not a terribly exciting day. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

21 November 2017 (Saturday)

You know, I kind of miss reading ol' Clarence's diary entries every day. He didn't seem to have a lot of fun, but he did some cool things.

Didn't sleep. . . .well, wait. I did sleep fairly well. Until 3:frickin'-45. Blehh. Tried to get back to sleep around 5:15 but didn't make it. I didn't take a nap all day either. I decided to go to the gym instead. We went out for breakfast and, despite not getting adequate sleep which usually means I can eat however much I want, I felt too full afterwards. Hence, gym. Not that many people there. I did leg presses, calf raises, and then rode the bike and sweated my **** off for 40 minutes. Felt good.

We decided to drive up to North Bend just to get out of the city. It was okay. We might try going to the Swede's next time for something different. It's the old Mar-T which was the cafe the "RR Diner" of Twin Peaks was based on. Went to the outlets for a while, but not for long. I dunno, they're not really "outlets" any more -- where they would carry seconds and such for CHEAP -- but more like regular retail places. We drove up via 202 and back via I90. They had "Women's Marches" all over, which was basically throwing a temper tantrum because Hillary lost. It's at least welcome that they've discovered the Constitution again; they do so every few years (when a Republican is in the White House).

Afternoon was quiet. I drank more wine cooler, or whatever word I can use to describe it that feels more Greek or Roman in terms of mixing wine. Walked at NGate due to light rain.

Friday, January 20, 2017

20 January 2017 (Friday)

Mostly slept fairly well last night, albeit on the floor because both cats were on the couch and looking so comfortable I couldn't move them. No assistance. Woke up at 3:45 though but felt okay most of the day. Workout went great due to the extra hydration. Not many people there either; New Year's resolutions must not have taken hold very well this year.

I did a little work when I got home and then went to Cascadia to trace the profiles. That actually went fairly quickly. I enjoyed it, too. It was actual archaeology, of which I do very little there. I did some of the writing as well. Oh, a little cat named Toby met me at the gate and followed me in. Friendly little thing. He/she enjoyed exploring the house.

I went to NGate for lunch and then did some banking stuff and a little more work and then Fiona came over. She's been having a lot of stress with her parents lately so she was appreciative to talk to someone. On the way home I stopped at the QFC and bought some beer and a sweet riesling for the Spousal Unit. Also Willeke emailed and said my Fayum report on my web site was gone, which it was and I don't know where it went. I don't remember deleting it. I have some backup copies on my external drive but most of them are in old Ami Pro format and I have been unable to read them. May require some work to reconstruct it, although I have the html files, but the figures are all in Ami Pro. So, crap.

Anyway, made dinner, walked. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

19 January 2017 (Thursday)

I actually mostly slept through the night last night with no assistance. Woke up at about 4:45 and all on the couch. Go me. Workout went pretty well, too. Not as many people down there as yesterday, I'm kind of expecting them to be there tomorrow though, but Friday I do whatever I want so I can mix and match if need be.

I did some work on the report first thing and then went and got my shots at the Slaveway SBux and then popped into the post office to see the supervisor about our mail person's fall -- her name is Jennifer, btw -- and he said they may/will come out at some point to see what can be done, but I doubt they will and I doubt we'll do anything anyway. I talked to said Jennifer this afternoon again, and gave her a little SBux gift card for her trouble, and she said she'd already told them about the porch and where a mailbox can go, etc. I bought some non-skid tape after the post office and put it on the porch so I hope that is enough. It's one event in like 13 years so I'm not really sure it's a big deal.

Anyhoo. After that I worked some more and tried scanning in the profile drawings and they came out okay, but Meg said we should still trace them so I'll do that tomorrow. I worked on that until about 11:30 and then got lunch at McD's and then to UVil to get the gift card and I got a big iced tea too because I wanted one. Came home, gave her the card and chatted about different mail box configurations, etc. and then did a little more work and then sat down to practice guitar a bit. I am trying a new site, https://www.justinguitar.com/, that is a series of video lessons. I go through this all the time, practice, get tired of the way 'Im practicing, and then find a new thing to try From The Beginning. Perhaps this one will work.

Also got an email coupon for $20 at an Amazon.com restaurant thing. Participating restaurants will deliver to your home for free (if >$20). So we tried that at Red Robin. Meh. Halfway decent salads. Well, better than what I make although I would have preferred it tossed first. First world problems.

Started reading a book called Hillbilly Elegy. A memoir about a, well, hillbilly who grew up and got an Ivy League degree and it's about what he thinks of the culture of Appalachia. Sort of. Kind of depressing, although much of it seems somewhat familiar, being of somewhat hillbilly stock myself. I certainly wonder sometimes how I made it from small town Wisconsin to an archaeology PhD etc.

Well, no, maybe not. I'm stubborn. And I read this once: "New Cross to the Journal of the Royal Society, solo. Some achievement." I wanted to do that.

Update: Almost forgot: I took my old tuner and amp to Hawthorne Stereo for repair. The tuner is finally unlistenable as both channels are going out. Something to do with the tuning mechanism. The amp has had minor troubles with the source switch, having a fidgety channel (right, I think) when on Phono 1. First time they're being serviced since I got them in 1980, so not bad. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Rain continued until mid-morning and then there was even some blue sky. Apparently somewhere around 2" at SeaTac. Back yard had standing water back by the rock wall. As usual.

I slept okay, on the floor all night. Only needed minor assistance when I first went out there. My hips were hurting probably around 3-3:30 but I stayed there and didn't really wake up until close to 4:30 which was okay. Killed the workout. Also ran on the track.

Came home and did a little bit of Cascadia work, on the one report. I've been waiting for the contractor to send me some super duper map and it ended up being little more than a sketch. Sent that off. Then I went to the church and dropped some stuff off and talked to Carol, mostly about th local crime scene. She said she chased a couple of guys off not too long ago and then someone tried to break into the church last week, too. Sad. Got two shots in my chocolate milk and then went to the Ace hardware and bought a new mailbox and spent a half an hour cussing and putting that in. There were three fat ol' black spiders living behind it so I brushed them away. New one was almost identical to the old one so it went in fairly easily. Then I went to lunch at NGate and then popped over to the Best Buy to look at security cameras. And thence to Cascadia for a while to see what needs doing. I'm going to start on the report for the evil monitoring on Whidbey (the night work), but I get to trace and make nice the profile drawing. I retrieved the light table I'd given to Randall -- that has never been used -- and I'll do that in the morning. At least it's something not involving a computer.

I went to the UVil to find something for dinner, but sat at the SBux for a bit and enjoyed the show. A well-dressed, attractive female sat behind me and was a terrible busybody, just futzed around for like five minutes. She needed two tables for her laptop and such. Then a large, well-dressed attractive man joined her. I think they were some sort of real estate coworkers. Nothing else too interesting. I got chicken tenders and salad matériel for dinner.

So. When I got home the mail lady was across the street and she waved and came over and let me know that our mail box had not, in fact, been broken into, but that she had slipped off the porch and grabbed it and broke it that way. I felt bad. She's very nice; she was the one who got a little teary eyed when she found out Norma had died. We chatted about what happened and I think I may go see the postal dude tomorrow. I will definitely get some non-slip tape and put it up there. I'm hoping they don't demand a railing or something. She seemed a little apologetic and wasn't mad or anything and she wasn't really hurt (just a small bruise). Anyway, I'm glad it was only that but I still feel bad that she fell like that.

Practiced guitar a bit, mostly just doing the G-C-G transition and maybe getting a little better at it. I may get myself an electric for my birthday. A semi-acoustic. Or semi-hollow body. Would probably be more fun to practice than this thing.

Well, yeah, I did break down sobbing like a baby for about 15 minutes this afternoon. I was thinking of the mail lady and how she got choked up because of Norma and then I just lost it. *sigh* 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

17 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Raining like a sumbitch out there, since around noon. Looks to be consistent for another 12 or so hours. Beats 23 degrees.

Slept vaguely okay last night, no assistance necessary. Woke up at 4 though, *harumph* Wasn't too bad though. Workout started out poorly, but I got going. I was mistaken earlier: I am now up to 45*8 +50+120=530 pounds on the leg press. Should be able to hit 600 soon. Lots of people here today, too, although not as many as yesterday afternoon.

Went downtown and got a lot done. I did the corrections to the proofs and sent those off; had I think three citations in the references that weren't in the paper. Huh. I think EndNote was being wonky. Also, Google Scholar apparently doesn't list some page ranges in their citations because several only had the first page number. Spent the rest of the day getting the Month 18 and 24 biopsy results straightened out. Sharon needs to look some up but we should be done with these soon. Started trying to figure out the ECCs but the triggering diagnosis for those -- AGC-US for cytology -- are tricky to get at. I may pawn those off on Sharon. She and I went for coffee and Rowena buggered out again -- Sharon is going to think she hates her or something (not really) -- but R and I went to lunch instead. Down to the Diva coffee place and I actually got a sandwich because I was really hungry for some reason.

Bus ride back was kind of crowded, probably due to the rain.

And when I got home I found that some f***er had broken into the mail box. Punched the lock out and almost yanked it off the wall. Rat bastard. There was one piece of semi-junk mail still in it (at least the s***head closed it again) so I don't know if he got anything but it's still irritating.

Anyway, walked at NGate due to the rain. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

16 January 2017 (Monday)

Weird day. My guts felt awful after around 8 last night and had trouble getting to sleep, but once I did -- on the floor -- I did okay, although I woke up at 3:45. I might have dozed off again but my bladder was being insistent. No workout first thing, so I made pancakes and then went to the Slaveway and got some purified water and started making a batch of beer at 7. Oh, before that I cam upstairs shaking a bit container of baking powder and the lid went and fell off and I dumped half of it on the kitchen floor. Really irritated me.

Beer process seems to have turned out fine. I used less malt extract than before and the specific gravity was 1.032, which the Internets says will make beer at about 3.2-3.8% alcohol by volume. That is kind of in my target range (which would be about 2.6-3.0% by weight (the old "3.2 beer" was by weight which made for about 4% by volume). It is now sitting on a basement shelf churning away making alcohol.

I piddled around the rest of the morning (was done with the beer about 9:30). I went up on the roof to clear out the drains but it was all still frozen. Went to McD's and ate a burger around 11:30 and thence to the gym. Crowded. If you are a young man looking to meet women, the afternoon is the time to go. If you are an older man just looking to work out hard it is not. But I kicked it anyway. Couple of the morning folks were there but no one I ever talk to. The Fitness Model was there and drawing attention; she (I think) usually goes in around 7:45 or so in the morning.

I went over to the UVil afterwards because I needed some sugar and while in the SBux got corralled by some weird lady who said she was a film maker and saw my Wisconsin sweatshirt and had to talk to me about it. GAWD. She had to shake my hand like 6 times. Liberal whack job too, had to tell me about "the apocalypse" this Friday when Trump is inaugurated. Flake. I was pleasant though.

Did some cleaning when I got home and gave Jack a lot of attention. Walked. Puddy the cat came up the driveway to see us and then followed us for like two blocks. We had to walk him back home and then go the other way to lose him.

Also, Tim called and left a 3-minute voice mail -- he apparently forgot to hang up -- and said our old frat buddy Paul's wife died but to read her obit because it was hilarious. And it was! Here's the first bit:
Kay Ann Heggestad, age 72, bought the farm, is no more, has ceased to be, left this world, is bereft of life, gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, murió, c'est fini. She died on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, after a wimpy non-battle with multiple myeloma, a nasty bone marrow cancer, after almost two years to the date of diagnosis. No one should say she fought a courageous battle, because she did not! Unlike most folks, she complained all the way. What a whiner! She was ready to quit treatment many times but her family pushed her to continue, which was good since she then had time to have parties and say good-bye to friends and relatives.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

15 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
Sept. 6, 1936: Very beautiful state parks on each side. Visited Oak Harbor and Coupeville. Fine blockhouse there. Rode in motor boat at nite. Flashlight on front.
She is an adventurous young lady, I'll give her that. I've been to both Oak Harbor and Coupeville quite often on fieldwork. Perhaps this is the blockhouse.

Only spent an hour in the bed last night -- bad dream woke me up after an hour -- and then mostly slept okay on the couch. I woke up at 3:45 and thought I wasn't going to get back to sleep but I did, at least until 4:15 which was okay. At one point I dreamed that I was driving my mom's Equinox and kinda wrecked it. Not my fault, I was on a bad road and the side of it collapsed. Weird.

Decided not to go to Mass as I was tired and sleepy and I took a nap around 9? Maybe even 8. For about 25 minutes so it was a decent one. Did some chores including planting the plants in the planter box out front. Looks okay. We went to an estate sale at 10:45 and it was too soon to go to lunch so we drove back, got some pictures to take to the frame store which was closed so drove alllll the way back up Lake City to the BBQ place. Gadzooks, I got some fries with stew stuff on top and I barely made a dent in it. Then to UVil for the usual shopping stuff. And home. Practiced guitar while watching some of the Packer game -- they beat Dallas on a last second field goal, in Dallas  -- and then cooked dinner. Steaks were slightly underdone but edible. Walked. Will probably watch Captain America: The First Avenger tonight. I'm not sure I've ever watched it from beginning to end.

I sent a text to Carol Vangelos, Norma's daughter, saying thanks for the coffee and donuts and that we would really like to keep in touch with them. She thought the same. I hope we can still see them fairly often. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

14 January 2017 (Saturday)

Busy day today. The good news is that I almost slept through the night with no assistance. Stayed in the bed until after midnight and then on the couch until almost 5. Went out for breakfast and then did some minor chores around the house. I took a quickie nap downstairs around 9 and then found a text message from Carol -- Norma's daughter -- that they had coffee and donuts at Norma's house. So we went there and had a nice visit. I had, however, already eaten most of a donut I'd bought after breakfast. For some reason I was just hungry all day.

We went to Renton around 11:15 and had a small lunch at the Popeye's and then hit Uwajimaya for a few calendars and some ramen and then hit an estate sale. I got two CDs. Then to a retirement party for a coworker of the Spousal Unit. Two rather embarrassing things happened while there:

1) I was walking to the bar when a woman -- who I took to be a bartender -- waved at me at so I went right over to her and started asking about the beer selection. Then I realized she had waved at someone coming in the door behind me. Oooooops.

2) I went to use the bathroom and turned the little lock knob but didn't read the sign that said to pull the door and lock it. Right in the middle someone walked in and, of course, a female. Ooooooops.

Came home and stopped at the brewing store for stuff for my next batch and then to the Audubon Society store for a new hummingbird feeder. The old one leaks, I think. Watched a bit of the SeaChickens game (they lost) and then made dinner. I wrote a post at ArchaeoBlog about the wine cooler, linking it to the ancient practice of mixing wine with water. May try drinking those more often. I can control the amount of alcohol easily by just using more soda and less wine. It also occurred to me that I could do the same with whiskey or something else like that. I imagine I could even get fruit juice and vodka and it would be, arguably, a healthy alternative. Hmmmmm. Maybe while in Wisconsin I'll get a decent bottle of bourbon.

Oh, we watched Start Trek: Beyond last night Pretty stupid. Lots of Social Justice Warrior preaching although the basic story was kind of okay as was the action. Blew it so many times though. Ferinstance, they were resurrecting an old ship which, as they explained, was so fragile it was never even meant to travel in atmosphere. Well, fine, but then they were bashing it into mountains and stuff. Do these people even read what they write? Probably not worth watching again. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

13 January 2017 (Friday)

Sheesh. One (admittedly rather largish) beer and I feel like crap all night. Mostly anyway. I slept pretty okay, only woke up a couple of times though I slept on the floor all night which I think is better for my back anyway. But I woke up at like 4:10, which was okay since I'd gone right to sleep and didn't wake up for any extended periods.

Workout was fairly Meh. Started out pretty weak, but got better as things went along. More people there than yesterday but I didn't have any trouble with equipment. Before going to Cascadia this morning I put the new planter box on the porch and filled it with dirt. Cold this morning like 26 but I wanted to get it out of the garage so I could drive the Mustang. Plants will go in tomorrow since it is supposed to stay above freezing for a while now. Didn't do much at Cascadia except get some KeH data ready. Also I am the company lithics expert. Ha. That should be interesting.

Went to Spam's Club and gassed up the Mustang. On the way on Aurora some guy turned onto the street going the opposite direction driving like a 1959 Corvette and as I passed we both looked sideways at each other's cars. That was funny. What Old Car Owners All Do.

I went for lunch at Five Guys by NGate. Then was going to go to an estate sale, but went to the B&N first to look for a calendar and movie (Captain America) but they didn't have the latter so I went to Best Buy instead and they had the movie, and then I got a calendar at the stand in NGate. Met Fiona there and had a nice visit. Her mom is still being all crazy like so we hashed that out and all her boyfriends and gym stories, etc.

I actually played a Kansas album in the car. I dunno, I felt like something loud, other than loud sacred polyphony or Vivaldi. It was Leftoverture, which I think is their best recorded album; they changed for the one after that to a much (I think) more mushy sound to it. The estate sale was interesting. Small-looking house but kind of big on the inside. I think the company was selling more stuff than the person actually had because there was a LOT of stuff there. Some neat LPs. I didn't buy anything though. Came home and started dinner stuff after giving Jack lots of brushing because he was desperate for attention, which he of course rarely gets. *eye roll*

Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 January 2017 (Thursday)

Just got back from a 'happy hour' at Cascadia. We took care of a bunch of my last batch of beer and mead. Need to make some more beer soon, maybe this weekend. Or Monday. Maybe I'll make this stuff again, I dunno.

Can't remember how well I slept last night, although I never ended up on the floor. I think I took a while but then mostly slept until about 4:15. Workout was really pretty average, odd because I supposedly had all the elements there for a good one: Adequate sleep, pasta the night before, and awake early enough to really hydrate. Not as many people there today as yesterday.

Came home and didn't turn up the thermostat because I wanted the furnace guy to see it start from scratch. He came at 11, futzed with it, and then left, but I called back an hour later to say it hadn't worked. Which it hadn't. May have fixed it though; apparently, the thermostat was set for it to cycle on and off 5 times an hour, which is why it would keep turning on and turning off and taking forever to warm the place up. Hopefully this will work.

That was about it. Didn't do a lot of work. I went over to Cascadia around 2:30 and picked up some KFC popcorn chicken on the way which TT thought was kind of weird but everybody ate it. I dunno, I was craving it. Pleasant little get together.

Oh, and f*** everything. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

11 January 2017 (Wednesday)

I don't think I was in the bed that long last night. The weird thing is, I start dreaming right away a lot. My understanding is that one usually spends the first hour or so in a non-dreaming state. I don't know if that's a problem or not. Well, I mean, one problem among many. . . .I suppose I should do a sleep study at some point.

I did manage to sleep okay, with some assistance at one point (or was it two?) but my back hurt like the dickens this morning. Workout was pretty good though. I ran on the track even though the back and right hip hurt (I must have slept on it wrong). I worked at home for a bit and then went to Cascadia and tried to finish up some projects. Left there at around 11:20 and went to the nearby QFC to use their coffee grinder and ended up walking down half the aisles because I could find the dumb thing and then it was Out of Order. Grrrrr. So I had lunch at Five Guys at NGate and then went to another one and snuck in my coffee and ground it.

Came home and then went to the UVil to get some comestibles and then came home and worked on Coptic stuff for a while. Most of the 6- and 12-month biopsies are now taken care of. It's kind of a mess but not too bad. Probably will go to WI Feb 1-11. Cheapest fares then. Apparently now they're talking about moving Mom from the 1st floor to, well, the 3rd which isn't very fun. Well. . . .1st floor is technically the temporary floor for rehab but they'd kept her there because she needed more attention and because she seemed comfortable there. But the 3rd floor is for the nutsoids. I mean the. . . .well, mentally deficient? The alzheimer's and dementia patients. Which saddens me somewhat. I'd rather see her on the 2nd floor where she can be around non-crazy people and perhaps that would give her more normal stimulation. I don't know. I really never thought I'd be in this position. But then, neither did Nancy. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 January 2017 (Tuesday)

No sign of an impending cold today, so hopefully yesterday's awesome workout was just an awesome workout. Slept Meh last night, woke up at 2:10 and again at 3:30. Not sure when I got out of the bed, but I think it was only after an hour. I went to bed before the game was over (Alabama lost).

Gym was very crowded today, although it didn't impede me much; stuff I wanted to use was being used a few times but I was able to do something else in the meantime. Up to 8*45+130+50 = 540 pounds on the leg press which translates to 270 lbs up and down. Which is okay, knees are doing fine with it. May start squatting again soon since my back seems to be doing well with the whatever back thingies I've been doing.

Went downtown and got a lot done, mostly going through the 6- and 12-month biopsies. I resolved some of them and Sharon has mostly gotten the rest. I took her down for coffee and showed her the Secret Tunnel (which isn't really a secret unless you don't know about it). Rowena had just gotten in so she didn't come down with us. Supposed to have a Care Conference call at noon with mom's staff but they didn't call.

Bus ride home was uneventful, except for the usual snotload of high schoolers that got on, but they've not been terribly noisy and annoying. Walked up to the library and then around a bit. Cold.

Oh, cat news: Harold came through his amputation okay and we got a picture of him lying on his side in cute little cat pajamas. We also grabbed Daisy and attempted to give her a butt shave. Meh. Didn't work all that well, but we got it cleaned up some. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2017 (Monday)

I started sucking on zinc lozenges this evening because I had such an awesome workout this morning. That is sometimes indicative of an oncoming cold, although I did have pasta last night and slept reasonably okay. I had some difficulty getting to sleep but then slept until 3, at which time I went through the usual anxiety attacking (or whatever), but a small dose of assistance got me to sleep again.

Green Bay won last night so both of my teams are still In It. Alabama is playing Clemson right now for the title, and I would prefer Bama won, but it would also be okay if they didn't because they've dominated so much lately. I don't know why I dislike Clemson, but they're not my favorite. Just one of those BHORTs* I guess.

I went to Cascadia this morning and got some stuff done and then went to lunch at NGate and then gassed up the Honder and stopped to get a little shaver thingie for Daisy's butt. We haven't used it yet. My sister's cat, Harold, had his front leg chopped off today, apparently he's doing okay. Poor little guy. Cancerous tumor in the shoulder bone.

When I got home I. . .what did I do? Gave Jack a bunch of attention because he was being demanding. Did some other things, including getting the yard waste out and scooping up a big pile of dog poo someone left on the terrace. I put it in the yard waste anyway even though we're not supposed to. My way of sticking it to The Man. Also watered the plants we bought last week but haven't planted yet. I just forgot. May plant them tomorrow.

Walked at UVil because we had to get some stuff.

Not the best day, mood-wise. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

8 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
July 23, 1936: Ate supper at Mt. Vernon. Got home at 9:00. Lots of beaches in Vancouver & lots of marine [drives]. Largest outdoor [swimming] pool on coast.
That was the day after the earlier entry.

Dreary day here in 2017. It warmed up overnight, if you count "warming" as up to around 37. Fairly dry in the morning, but rained all day starting around 11. Spousal Unit arose at 5. I slept fairly okay last night, moving to the TV room at 1:15 and then I woke up a couple more times but went back to sleep quickly, until a little before 5. Got pretty worked up at 1 and had a minor bit of assistance. Decided to go to Mass today. I dunno, I'm kind of getting less out of it these days. They had a bunch of the 4th graders assisting so there were lots of parents there that aren't usually at this Mass. One guy who has been sitting in the general vicinity of me finally said hello and that he'd seen me (us) walking around the neighborhood a lot. Mike was his name. Seems a decent chap.

Sat around until about 11 and then did the litter box. We started to go to the McD's and the usual UVil thing but the power was out from about 25th westward, including the McD's and the UVil. Instead we went up to the Taco Time which wasn't all that great. I dunno, they're usually well-run outfits but not this one for whatever reason.

Watched the Packers play this afternoon, they beat NY 37-13 or thereabouts. Took a short nap and played guitar again, not as well as yesterday though. Walked up at UVil since they had power again and I needed to get more of my new (probably unhelpful) meds at the Barftell's and some more bonito flakes for the cats.

Please pray for my sister and her cat, Harold, as he is having his front leg amputated tomorrow. Even 50 years in the future a prayer may help, if one assumes that God is outside of time and therefore time-transgressive. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

7 January 2017 (Saturday)

Woke up twice last night, once at some unknown time to go to the TV room and then again at 3:F***ing:30 again. I took a bit o' ambien at 3:F***ing:30 because I was NOT going to waste a Saturday being dead tired. Still in a bad mood anyway. Just not overly tired.

Had breakfast in, and I went to the IMA around 9:15. Workout went fine and sweated my gonads off on the cycle, although I had to switch cycles halfway through because the first one kept dropping into Pause mode over and over. It's done that before. Couple of the usual morning people there but no one I ever talk to.

We were going to go up to the Chik-Fil-A in Lynnwood for lunch but I forgot where it is and it's crowded anyway so we went to an Arby's and I had their "Loaded Curly Dries" which were Meh. Thence to an estate sale but they didn't have much stuff left. Drove back and there was a big junk truck loading up stuff at Norma's. Tough day for the Spousal Unit in that regard; it's mostly just hitting her now, I think. Many people are missing Norma; I can only hope I am missed as much when I go.

I went over to see them, and all three sisters were there. They'd gotten rid of quite a lot of stuff. Sent me home with four books and a bottle of Macnaughton's Canadian Whiskey that Has been sitting around (unopened) since like 1974. I have placed it on my memorial shelf. Not that it's any good, particularly, but it's something unusual to remember Norma by and who know maybe someday I'll need shot or six of whiskey. Spousal Unit didn't think she could handle it and didn't go which the sisters thought was very touching and Carol wanted to come by and give her a hug but the Spousal Unit was downstairs being despondent and didn't want to see anyone.

Really decent guitar practice this afternoon. My ring and pinky fingers are finally getting strong enough that the strings don't buzz much. It's actually starting to be a bit enjoyable practicing.

Walked up to the post orifice to mail a CD to my cousin in San Diego and some bonito flakes to my sister's cat who is having his front leg amputated Monday, but we got the wrong envelope and weren't going to pay $23 for it.

So, kind of the usual sh*t day, but not overbearingly so. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

6 January 2017 (Friday)

What a s**t day. For no other reason than that I've felt like s**t all day. Just the usual stuff. Didbt sleep well last night though. I don't think I got to sleep until 11:30 then woke up a couple of times and again at 3:30, at which time I said "F*** it" and took some ambien and slept for probably another 45 minutes. Which was enough.

Good, hard workout today, too. Kinda slow start but got stronger as I went.

Went to Cascadia for a couple of hours and got a decent amount done. Came home, went to lunch at NGate with Spousal Unit and then got new earbuds at Best Buy and then met Fiona for coffee at NGate for a while. Nice visit. Came home, drank a small glass of wine (my bottle of beer was flat), dinner, went to UVil to walk and cash a check and bought a couple of pomegranates.

Tired. Cold again. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

5 January 2017 (Thursday)

Not a bad day. Odd night. I don't think I got to sleep very quickly and ended up going to the TV room right away? Can't remember. I slept on the floor most of the night until I woke up at 3:30 (the Time From Hell). Decided to use a bit o' assistance and it was a good idea, I went back to sleep until 5. Workout was pretty okay, actually really good although I didn't think so at the time. I came home and then went downtown. Was reasonably productive and got some more histology (i.e., biopsy) Initial diagnoses resolved. There are still three remaining that are problematic, but I think those can be taken care of. Participants were supposed to be enrolled with CIN2 and above, but I have 3 with below that. Just need to check some re-reads and such. Which I don't have. 

Had a scone for lunch, and also walked over for coffee with Rowena. I had the meeting with the guys looking for a data manager and it's really just data managing, no research at all. It's more or less temporary and probably about half time, but I'm not inclined to do it, mainly because I don't think I would be a particularly good fit and probably couldn't give it the attention it deserved. It's a multi-site study involving intestinal parasites in India, Malawi and one other place, and run mostly out of the British Natural History Museum. I think I'll offer my services for some consulting until they find someone.

The other Big News is that my alcohol paper was accepted:
Dear Dr. Cagle,
Re. AC-2016-07-0649 Alcohol use and immune reconstitution among HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy in Nairobi, Kenya
Thank you for submitting the above manuscript, word count 2230, to be considered for the journal.
The paper has been sent out for review by independent referees and I am pleased to inform you that it has been accepted for publication and will shortly be sent for onward processing, after which we aim to publish your manuscript in 6-10 months.
Please do ensure that once you receive a copyright form from the publishers it is signed and returned immediately, as failure to do so will delay publication of your article.
Thank you again for your interest in the journal and fine contribution.
I've actually read it several times to make sure I read it right and that it wasn't rejected. I think it's about the 5th journal I tried and they didn't tell me until now after I submitted in July.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Busy day today. Well, busy night, too. I slept meh, but apparently Jack was up throwing up around 2 and Daisy had a dirty butt so the bed was all icky and I didn't know anything about this other than the Spousal Unit getting Jack some treats at 2 a.m. I did manage to sleep okay, but it required some assistance. I'm not entirely sure this new med is working or not; sleeping pattern hasn't been affected but I haven't been having anxiety attacks (or whatever). For the most part.

Durn good workout. I ran on the track at the end and was all energetic and stuff and ran pretty fast and ended up coughing a lot because it really burned my lungs. Meh, whatever. Ate my bagel, worked some, and then we dropped some food and an old computer off at the church, then hit Slaveway for a mocha, then Cascadia for a book, and then up to the SuBAru dealer to have the oil changed. I read the web the whole time. Had lunch at one of those A&W/KFC combined things. Generally fairly blehh except it had root beer on tap, yay. Then went up to Sky Nursery and got a new planter and plants for the front porch. Also stopped by UVil to cash a couple of checks and. . . .do something else? Oh, bought a pie.

Upon arriving home there was a box waiting. A Home Fresh thing my sister got me for Xmas. They send complete meals in a box with instructions and such and you're supposed to cook it. Kind of a waste IMO. But whatever. Free food.

Had a decent practice session on the guitar. Walked at NGate.

22 when I left this morning, high of around 36. Supposed to go down to 19 overnight.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Cold start to the morning, 24 I think. I'd forgotten to bring in the hummingbird feeder last night so I went out in my bare feet this morning. I just say that so y'all know I'm a stud who feelz for the little creatures.

I actually slept rather well last night. Got out of the bed at 12:30 and then slept until 4:30. Workout was very good. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and said (perhaps even out loud) "Enough of this feeling-sorry-for-yourself blush*t". Of course, I said that in an Arnold Schqarznegger  voice so it really sunk in. Hoping this is the final epiphany for a while. At least, it's sunk in today. All of the crap that I said I would do or not do -- no imagination, no attention seeking-bulls*t, etc. -- and it seems to have all sunk in. Let's hope so anyway.

After working out I came home and ate bagel and worked on a report most of the morning. We went to the Slaveway to get my espresso shots and milk, and to Pagliacci for lunch. Worked more this afternoon, including getting really annoyed with Word. For the umpteenth time. Practiced guitar for a while, about 30 minutes.

Did I mention I weighed myself, Sunday I think it was? That said 145 and 14% body fat. I'm pleased with that, if it's accurate. At least all this crap is doing me some good. Spousal Unit freaked out on me again, and I'm hoping this may have been the last of it for the most part. Walked. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

2 January 2017 (Monday)

Typing this with a band aid on thee tip of the middle finger of my right hand. I have a small cut there that is not healing. Don't remember even cutting it.

Slept okay last night. Got up once, woke up several times. Back hurt a lot. I am able to do some lower back exercises but they don't appear to be doing any good.

Went out for breakfast this morning. Bacon was meh. I went to the gym (24 Hour Fitness) around 8:30 and had a wicked hard workout. Was not really an 'angry' one, but more like the ones I've been having lately. I may have used the word 'determined' before. Came home, watched a bit of the Badger bowl game (they won), then went to a burger place for lunch and then to look for some sort of planter for the porch and then to UVil for bagels. Came home, watched some Rose Bowl, dinner, went to NGate to walk and get a humidifier. This house gets very dry when it gets cold which it is going to for the next few days.

Otherwise, not a terribly exciting day. Felt pretty okay. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

1 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
July 22 1936. Beloved Washington for 1st time Saw Canadian Rockies. Saw Pennitentiary. Saw Can. Mounties. Rode around Stanley Park. Drove across toll bridge to N. Vancouver. Walked across Suspension Bridge (200 ft high). Saw large bear. Stayed at Imperial cabins. 
Wow. Busy day. Didn't sleep all that well last night but with some judicious use of a nub and a pink pill at around 3 I managed pretty well anyway. Ate in again. I watched an ESPN documentary film on the old Duke (non)Rape Case. What a travesty. Of course, all anyone learned from it was that it's easy to rip on men in college and apologize later after the damage has been done. In other words, nothing.

I cleaned my room most of the morning. Mostly the desk which took a long time. Also got the old PC out and tired to clear it out so we can donate it, but I need to really wipe the drive clean before giving it away. So tomorrow I will ry connecting it to the Internet and downloading a utility.

I suggested going to a movie, Dr. Strange. Not bad. Some of it was, given my mental state these days, fairly. . . .moving? Significant? relevant? Whatever. One bit in particular, when the Ancient One (like a Super Guru) woman says to him "Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all. It's not about you." I started to get choked up at that. I know that intellectually, but really understanding it still eludes me. Some day I hope it elicits an epiphany in me and I finally begin to practice it and know what it is all about.

Also had more Talking with the Spousal Unit. I did tell her some things and it may have made me feel somewhat better? I don't know.