Sunday, June 25, 2017

25 June 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Brownies. Went to baseball game Seals vs. Indiana (ours). Seal got 1 in first score 1-0 to the eighth. One-one in the ninth. Then we hit a homer score One-two. 
I guess today was pretty okay. Slept decently well. Ate in. Watched the F1 race which was interesting for a change because there were some minor wrecks and penalties and the usual winners didn't even podium. Also watched some Indycar. And the NASCAR race at Sonoma. I like the road courses.

Went to UVil as usual. Ate outside because it was warm (96 today). Shopped, had a frozen yogurt because lunch made my stomach feel not so great. Was kind of pleasant down there.

What else. Came home, watched the race, did some chores, albeit minor ones. Dinner. Oh, I finished off the Natural Light beer I bought, oh, maybe a year ago. I admit I'm starting to not like that plain domestic beer. I don't have any snobbery about it, mind you; if I could drink beer regularly, I would probably keep some around for those times I really just wanted something really light to guzzle. But mine is very tasty and low alcohol so it's about my ideal. I drank some of mine yesterday and then some of the NL and the latter really didn't taste like much of anything. I do find it refreshing though. I'll not buy 12-packs of domestic anymore, unless I can get some cool old fashioned kind, and then I'll buy 6 at the most.

Anyway, walked. Did nothing particularly embarrassing today. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

24 June 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Two weeks of summer almost up. Gee. I'm getting brown. Sewed today and laid in sun. Daddy's sick with a cold. 
I made up for Thursday night by sleeping like a log last night. I woke up on my back in the bed and could barely stand up and make it to the TV room. No assistance though. Slept until 5.

Went out for breakfast. Damn thing keeps getting more and more expensive. It was like $27 today! Yay, go socialism.

Only did a few minor chores around the house this morning. Put my beer into the second fermenter, although that's only going to stay there for a couple of days. I do try to keep busy  although I do like alone time to try to set all the new behaviors in place. Being angry helps a lot.

Went to an estate sale and then to NGate for lunch and then a little shopping across the way. Came home and trimmed up the big rhody in front. Swept up the roof. Walked.

Around 88 today, 94 tomorrow. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

23 June 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Listened to Radio. Went over to Aunt Lula's & tried to make flowers out of wood pulp (all the rage).Went up to Mary's & played. ([Memes] got a new kitten called Mitten)
Tired as I write this. Went up to the watershed to monitor and screen and the latter was killing me. Was very warm but nothing like Wisconsin; had I been there I would have been sweating buckets. Anyway, didn't find much. Not much monitoring, so I screened for a couple of hours, but I guess we're only supposed to stay until they're done excavating. So blehh.

Got back here around 3:30, after leaving the site at 1:30 and doing a bit of stuff at the Shop. We went to Ivar's Salmon House for dinner. It was okay. Walked at Laurelhurst.

Saw three deer on the way in, just nonchalantly waling alongside the road:

Sunny 80-ish today. Supposedly in the 90s tomorrow and Sunday. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

22 June 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
U. of W. crews won all three crew races (Whopee). We won over California & big crews back east. Read a Nancy Drew story. Played paper dolls. Poughkeepsie.[on the side]
 She was a very big UW sports fan even at that age.

First day back in this awful town, blehh. Couldn't get to sleep (ambien) and then woke up at 3 and was wide awake, but some ambien came to the rescue again so I was reasonably well rested. Workout was okay, although my right knee hurt on the presses. Sadly, can't work out tomorrow as I have to go up to the watershed. I came back and started in on some work, then went to Cascadia and finished a report. Got my materials for tomorrow, came back home and we (Spousal Unit took these two days off) went for lunch and got the vehicle washed. Stopped at the frame store on the way back and got a frame for my old Dodge Boys Rodeo puzzle and for some other little pictures we have.

I think I worked some more on the report after getting back, and then got my field gear ready. One of my boxes came, too. Mostly kept busy all afternoon. Made dinner. Walked up to the Slaveway to get some other things I'd forgotten at the QFC this afternoon. Waiting now for the cat sitter to come by and get paid. 

21 June 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day the last several days in 1936:
16 June
Ruth came over about 10:30. We made are[sic] own lunch. Went down to church for Commercial Club Dinner. (Played paper dolls too)
17 June
Ruth’s birthday. Went over about two o’clock. Stayed till after 8:00. Ate “the birthday dinner” with them. Sewed & played.
18 June
Stayed down at store. Sold 37[cents] worth of things. Lloyd came down. Played in sand. Went over to Ruth’s Party.
19 June
Took music lesson. Ate lunch. Bob came down with his bike. Rode it. Played house with Mimi & Chuck. Played baseball. Surprise party for Allen[underlined].
20 June
Practiced. Walked over to Ruth’s. Went down to Audrey’s ‘cause John was there. Ate. Went out. A miracle, I[underlined] stayed all nite at Ruth[underlined]
21 June
Harold’s birthday. Went to S.S. Went to Brotherhood Picnic. Swam from 2:30-6:00. Bob’s afraid of the water. (Last Friday) Leslie King & Grace Crosby were engaged. 
On flight back to Seattle. Kind of bittersweet, as usual. I’m so very comfortable in Wisconsin but there’s nothing for me here. And I dislike Seattle. But then, I probably don’t belong anywhere except where the Spousal Unit is.

Haven’t kept up with this, I know. By the time I get home from Mom’s it’s after 7 and and my first priority is her Facebook entry.

It was a good trip, I got quite a lot done. Main things are the signing of the release papers for the annuity so she can still pay for a few more months; having a successful birthday party; getting at least the landscaping done. I didn’t do much socializing, except for at the party of course. Mainly I didn’t want to bother anyone so I let them contact me if they wanted to get together. Consequently, I only did some things with the usual crowd of the Pool People and the relatives (sans Michele). Only went out for fish once. Stopped going to the Gille’s after about 5 days because I was just getting fat. I did, however, drink a beer almost every day.

Tim’s daughter’s wedding was okay, may have written about that earlier. Drove to Spring Green and made it to the motel, and drove over with Tim and his brother. Didn’t know anyone for a while, so I just hung out and observed. Finally Tim’s mom, Rita, recognized me and from then on I had a few people that I knew. Tim, Beth, Jim and What’sHerName Reideman, and Tim’s parents. Didn’t really visit with anyone new except my dinner tablemates. Too loud though. The DJ should have turned it down and shut up during dinner; as it was we could barely hear each other. They played some silly game, too. A band, which included the father of the groom, played for a while and to be honest they were pretty good. Too loud though. The kids liked them. Stayed until about midnight. Then woke up at 5:50 which was okay, and decided to just drive home at 7. Back in Fondylac by 9.

Rest of the time was fairly busy. I went to Joe’s Fox Hut Tuesday afternoon as my Bar of the Trip. Kind of nice. They had Schlitz on tap which you never see anymore. I had one. Schlitz wasn’t my thing — they had probably almost gone under by the time I came of drinking age — but I like it anyway. Or at least the idea of Schlitz.

Rental car was awful, a Jeep Compass. Ick ick ick. Wimpy rough engine, bad seating position, everything awful.

Flight is okay so far. Trying to get texting access without luck.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

15 June 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1036:
Slept late. Cleaned room. Played piano. Went over to Hebert’s (Their 16th anniversary) Ruth, Bob, and I played games. 
It's all over.

Woke up at 3 and had to pop an ambien because I was WIDE AWAKE. Maybe because I ran out of chamomile; I totally miscounted. Could not find any locally, but I found some other junk with chamomile in it.

Workout was good. Did some work. Went to see Mom, she was very tired again. Did some errands. Finished putting the fabric in the back of the house and cleared out the south side of the porch. There was an old bed frame there, huh? I went and ordered more rock and that came around 4 so I went out and spread that in the area behind the house. Still have some left over, but I think I can just spread it around the existing places. Need to move the old dirty rock though. Will need to go to the dump tomorrow, too. Tomorrow will be busy. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

14 June 2017 (Wednesday)

On the last few days in 1936:
11 June
1 more hr. Didn’t do anything in school. Got candy bar for prize. Played with Mimi & Chuck today. Saw Bob.
12 June
Wonder of Wonders we’re out o’ school. Saw Bob & Floyd. Got 14 A’s. Had surprise party on Mom & Dad (25 anniversary).
13 June
Sunday School Picnic. Went all over the park. Awful hot day. Went swimming at Echo Lake. Water fine.
14 June
25 anniversary. Had party (all relatives). Woody, Verne, Dorothy & I went to locks. Still hot. Saw Bob. 
Not been keeping up with this. Last entry was last Friday. Quick summary:

I don't remember what I did Saturday, apart from riding the bike out to the Eden Grill for breakfast. 

Sunday we had the bday party for Mom and it went quite well. About 20+ people showed up and Mom was very happy. She even had some cake. Really nicely turned out to which I attribute Mom's many years of being a good friend and family member. 

Monday I worked out and then started in on the landscaping, which I may have started Saturday. I tore out everything in the back and north side of the garage and put down fabric and edging, and did the same for the old tree circle. May have also started to rip out the 8 miles of ivy roots in the back of the house. Ended up taking out all the rock, too. Well, most of it. I think Tuesday night we had a rip roaring thunderstorm and I drove home right in the middle of it (and recorded it!). Took a while because half the time I didn't know what street I was on. 

Today I ordered stone, 1 ton of it, and it was there when I got home this afternoon around 12:30. Only took a couple of hours to put it all in. Looks nice. Even had some left over and did a little portion by the porch. Tomorrow I'm going to try to fabric the rear of the house and put the rocks back in, and then clear out all the crap from the south side of the porch. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

9 (maybe also 10) June, 2017 (Friday)

On the last few days in 1936:
7 June 1936
Went to Sunday School. Ruth came up after S.S. Went to Ruth’s cousins with them. (Heberts). Played paper dolls. Dolls dresses [unk] off at wrong time Rob.
8 June
Had Mastry in Oakley’s. Didn’t see Bob. Practiced. Read. Played outside with Mimi & Chuck until late (in fact 8:30)
9 June
Had ‘nother Mastry in Oakley also in Purvus’/ Came home and read a wonderfull[sic] story in the American Girl. 10 hrs. Didn’t see Bob.

Haven't been keeping up with these things, I'm afraid. Almost non-stop busy-ness since arriving in Fond du Lac. Flight out was fine as was the drive up, although the Buick SUV I got was awful. Wimpy engine. Slushbox transmission. And the suspension somehow managed to be both floaty and hard at the same time. Glad to be rid of that. 

As a quick summary: Thursday I spent getting supplies for my stay and organizing things. Mom has been chatty a lot. Been saying some goofy things but not much. Thursday afternoon I went for a bike ride in the afternoon and then rode up to see Mom after Gille's. Friday (yesterday, I'm actually writing this on Saturday morning the 10th) I spent the afternoon doing some landscaping work around the garage. Much of it is overgrown with weeds so after my brother had laid down some black fabric I ripped more of it out. Had to go to Fleet and get a new shovel though, and a hoe. Very sweaty work. Didn't go out for fish last night as I didn't really ask around and nobody offered, so I had a pizza instead. 

I'm going to post some of the stuff I put on Mom's Facebook page to provide some more detail on what I've been doing.

June 7:
Friends. . . .Romans. . . . .Countrymen. . . . .Lend me your eyeballs.
Rolled into Fondylac around 5:15. By 5:30 I was firmly ensconced on the porch with a Culver's salad and an Old Style. I'm beginning to like the cut of this Old Style's jib, tellyawhat.
Went and saw Herself shortly thereafter and She was in a delightful mood. She clearly said that it was "So good to hear your voice Tony".
I note with some dismay that She had nothing to say about actually *seeing* me.
Anyway, She was quite chatty and pretty clear with only minimal weirdness. She did seem fixated on email again. And going to "Mom's house" but "without Barb and Jeff".
We watched about 25 minutes of Ultimate Fighting ("Oh woooooow") before I realized that the Brewer game was actually on the *other* FS1 channel and at that point, as one can tell by the accompanying photograph, thus ended the visiting.
Still planning on a Sunday birthday shindig; going to find out about the appropriate venue tomorrow or Friday (still somewhere within the confines of the Lutheran Home though); I'm imagining more of an hour and a half or so of people dropping by rather than everybody showing up at once, so don't worry on a particular arrival time.
UPDATE: FYI, I obtained a Buick Enclave as a rental and I have two observations:
1) I now know what the term 'slushbox' refers to.
2) After ten minutes I threw my Ambien out the window as I apparently don't need them anymore.*yawn*
June 8:
Update du jour:
Apart from the stuff I posted earlier anyway.
Herself was in a good mood most of today. Chatty, mostly understandable. Very interested this evening about what the Brewers were doing, even though we were watching the Yankees-Red Sox game (but She was commenting upon them as well). She still defies my efforts to get her to use the TV remote, even though it would allow Her to switch to either baseball or at least something more interesting than Rachel frickin' Ray (my opinion, not (necessarily) Hers).
I spent much of the day doing necessary errands and biking around Fondyberg which is nicely flat compared to Seattle. I remain firmly convinced that riding to Gille's, thence to the Home, and finally home-home effectively cancels out a small Badger sundae.
Otherwise, thanks to everyone for keeping the ancestral manor house in good shape. When I got in yesterday there was a small band of roving gypsies camped out in the basement, but after giving them a couple bottles of arak they left peaceably and continued their roving ways.
Today's Artifact from the Life of Mom is from a trip to Thailand She took with Jeffy in. . . .1988? 1989? I can't figure out what Jeffy is carrying, but despite their apparent grim visages, it was a pretty good trip.
That is all.
I think.
June 9:
I didn't get in until around 9:45 because I spent the first part of the morning working on a [censored] report. We had arranged to meet with a nice banker lady and a nice. . .notary lady (I guess) to have Mom sign something. And by "sign something" I mean gamely scribble something on a piece of paper and call it good. (Note: I really did not just say that, it was an official and proper document signing, duly witnessed by all of us).
She was quite chatty and after I had gone looking for the speech therapist and came back, Janice was in for a visit. So we chatted a bit and then I went out into the lobby/sun room to continue working on the [censored] report.
As for me, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the back yard hacking my way through the tangled underbrush next to the garage. Managed to fill up the entire giant garbage bin in about an hour. Happily, no deadly creatures jumped out at me. Couple spiders, meh.
Then, after the standard Championship Supper of pizza, beer, and a Gille's sundae, I rode back to the Home where dear Mother was very chatty -- most of which was understandable -- but much of it revolved around email and where Tony had gone off to. *harumph* After Phyllis called I changed the channel on the TV to what I hoped will have the Brewer game on at 8:30. She may end up watching Ultimate Fighting again though.
Note: When riding one's bike around these parts at dusk I have two pieces of helpful advice:
1) Wear sunglasses because riding through the swarms of whatever [censored] bugs these are will end up flying into every orifice on one's face, especially one's eyes.
2) Don't attempt to retaliate at the [censored] bugs by opening your mouth and calling them "[CENSORED] BUGS!' because then, well, you know. (*crunch crunch crunch* Yum! Protein!)
Today's Artifact From the Life of Mom is a very small (like 3"x2") photo that was in a little frame on a dresser. I don't remember ever seeing it before. Probably been in the frame like that for 50 years. There's no date on it, but I look about 2-3 so it could be in Colorado or maybe Sun Prairie, ca. 1964-65. It was pretty faded in the upper left, but the nice man at the Staples tried to get it cleared up as best he could (he did it gratis, too; damned decent of him).
I'm the little goober next to Mom. Jeffy in front and Barb (Bj) over to the left. Dad seems happy.
I swear I saw that dress (it's green) not too long ago when we were cleaning out closets.
Good day.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6 June 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Got up early and went to town. Got a bathing outfit, etc. Met Hebert's. Ruth & I got everything alike. Been a sweet day. Might rain tonight. Saw Bob. 
Odd that she "went to town" although I guess that would mean downtown? Also I like the "bathing outfit".

Woke up in the middle of the night and needed assistance getting back to sleep. First time in several day. Not really worried about anything, just the usual mind-going-a-hundred-miles-an-hour. Went to the floor in the TV room but went downstairs when I couldn't get back to sleep there. Once out, I was out.

Rode my bike to the gym and then went up to the HUB to meet Sharon. We got the problem with the data entry fixed pretty quickly. Turned out it doesn't like this "<>" as a symbol for "not equals". Although it should have said that when I first entered it. Then went to UVil and met Engi at the SBux and we got her squared away on the data entry. Then I rode home and then drove over to McD's. And then drove to Cascadia and got my stuff uploaded to the network so it's there while I'm away, and posted an email about my projects, etc. Then back to UVil to cash two checks and get some dinner stuff.

Whew. Back home I packed up my stuff and did other piddly things and then met the prospective cat sitter. Nice girl. I think it will work out okay. She has a new kitten named Jack, too. Walked up to Slaveway to get eggs for tomorrow morning.

Not really looking forward to going to Wisconsin. Isn't that an amazing turnaround. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

5 June 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Wore costume to school for dance. Saw Bob. Bumped into Lloyd & he saw me (miricile[sic]). Had Dancing at Field 4th & 5th periods. Read. 
Hmmmmm. Maybe Bob isn't her beau but she's too a shining to Lloyd.

Busy day. Got up at 4:15 and went to the watershed at 5:30. Then they weren't excavating. I did a little work, mainly doing a surface survey (found a neat little white thing) (no, I don't know what it was) and then cleaning off some old brickwork making up a manhole, tallied up some artifact counts, and then left. Traffic was not good so it took almost an hour to get back. Dropped off a camera at Cascadia and then went home, changed, and went to the IMA. Vicious, hard, angry workout. Which is good. Went to McD's and guzzled a bunch of soda and a hamburger and then went home.

Back here, I worked on a proposal, did some piddly other work things and then did the top step. Nails all went in nicely but the stuff I was going to fill in the nail holes with was hard as a rock so I'll have to get something else. Did some other cleaning-related stuff and also had to give the cats lots of attention. Jack was especially in need of attention.

Dinner, walked at NGate because the Spousal Unit had to get some stuff.

Also very big news but I will not relate that for a while. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

4 June 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Read in "Pollyanna". Practiced. Saw Bob. Mrs. Carkleks' birthday. Hebert's came over to go over there. Ruth stayed and we played paper dolls. 
Managed to sleep okay last night. Was on the floor most of the time and I was cold. Still, stayed there until 4:30. Ate in. I did some minor chores and then put a coat of polyurethane on the thresholds. Watched the start of the race and took a short nap and then went to lunch at the 5 Guys at NGate and then to UVil for the usual shopping stuff.

At home we watched the end of the race (Dover) and then I got onto the threshold. All is in place now and it looks reasonably okay. The top one has some weights on it overnight and then I am going to put some nails through it into the riser one so it is more firmly attached than just the silicone. But it fits pretty well. If all goes well from this point on I will have done a pretty decent job with it.

Also bundled up the big vine over the garage door and scissored up the ivy, took the tape off the posts in the back and some more stuff. Made steaks for dinner, were a bit over- and under-done for the wrong people, but okay. Started getting my stuff together for Wisconsin. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

3 June 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Had Quiz in Oakley's. Ladies Aid at our house. Listened to One Man's Family (swell). Uncle Nap came and Aunt Anna home. Saw Bob. 
Decent enough day I suppose. Went and woke up at 3:45, but stayed in the couch until 4:15. Meh. Went out for breakfast, I went different and had 4 bacons and two pancakes. Came home and started to work on the top of the basement steps. I was pretty patient (possibly a side effect of the drugs) and I think I did a decent job on it. Stained the two pieces this afternoon and will put on polyurethane tomorrow morning and then put them in place. Should look like it belongs there.

Took a decent nap afterwards. Needed. Then I did some more stuff and then we went to an estate sale where they had some beautiful nearly-new old woods (golf clubs). Really wanted to buy them, but I probably won't be playing golf ever again so why bother. Went to the BBQ place for lunch.

After we got home we decided to go up and visit Norma at Holyrood and brought along four of the flamingos:

I sent it to one of her daughters and she replied with "OMG. You are the sweetest people in the world." That felt nice to hear. I like making them happy.

On the way back we stopped at a DQ for ice cream.

Once home the Spousal Unit went to the TV room to attempt a nap, and I went and cleaned the floor of my room, including Swiffering it all. I really need to do that more often. Made dinner, just potatoes and cauliflower on the grill because I was still basically stuffed from lunch and ice cream.

Walked. Then I swept up the back patio because it seriously needed it.

Oh, for about a half hour this afternoon after cleaning my room I drank some Knob Creek and watched a bit of a movie. Yay.

Friday, June 2, 2017

2 June 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
6 days 1 hr. Worried all day about not getting my pajamas done. Aunt Anna helped Mom today. Saw Bob.
Busy day. Slept okay although I woke up probably around 3 and was sweating so I had to throw the blanket off (on couch). Stayed in the bed quite a while, I think.

Workout was really good. Muscles didn't really get fatigued at all. It's the last day of classes, too. Came home, ate bagel, and then started doing things. I went and got my mocha and then went to the hair place and got that cut and also talked to Anne about looking after the cats. We may be paying someone to stay overnight anyway.

I went to the Dunn Lumber after that and got yet another potential threshold. This one will work, I think. Will attach it with silicone and screw the riser part in. Lunch at McD's. They're trying this thing where they have a couple of 'hostesses' bring you your food; they give you a number and you put it on the table. She even offered to get my beverage, which was my initial reaction: "I'd have to put my stuff down and then go get the drink, leaving it sit there." I dunno. There, I kinda just like to get the food and be by myself. (Unless I'm with someone, of course)

Went back home and did. . . something. Oh, cashed my two Cascadia checks, finally. Then went to NGate to meet Fiona. She was going to visit the cats, too. She may have stayed overnight, but probably not. Nice visit though.

Went to UVil after that and got dinner matériel. Did a little checking out of the Sidewalk Sale. Meh. Well, when we went back this evening I snagged a nice metal SBux mug like the good one I have, but without the handle. $7, usually like $23. I just hope it seals well.

Made dinner. More committed to my new lifestyle than ever. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

1 June 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
7 days 1 hr. Not much happened in school. Read magazines. Practiced and did school work. Read a[sic] army story & one about football. 
As we saw with some earlier posts, she turns into a little football fanatic.

I had a reasonably productive day. Slept. . . .well, okay. I woke up around maybe 3 or 3:30 (I didn't look at the clock) and could not get my hip into a position to stop hurting. I was on the couch. Managed to get back to sleep though, until 4:30.

What else. Worked out and did legs, first time in over a week I think. Went pretty well, am concentrating on my calves because those will be seen in Wisconsin when I have shorts on. Which will probably be most of the time. Hopefully anyway.

Came back ready to go up to the watershed, but TT had left a phone message telling me they weren't excavating so don't bother. So I had the day free again. First thing I did was go to the lumber yard and try to find some sort of threshold for the steps. It's weird because it is tile on the kitchen floor but carpet on the step (riser). Have to find something I can really anchor to both surfaces. Bought a couple of possibilities and then went to Cascadia to drop off a screen and then to the Lowe's to find maybe something else that would work. Thence to the Spam's Club to gas up and wash the Urabus (which is what I am calling the SuBAru now because I was trying to figure out when a little tag on the windshield meant by URABUS when I realized I was reading SUBARU backwards heh).

Came home, gave Jack and Daisy some attention and worked on Engi's form some more and then went to UVil for dinner stuff. Decided to sit in the SBux for a break which was nice. Home, played the geetar, did some more work on the form (not in that order), poured a bit of bourbon, and made dinner. Walked.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

31 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to S.S. Bob came up and stayed after. Went to Ruth. Played paper dolls. Mom, Dad, Mrs. Helmich & Mr. Helmich came over.
And with that, May is in the books. I had a productive day. Slept pretty okay. Workout went very well, although I still can't do an incline press without my right shoulder hurting a lot. Getting sparse down there, but I notice that Friday is the last day of the quarter and then finals.

I did some emails here and then went to Cascadia. I got quite a bit done, mostly getting input from clients and getting reports ready for them and such. So far all of them are happy, so they will pay us money. Trying to get things done so we can invoice and finally get paid. I'm still waiting for the April 30 pay period to come through.

Went to Spam's Club and filled up the Honder and then went for lunch at NGate. Then home to give Jack lots of attention and make some phone calls trying to find some field techs for TT up at the watershed. I'm going out tomorrow after I work out.

Went to UVil to get supplies for tomorrow and for dinner tonight. Pleasant day out, around 72. I did sit outside with a hot chocolate. Did I see anything interesting? Couple of cute dogs.

Came home and washed the Honder so it's clean for the Spousal Unit to drive tomorrow, made dinner, walked, etc. We met a couple of the young ladies renting the house on the corner, who had a really cute little dog. Apparently he's a 10-month old rescued Thailand street dog. That is one lucky dog. Most areas of southeast Asia don't have big stray dog problems because they eat them. Which, of course, we find atrocious but they don't. One has to feel bad for all the dogs though, born into a poverty-stricken short life only to be captured, killed, and eaten. Probably not as bad as The Wild, but still.

Then again, we put tens of millions down every year. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Got up early and went with Hebert's to Green River Gorge and Lake Sawyer Grove. Made friends with dogs. Went way down into Gorge. Aunt A fell down.
I slept well last night with a couple of exceptions. When I got out of the bed it felt like my right hip was collapsing. It didn't hurt but I must have slept on it wrong and put something to sleep(?) because it was buckling inwards for a few steps. Cleared right up though. Otherwise slept until 4:30 but back was ridiculously sore.

Went up to the watershed for the day. Little drizzly but no real rain. I screened and did a little monitoring. May go out again Thursday. Didn't find anything of particular interest. It's mostly torn up junk with a lot of burned material. One pile I was screening had a lot of coal in it. I brought home a few small chunks to try and burn it.

On the way home I stopped at the endodontists where I left my Starbucks mug last Friday. They still had it but didn't empty it out, blehh. Walked at NGate due to rain. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

29 May 2017 (Monday, Memorial Day)

On this day in 1936:
8 days & 1 hr. got out at 2:27. Had fun in English. Memorial Assembly. Saw Lloyd & Bob. Neither saw me. Bumped into Lloydie[sic] & he did not see me. 
I guess they didn't have a holiday for it then? Or maybe they observed it tomorrow on the traditional date of May 30? (Peeking ahead at tomorrow, they do some sort of holiday thing, or at least she doesn't go to school. Well, I just checked and it's a Saturday tomorrow anyway).

Slept quite well last night, until 4:50. Spousal Unit managed to sleep in until almost 7 which was good for her. I made breakfast here. Around 8:30 I started brewing up a new batch of beer and it went well, took until 10:30. I'm getting much better at it and not as messy either. Hopefully it will turn out well.

Went for lunch up at Pagliacci's on Lake City Way and 15th. Came home and I went to the IMA, but not before seeing something in the bird bath out back and discovering that it was a mostly eaten little bird. Rotten crows. Workout was very good, even though there were a lot of people there. Another sort of 'angry' workout which is a Good Thing IMO. Came home and started the dinner process.

This evening we drove up to Calvary Cemetery for Memorial Day (four of the flamingos carried flags today) and thence to UVil to get supplies for me for tomorrow (soda and donuts, except they had no donuts out). Nice little walk around both. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

28 May 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
9 days and 1 hr. Lightning this morning. Practiced and Read Girl of the Limberlost. It's swell. I'm almost done. [Vic/Vici] came over and worked on [honolours].
I slept in three different locations last night. I woke up in the bed after not too long because my knee hurt like the dickens and I couldn't find a position where it didn't, so I went to the TV room and the cats had taken over the couch so I went on the floor for quite a while and then up to the couch. I kept waking up and once probably around 3:45 (or so, I didn't look at the clock) when I started to get all wound up, but managed to calm back down (without assistance I might add) and dozed off for quite a while and had some interesting dreams. My back really hurt when I woke up. Damn thing.

Lately -- and this may sound really weird but it seems to be working somewhat -- when I wake up and start to get all worked up, I've been imagining sort of floating on water, but the water is supposed to represent the Whole World. For some reason, I am trying to, at some point, really feel like I've completely melted and become part of Everything. I don't know where that came from or how I decided on that as a goal, but it's been focusing my mind somewhat.

Anyway, I slept until almost 5. Did the usual morning stuff and the Spousal Unit came in at 5:45 because Jack was bugging her. I made pancakes. Didn't go to Mass. Oh I did watch the Gran Prix of Monte Carlo. Still boring, the finishing order is almost set after the first turn. I did some more work on the data entry form, changed the litter box, etc. Watched some of the Indy 500. HUGE crash on lap 56 I believe. Really spectacular, but it says something about modern engineering that both drivers walked away with really no injuries. Something like that 40 years ago, probably even 25 or 30, would probably have been seriously injured if not killed.

Went out to lunch and then did our usual Sunday shopping stuff at UVil just so we have tomorrow free. I practiced my guitar a little bit (hadn't done that in like 5 days), made dinner, walked. Went by Sunny's house and three generations were out front on the steps: Sunny, her daughter Leann, and her daughter Emma. Had a nice chat with them. Now home. Watching the Coca Cola 600.

86 today, supposed to cool off tomorrow. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

27 May 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
One Man's Family (Keen). Awfull[sic] tired. Practiced some. Did a little school work. Bob came up today baseball. Went to bed early.
I got quite a bit done this morning. Went out for breakfast and then I painted the patio roof stuff. Turned out okay. Then I worked on Engi's data entry form for a while. About 2/3 of the way done. I try to stay as busy as possible.

Went to a movie this afternoon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Pretty good, I guess. They kind of piled on the stuff that worked in the first one, and at the end tried too hard to get all emotional and stuff. But okay. Sequels are almost always worse.

Called Mom and finally got through. She sounded okay. Seemed happy to talk to me, recognized who I was right away -- I think she's cleared up some in the last year -- and I understood quite a bit of what she was saying. Very chatty, she was.

Was warm today, up to 84 I think. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

26 May 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Boys[sic] it's hot. (Sultry) Gave puppet play. O.K. Both F.W.C. [DInn] & Brotherhood. Bob, Ruth & I watched Lightning Storm (pretty). Had fun played out (11:15)
Sultry. . . . .well, I guess it means hot. . . .

Backing up from yesterday: Went to Lopez Island. Trip went okay, Jessie is okay. Ride up was uneventful. Survey was pretty uneventful. My first probe was in a mucky area, although it turned out much of the area I was in was all mounded up so it wasn't super wet. The rest of the probes were pretty simple and relatively easy digging. Found nothing except a kiddy bike buried in grass.

We went to Watmaugh Bay after we were done. I tried to navigate there on my own but the stupid cell phone maps weren't coming up so we asked a couple people for directions. Turned out the little road down to it was semi-blocked by some downed trees, but I decided to go for it anyway. Ended up scratching up the side of the SuBAru some. Looked bacd out there but today I went over it with some cleaner wax and most came out fine. Should probably use some other junk and (finally) use the power buffer I've had for years. Trip back was uneventful as well. Thought the Spousal Unit would be mad about the scratching, but wasn't.

Here's a couple photos of Watmaugh:

That's me.

Today I rode my bike to the gym. Had a pretty good workout. As you can see by the photo, I've been able to do some work on my chest finally, which I hadn't been able to do for a number of years. My shoulder exercises are finally allowing me to do that.

I did a little work at home and then brought the gear back to Cascadia and did a few things there as well. Drove home and took the Spousal Unit to an orthodontist appt and I think I left my favorite metal SBux mug there, darn it.

Got the SuBAru washed and then I did some more work (finished a report) and then we went to the UVil for some supplies and some scratch remover junk. I had thought I would need it, but I tried the cleaner wax first and that did the trick. Oh, I also used the wax on the damaged portion of the Honder and I let the insurance company know that they should check the supposed damage to the other car very carefully because I think the damage that was there was not even nearly entirely caused by me. I just had a shallow depressed area in the sheet metal and she had a whole section of damage paint. No way I could have done that much and only got a little ding myself. So we'll see how that goes.

Piddled around some and then went to California Pizza Kitchen at NGate for dinner. Meh. Walked. I bought some more low sox for my Topsider-type thingies.

And the last batch of beer I made was spectacular. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

25 May 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
Mary's birthday -- 12 days and 1 hr. Bank day. Practiced puppet play. Went to Mary's party. Played games, etc. 
I just typed this in the night before since I probably won't have an entry. Going to Lopez Island tomorrow (well, today I guess) and won't get back until probably 8. 

24 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Sunday School. Ruth stayed. Went to park. Met Bob and saw animals. Played paper dolls. Had ice cream.
Well, today was much better, although I suppose that's not saying much. First time I had to use minor assistance in a while last night. Wasn't exactly an anxiety attack (or whatever) but I couldn't get back to sleep. Note: When I lie flat on my back is when my back really hurts. Whether in bed, on the couch, or on the floor.

Had a really decent workout. I may have found the right ancillary exercise to fix my incline press problems. Hope so because my upper pectorals have always been a weak spot. Came home and went to Cascadia pretty quickly because I had a major report that I needed to do some stuff with. Sucia Island, which I never knew exists until now. Had to do the top and probe maps, add in some other figures, etc. Took a couple of hours. I left there at around 1:30. I drove the Honder to the gym and then the Mustang to Cascadia. Yes, I was driving very patiently. Came home and then went to UVil to get dinner supplies and some stuff for tomorrow. Sat in the SBux for a while. My friend who is going through chemo explained her latest malady, some. . . . .ummm. . . .well, radiation burns. In her nether regions. She is not delicate. So at least I know where the cancer is. I really hope it all works.

I got my gear ready for tomorrow and made dinner. Walked.

Started reading the TE Lawrence bio again. I feel totally inadequate, of course. But it's interesting and about something I know almost nothing about, the Arab revolt. It does go a long way towards explaining the current state of the Middle East. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

23 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Cleaned up play room. Annabelle came and we took some books outside and read.
No countdown!

So, without much ado, today was a s**t day. Period.

Oh, it started out okay. Woke up at 4:15 (meh, but okay), rode to the IMA no problem, had a good workout no problem, rode back no problem. Saw a dead crow in the street so I went and picked it up, had a short burial ceremony at the garbage can, and went inside to eat my bagel.

Then the trouble began.

I had taken my wallet out of my gym backpack so I wouldn't forget it.

And of course I forgot it.

Had dropped off the Honder at the interior place, went into the NGate SBux where I realized I didn't have said wallet and at least got some caffeine using Apply Pay on my phone. Yay, that worked. I expected that they would let me just take the car and come back and pay them, but no, their policy is to not let the car go until payment. *harumph*

Texted Spousal Unit if she could call in a credit card # but she was in a meeting with senior manager and couldn't do it until she got out. Which was an hour and a half later. So I did some work and revised my old AMC Hornet Bond Car post because Roger Moore died today. Finally a little after noon we got that straightened out and I drove (carefully) home. Got said wallet and headed out to lunch and Cascadia.


First thing I did was close the door and realize I had left my keys inside. Grrrr. Happily we keep a spare key in a plastic rock out back so I got that. However, I failed to take the warnings and headed out anyway. Lunch went fine.

Then I had a minor accident.

All my fault, of course, I was hurrying and changed lanes into someone. Not much damage, mostly only paint swapping, although I later found my rear quarter panel was slightly dented. Still, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED.

The young lady I hit was actually very nice. She wasn't mad or anything and was actually doing more to calm me down than anything. I hope the niceness was genuine and she isn't claiming injury or anything.

After that, I gave up to reality and went home and did nothing of any consequence. I was even a little wary of doing laundry, all I could see were visions of flooding the basement. I sat out in the sun and read for a while (a biography of TE Lawrence which is fascinating). Came in and did some piddly things -- again, nothing of much consequence -- made dinner, walked.


Monday, May 22, 2017

22 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
13 days and 1 hr. Had fire drill today also [eight A] assembly. Took music lesson played a [tside] (nice day)
I can guess what the first line tomorrow will be. . . . .

We also had a fire drill at the IMA this morning, or rather, they tested the fire alarms. I kind of wonder what these people will do with the ear buds in if there really is ever a fire.

Slept pretty well last night. I woke up at 3:45 but actually managed to doze back off until 4:30ish. Rode the bike in this morning and it went pretty well, except on the way back when I kept missing the turn off and the &$)@)*%$@ thing kept switching gears on me. . . .UP while going uphill. Grrrrr. Workout was mostly good except I tried to do the incline dumbbell press and could only manage a set. Damn right shoulder was really hurting by that point. May try it with a machine tomorrow.

What else. . . . came home and debated painting but decided to go to Cascadia instead and get some things done. Which I did, I got one report out and arranged some other things for Thursday. Worked on another report as well, the one on Orcas. Turns out I can use a field tech Thursday so I don't have to get up at an ungodly hour.

Left there a little after 11:30 and had lunch at the 5 Guys. Home for a bit, and then I went to the paint store (oh, also stopped at the hardware store and got some small rollers) and had my old can of paint shaken (not stirred). Then I decided to sit in the SBux for a bit just because. Then home where I fiddled with the data entry app for Engi. I am stymied by one control that refuses to do what I think I am telling it to do. Started the dinner process. Walked at UVil cuz I needed chocolate milk for my mochas.

Sunny and like 84 today. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

21 May 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
14 days and 1 hr. Had fire drill today. Not very nice day. Stayed up till 9:30 working on puppet. 
Not only is she counting the days and hours but it seems like she does the diary at the same time every day.

Slept well again last night. Woke up for a while with a minor-ish anxiety attack (or whatever) but went back to sleep without assistance. Ate breakfast in. Painted (primed, actually) the posts on the patio and part of the support beam. The end of it is becoming a little rotten so I need to make sure it stays well painted. Changed the litter box. Did some more piddly things. Watched a little TV.

Oh, last night I bought some Sperry Topsider equivalents -- Magaritaville brand, one of Jimmy Buffets ventures -- and so far so good. I've been walking in them mostly without the usual left foot pain. Twice today my left ankle started to really hurt but then it popped and felt fine. We did lunch at the UVil outside because it's so nice out and then came home and did more piddly things. I watched most of a documentary on George Lazenby, the second person to play James Bond. It's hilarious. He was a character. For all that, I felt quite sad for him at one point -- and he got quite emotional about it, too -- because he had had an on-again off-again thing with a woman named Belinda who he apparently truly loved. But at one point he met her at a hotel in the south of France but said he had to go back to London for a press conference and would be back in a day or two. But he never went back and didn't see her again for 20 years. How sad is that? Sometimes we just don't recognize life's most significant moments while they're happening. I know I never did.

Anyway. Made dinner. Tried calling mom twice today and she didn't pick up the first time and it wouldn't connect the second time. Time was I would go weeks without talking to her and when she called I wouldn't say much. Now I can't talk to her when I want to.

Riding bike to IMA tomorrow. Hopefully I won't die. Well, if I do, whatever. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

20 May 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
15 days and 1 hr. Heard One Man's Family (good). Ate down at church. Came home and read Beckoning Road. 
Looked for an eBook of The Beckoning Road but no luck.

Slept well last night, all the way till 5. Ate in. I made pretty good hash brown and scrambled eggs. Made my stomach not feel so well so I had to go get a mocha. Watched a bit of Excalibur when I got back and then went out and taped off the posts to prime and paint. The Spousal Unit was doing yard work. It's been brilliantly sunny all day and only about 72 so perfect.

Went up to find an estate sale but couldn't find it, after lunch at McD's (Spousal Unit's guts needed something kind of bland). Went to the QFC and got some ribs for dinner, and home. I mowed the yard, it's very thick right now. Also cut a few branches off of various trees and one of the lilacs.

This evening we went to NGate and I was on the verge of buying some Sperry Topsiders, but switched to some Margaritaville ones at the last minute. They were cheaper (on the clearance rack) and also more comfortable. Partly for the wedding next month, but I also wanted something casual besides sneakers to run around in. Something I can wear with jeans or shorts. Will try them out tomorrow.

Pretty. . . . .I don't want to say 'sad' this afternoon because I'm not doing that anymore.

But Life can still go f*** itself. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

19 May 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Ruth came over and we ate down at church. Played paper dolls. Bob came up for a while. 16 days and 1 hr.
I'm guessing the countdown is for the end of the school year.

Weird day today. I slept okay and had a really epic workout. I wore my older Captain America shirt which is my favorite workout shirt; it fits just right. This afternoon I found the same one on eBay and bought it. Came home and tried to call Mom, no answer. Went to Cascadia and wasn't going to stay long but then I realized I had to State Parks projects that I'd kind of let go into limbo. So I panicked and got those taken care of. One I'd let go for a month, the other for only a couple of weeks though.

Hit the Ace on the way back and got two bulbs for the sink light and had a house key made for my Mustang key chain. Ate leftovers for lunch and then played with Jack a while and then went to UVil to buy some more bonitos and a card for Emma's graduation. Cards are stupid, mostly. Too much dumb writing own the inside. Then I met Fiona at the SBux and we had a nice visit. A somewhat overweight female walked by twice wearing waaaaaay too short of shorts so you could really see her butt checks out the bottom. Even an older lady had to turn around and look.

Came home, drank some of my beer, and started dinner. Walked Oh, tried to call Mom again and no answer. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

18 May 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
Bank day today. Practiced. Read American Girl Magazines. 17 days and 1 hr. Saw Bob. Went to Shirley's Party.
Slept very well last night, stayed in the bed until 1:30 and then back to sleep on the couch until 4:45. Very nice.

Workout went very well, too. I tried the incline press for the first time in probably 10 years. Stuart was there and we were chatting about that:

Me: I am now about to do something I haven't done in 10 years.

[did the first set]

Me: See, I'm just gone up one shirt size right now.


Anyway. Drove home, ate bagel and then went downtown. Met with Engi and I said I would work on her big data form in ODK seeing as she was nice enough to put me on her grant. Besides, I like doing that stuff and I need to learn it in detail.

Had lunch with Lisa, she was very chatty. Gave me the same book she gave me last year and an SBux gift card. She really doesn't put much thought into gifts, but the gift card is always welcome. Randall sent me a text wondering if I had an old report that I could modify to make the file smaller but not to worry about it until tomorrow, but I spent maybe 10 minutes resizing the images in it and got it down from like 16 mb to 2.5. Sheesh. I need to make sure I do that with the other ones I do.

Did more work on her forms after coming back, took the bus home (uneventful), made dinner, walked.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden killed himself last night. Many people have been wondering why could anyone who seemingly Had It All could do such a thing, but depression doesn't care about all that stuff. Not even a little bit. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

17 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Sunday School. Ruth's Uncle died. Stayed home and played with Ann. Went over to Ruth's at nite.
That's too bad about the uncle.

I slept well last night once again. Was supposed to go up to the watershed again but the construction crew didn't show up so I stayed down here. Which was fine with me. I had an extremely good workout. I did back and arms. Tomorrow I may throw in some more chest stuff again. Just checked my copy of The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding to find out what to do for my upper pectorals (incline presses). Damn useful book. I'll start doing those.

So I did some work here and then got my two shots and took more food to the church and lit a couple of vigil lights for Mom and Shannon. Then off to Cascadia where I finished a bid and did some work on the Orcas survey from last week. Fortunately Meg wrote down the client's phone number because otherwise I didn't have any contact info. Left there about 11:30 and went to Spam's Club for dish soap and peanuts for the local squirrel population.

BTW, we have three of them: Sheila who is very nice and gentle and not scared at all, Otis who is really a female who is more skittish but is now taking things by hand, and then the small male I have begun calling Neeble who I used to call "Asshole" because he keeps chasing the nice squirrels away. Jerk.

Anyway, I walked up to get the Honder after lunch and drove it to UVil to get a gift bag and a bow for Lisa's birthday gifts, sat in the SBux for a bit, went home. I did a little more work on the report and then started. . . .well, actually, I had some bourbon. No reason, just because I felt like it. Made dinner, walked to Slaveway for chocolate milk.

Mostly cloudy all day but I went to get the car and UVil without a jacket. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

16 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Got up ay 7:30 -- Went down to Miss Guthries and worked. .Got Girl of Limberlost. Ate lunch at Annabells[sic]
Let me first say that for most of the morning I was in an utterly pissy mood. Not any particular reason, although several things kept getting in my way.

Anyway, I slept quite well, although I had to get some Pepto-Bismol in the middle of the night as I was getting some heartburn/indigestion. Don't know where that came from. But I had no assistance and, although I woke up at 4:15 (misread the clock, I thought it was 4:45) I laid back down and I think dozed off. Leastways, I "woke up" again at 4:45.

And it was f***ing raining AGAIN. I am so sick of rain. It might be gone for several days though.

Worked out and did a combined leg/chest one, but shortened because I had to drop the Honder off and then head up to the watershed. BUT TT texted me and said they weren't digging so I didn't have to go up after all. So I dropped off the car, walked home, and then did a somewhat normal day: ate bagel, went to Cascadia, home for lunch, to UVil for dinner stuff, home again. Did various work-related tasks in there, too. It was reasonably sunny this afternoon. Did some practice on the geetar, the last couple of days I've been working with the pick.

Otis the squirrel likes Wheat Thins. Sheila the squirrel does not.

Monday, May 15, 2017

15 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
After school went to town got slacks, shirt, overhauls[sic]. Saw Jimmy Allen in person and "Sky Parade" show. 
This looks to be the Jimmy Allen she's talking about.

I had a decent day, I guess. Had to take a couple of snorts of ambien at around 3 to get back to sleep, otherwise I would have been dead today. As it was I slept right until the alarm went off at 4:15. I stopped at the QFC/SBux on the way out and got out to the site by 6:15. Here is what Rattlesnake Ridge looked like at 6 this morning:

I wish I could have gotten one with that and the lake at the base, but no.

Workday went okay. TT said the one guy would be an ass but we got along fine. Did a little safety briefing and then. . . . .I waited. Actually, he started scouring out the swale pretty quickly, but then he went off to do something else and I was standing around doing nothing until I decided to do some screening myself instead of taking a sample out for tomorrow. So I did that. Then they started doing the trench for the building footings and that was a little more interesting. Never did get any samples since the area I was going to get one from ended up being all messed up with old pipes and junk. Some interesting stuff though. Couple of concrete areas, an old sewer pipe, a water line which was supposed to be off but wasn't, and then some interesting metal objects. They stopped to clean stuff up at 1:30 so I took off. Am going back up tomorrow but after I work out and drop the Honder off. Yes, it's having more problems. I think we may fix this and then seriously think about selling it and getting a new one.

Went to UVil to get stuff for tomorrow and gassed up the vehicle. Rained some today up there but is raining steadily now. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

14 May 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Kids practiced for Spring Concert. Had a test in arithmetic and Mr. Purvus [told] us the first letter of each [unswes].
[Top of page] (Holland surrendered -- 1940)
Slept really very well last night, all the way until 5 with no major wakeups (and no assistance either). Just in time for the start of the F1 race, which was largely boring as usual, although the one ahead at the first turn didn't win this time, which is kind of unusual. Still, you can count on less than one hand the number of different winners in a season.

Made breakfast in and then I piddled around. Didn't go to Mass just because. Was supposed to phone with TT but apparently she left her cell phone in Seattle (she's in Oregon). DIdn't do anything particularly useful for the most part. The cats gave the Spousal Unit her Mother's Day present: a bottle of lavender water spray with the words "For our Mom because we DZ make(s) you use it a lot". Ummmmm. . . when one of them (usually Daisy, aka DZ) leaves a horrible dumper in the litter box we spray that stuff to be able to stand the smell.

Otherwise, went for lunch, then the UVil and shopping. I think I did more piddly stuff this afternoon before cooking the Mother's Day dinner. Walked. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

13 (and 12) May, 2017 (Saturday and Friday)

On this day these days in 1936:
Practiced. Still lane. Read. Saw Bob. One month till schools[sic] out (June 12). Finished off day by going to bed.
One Man's Family. (pretty good). Practiced. Read. Didn't see Bob today. Went to bed early. 
I'm guessing 'Bob' is her little boyfriend.

So, the last two days. Wow, yesterday was something else. I, of course, went and woke up at 3, grrrrr. So that didn't start well. I heated up my chocolate milk and then met Meg at Cascadia and we drove up to Anacortes in her car. At the ferry terminal I went in to get some shots (espresso) for my mocha and decided to ask for three since I'd been awake since three. Well, turned out they can only make them in 2's, so she had an extra shot that was going to go to waste so I said she could dump that one in, too. OMG FOUR SHOTS. I nursed that sucker. Not sure if it was more of a wallop or not.

Anyway, made it to Orcas and started the survey. They had the whole family there, mom and dad (well off, bought the property on Judd Cove for) the son and daughter in law, and the three kids. The two girls were a hoot (5 and 7ish). They were just so cute and full of energy. They mostly hung out with Meg. I ended up doing most of the digging, but HEY, I WAS ON FOUR SHOTS so I didn't mind. They even offered to get us sandwiches for lunch (I declined; I don't eat much in the field). We probably could have made the 12:30 ferry but Meg decided to just stay longer and do as much as we could. So we finished around 2 or so. Went back to the ferry terminal and hung out in the Orcas Hotel.

Oh, the property was really nice:

A little o'l snake sunning itself on the shoreline (I also saw a small lizard):

A 'fairy ring' which, according to Wikipedia, is "is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. The rings may grow to over 10 metres (33 ft) in diameter, and they become stable over time as the fungus grows and seeks food underground." Also part of a lyric to a Blue Oyster Cult song.

There were actually several of those around the yard.
And a few really ugly yard art pieces:

They had real tails and I believe the eyes glowed at night, meant to keep geese away. They apparently don't.

Way back was uneventful. Annoys talking to Meg although she's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and brought up Trump like half a dozen times. I'm old school in not talking about politics with coworkers so I just ignored it.

Got home at 8. Was still feeling kind of amped up at bedtime so I took a preemptive 1/4 ambien. Slept mostly through the night although my back hurt and so did my piriformis on one side.

Today, went out for breakfast (good) and then did a few piddly things around the house and watched a couple episodes of Monk. Went to an estate sale (bought nothing), lunch at Ivar's on Aurora, pet store for cat food and litter, QFC, home. I cleaned the interior of the Honder but it's the trunk that still smells so I'll need to have that cleaned. Walked. Race on tonight. Yippee.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

11 May 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
Gee I'm home. Bank day. Practiced a little bit went to bed early. Read. Mom read a Sunday School story. [Note at top of page: "Belgium & Holland invaded 1940"]
Remember, this diary covers the beginning of WWII. It will be interesting to see what she has to say about that.

Had another kind of rough night. I woke up at 2. . . .or was that last night? I think last night I woke up at 2:45 and had something of an anxiety attack (or whatever), one of only two since going on this Trazodone junk. Had 1/4 ambien, still didn't work, so took another 1/4 about 30 minutes later and that did the trick. Slept until 5. Wicked good workout. I did some legs and some upper body (chest and arms) since I won't get to go tomorrow. Went to the doctor at 10. Meh. She upped my dosage from 50 to 100 mg. Otherwise pretty useless visit.

I went to Cascadia after that and did a bit of work and then went to lunch at McD's and then home for a bit before going back to Cascadia because I forgot my coffee mug and also wanted to get some of tomorrow's gear ready. Talked to Randall for a bit, too. Then left and went to UVil for dinner and tomorrow supplies. I drank a bit of my birthday whiskey, too. Can't drink very much of that stuff, it's strong, but it's a nice little thing to drink every now and then.  Also had a decent guitar session.

Besides, straight bourbon in a glass, how cool is that?

Walked at NGate because it was raining a bit, but really could have walked here. I may buy some *gasp* Sperry Topsiders. I need something casualish for the wedding and I kind of need some sort of semi-casual shoe that isn't sneakers. I may splurge and go for the memory foam ones. Meh.

Probably no entry tomorrow as I won't get back until probably 7. And I'll be beat. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

10 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Mother's Day. Went to Sunday School. Took Bob to Grandma's. Went on other side of swamp and couldn't cont.
Wait, what? Swamp? Maybe down at the UW?

I slept okay last night, but was awake at 2 and not getting back to sleep so I took a hit of ambien. Out cold until 4:30. When I woke up at 2 I was on the couch on my back and it hurt like the dickens. No matter where I sleep, if I'm flat on my back it kills it. Anyway, I practically leaped off the floor (I was on the floor by then) thinking I'd overslept until 5. Showered, ate, etc., left for the watershed at 5:30, stopping at the UVil QFC SBux for a couple shots into my chocolate milk.

I was up at the meeting place by 6:20. New crew is Meh. One is an older lady who is totally out of shape. One tall fat guy who is totally out of shape. The one other guys is okay. Beautiful day, probably 65 up there. We just screened all morning and then they were going to take out a big tree right next to where we were working so TT called it a day but asked if I could stay while they did a bit more scraping and stuff. I initially -- and I feel bad about this -- kinda tried to weasel out of it, but then I remembered what I'm supposed to be doing and assented. What I felt bad about was not immediately saying Yes. Later, Meg texted to ask if I could go to Orcas Friday and I immediately said yes. I really don't want to go but that's my life now.

Anyway, didn't really find anything although what I think is a leaf spring is sticking out of the root ball of the one big tree they pulled out. Otherwise it was largely uneventful. Drive home similarly so.

Got home and put my gear away and then . . . . well, read a while and then made dinner. Walked. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

9 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Saturday -- Did school work -- practiced. Put up tent in back yard and played. Went to Carkeeks. 
Carkeek is a park in Seattle.

Kind of a. . . .well, I dunno. I slept okay but woke up at 4. Workout was decent. I am easing up on the amount of weight on do with my legs considerably, but doing more reps. Quite a lot of people there today, too. Came home, ate bagel, and went over to Cascadia. I mostly worked on the Orcas report. It's about done but I want to spend a little more time on it even though it was all negative. Also met with TT about the watershed work tomorrow. Have to leave at 5:30, blehh. May have to go out next Mon and Tues, too.

Had lunch at the 5 Guys at NGate. A small fries which was probably a large fries. Well, the squirrels and crows will feast.

When I got home I sat on Chat with the Cascadia internet provider and after 30 minutes I just quit because it was going so slowly. I went to UVil to cash in some coin rolls, and then sat in the SBux for a bit. Not many interesting people there today. I got a card for mother's day at the Barftells and then got dinner junk at the QFC. Very pleasant out today, like 70. Came home. Immediately went into a bad mood. I did have a good guitar practice session though. Oddly, my fingers hurt for the first few minutes but then they were fine and I was doing well. Walked up to post office to mail card.

My goals for the rest of my life:
-- Get a lot done
-- Be nice to people

I guess that's not much to shoot for, but its more than I've ever done before so there's that. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

8 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Worked on organization in Oakleys[sic] (one III-B). Took music lesson played out. Fixed yard.
Odd day today. Had trouble getting to sleep last night and required 1/4 ambien. But then I slept mostly through. On the floor. Daisy was on the couch (Jack was, too) and she was just too adorable to move. Woke up a little before 4:30.

Workout was really good. Quite a few people there today, too. Lots of females down there this quarter as well. Came home, etc., and then left for Cascadia. I didn't get a lot done because I was fiddling with email and other junk. I had dropped donations off at Assumption beforehand, too. I left there around 11:20 and then the saga began. I went to Spam's Club to get gas (in the Mustang) and the stupid pump wouldn't read my credit or Club card at various points so I left in a huff. I went inside and got a couple things where both cards worked with no difficulties. Then I went to the Chevron near me and that place couldn't read my Safeway card for discounts and then kept me in a loop asking for it. So I left in a huff. Went to the Shell station on 25th and they had no Regular so I left in a huff. I finally ended up at the Chevron on 25th and that one wouldn't read my Safeway card either, but I made it out of the loop and just bought the damn gas. Finally.


Then I got an email saying that I had suspicious activity on my debit card and it was restricted. Grrrrrr. So I went down to the UVil bank branch and tried to get it worked out, but they were busy so I made an appt for 2 (around 1:20) so I went to the SBux for a bit. Then it took an hour on the phone there to get it all worked out. Plus I ordered a new card anyway. There went the afternoon. . . . .

So, made it home and did some chores and made dinner. Steaks again. I'm getting pretty handy with the steaks. I prefer a top sirloin myself; it's not as tender (though I use meat tenderizer on it) but it still feels like a proper cut of meat. I made tri-tips for the Spousal Unit. I'm getting better at it because I learned to eat it pinker than I used to.

I admit that I kind of got into steak again after a scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where the general (Tommy Lee Jones) eats a steak meal he had brought in for a prisoner (The Hydra chief scientist, Dr. Zola). How's that for some pop culture?

Walked to the Slaveway for some supplies for the Spousal Unit tomorrow. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

7 May 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Started organization (I.-C.). Played "jacks" at noon. Had mastery test in arithmetic. Teachers meeting. Bob came over. 
Today was productive. I slept through the night, but woke up at 4:15. So, no Mass. Ate in, Spousal Unit managed to sleep in until almost 7. I took a short nap mid-morning. Then I went out and washed the Mustang and also vacuumed the Honder's carpet lining in the trunk (not really carpet) and laid it out in the back yard in the sun to hopefully de-smell it. That was about it for the morning. After lunch and shopping at the UVil, I put the carpet thing back in buy found several of the clips to hold it in were gone. Must get some more. But it went back in okay. Hopefully, this will be the last time it gets taken out.

Then I waxed the Mustang. Probably didn't need to, but I do at least once a year. That took quite a while because, well, I don't know why. I kept going in to watch the Nascar race; Talladega. The end was actually pretty neat. After that I did a few more piddly things around the house trying to stay busy. Made dinner, walked.

Nice sunny day out, around 61.

I'm slowly learning what real "self-sacrifice" entails. It's an awful lot of doing things you don't want to do. But it will be worth it. Nothing for me. Everything for everybody else. Period. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

6 May 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Had pastry[sic] test in social science. Started Book "The Orcutt Girls". One Man's Family.
I guess today was pretty good. I slept through the night, all the way until 5. Ate breakfast in. Did various chores most of the morning including vacuuming the basement. I mostly like Norma's vacuum. I've never really had a new one, although as I was writing that I remembered I got one as a gift a few years ago. This ones nice though. Very powerful and quiet. And everything works. Sheila the squirrel popped by first thing.

I did end up taking a short nap, after I had made the ganache for the cheesecake:

Ate some this evening. Not too bad. The bottom crust is made from chopped up Mother's Animal Cookies and is much too sweet for my taste. The actual cheesecake part is pretty good though.

We got a dozen donuts for Anne's birthday and took them to her sho where the Spousal Unit got her hair cut. I went to the used CD/record store up the street and then to the U Bookstore but bought nothing. We had lunch at a new place called Caliburger. It was pretty Meh. I had "Cali Fries" which are fries covered with fried onions, cheese and basically thousand island dressing.

Went to the UVil for dinner and breakfast stuff and then home. I mowed the yard and then bleached the trunk of the Honder to try to get the mold out. I may clean the liner myself while it's out of the car.


Friday, May 5, 2017

5 May 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Quiz in Oakleys. Got pretty good grade. Listened to radio. Read book. Ate. Went to bed. 
Not really a good night, kind of back to normal. I woke up and then couldn't get back to sleep so I took 1/4 ambien and then I woke up at 4. *sigh*

Really good workout. Came home, etc., went to Cascadia and sent off a report and started on another one. This new med (Trazodone) might be doing something with my concentration because I seem to be losing track of time while working more often. Which is good. Let there around 11:40 and had lunch at 5 Guys and then got the Honder washed because it was full of cherry blossoms. That got me hone about 12:45. Gave the cats some attention and then went to UVil to cash a couple of checks -- yay, finally got paid for April! -- and get some prescriptions, and then went and met Fiona at the SBux. She gave me a couple of tiny pink lawn flamingos for my birthday:
Had a nice visit, too. Came home and put a load of laundry in and then changed the litter box because it was kinda smelly. I usually do that on Sunday but had to do it early this week for whatever reason. Practiced my geetar for a bit. I've been trying to do the chords for a song called Common People which is a cover of a song that has William Shatner and Joe Jackson (Star Trek and 1980s, respectively). The original song is pretty Meh but I really like this one, even apart from Shatner being in it. The chord structure is not complicated (C-G-F) but it takes some doing to switch them quickly.

Spousal Unit took me to dinner at Ivar's Salmon House. It was pretty good, but it usually is there. Not fancy but done well.

Rough day, but then they all are these days. Which is not a bad thing IMO. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

4 May 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
Practiced. Read. Did schoolwork today. Still some hot hot. Annabelle & Shirley still mad. Listened to radio. 
Well, an okay day for a birthday (55) I guess. I slept fine last night, on the couch the whole time (except the hour or so in the bed). I did hit my target of 700 lbs (actually 703). Two sets of four, although they weren't the best reps. I think I went maybe 2/3 of the way down. But still, not too bad for an old man. Rest of the workout went well, too.

Came home and did some work and then went to the church to check to see if Margie was there. Wasn't, but I called her up and arranged to meet for lunch:

She is 96 years young. Was a friend of Norma's. Had a nice visit for like 45 minutes.

Before that I went to the Ace hardware and rented a hand truck and got some 3-prong outlets. When I got home I spent a little while installing the outlet (behind the washer) and then moved the washer and dryer back into place. That went well, although the dryer vent is still a pain to connect (and have it stay connected). All done before going to meet Margie at 11:30. I took the truck back right after that and after a short stop at home went to UVil. I got me free bday drink and sat around watching the people and reading the web. It was pleasant. Sunny and 78 but I was unable to sit outside. Then I went to QFC and got stuff for my cake -- kind of a fail, but more on that later -- and then got a bottle of bourbon. That's my bday present to myself Knob Creek 100 proof. Man, that stuff packs a kick. Very good though. I think I prefer it to Maker's Mark. It's a bit sweeter, I think.

Started making the cake, but then realized that I hadn't really read the recipe all the way through and it take like 2.5 hours to make and then it's supposed to be chilled for several hours. So, no cake tonight. Seems to have turned out well though.

Spousal Unit got me a set of garden shears. Needed. I quit using a weed whacker because it's a pain to keep maintained.

Anyway, I am entirely indifferent to this birthday stuff. Just really don't see any reason to celebrate. Which is fine with me. I'd just as soon forget about it.

Except for the 703 lbs. I'm pretty proud of that. I didn't tell too many people about it. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3 May 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Sunday School. Ruth stayed here. Played paper dolls. Listened to Radio. 
First night I needed a bit o' ambien in probably a week last night. I don't know, I was kind of wired up all evening. But I slept okay otherwise. Had a really good workout, too. I couldn't run, however, because my left foot hurts. Will probably ease up once I quit doing so much weight. After tomorrow I plan on cutting back on the amount of weight and just doing more reps.

Came back home and started working on a report and other Cascadia stuff. Went to get coffee and the floor guys came around 10. I had one of them help me haul the washer out, I hope they don't ding me $75 for that. Well, they shouldn't since they didn't help me get it back in. Took them until about 2:30 to finish it. Here's a pic:

Looks really nice, they did a good job installing it.

I worked on reports and such all morning and went for lunch at McD's for a break. Worked some more when I got back and then once they'd finished I piddled around on various items. Had to go to the grocery store for some chicken broth for dinner. I made what I call "Jew Bean Soup" because it comes from a book called "The Healing Jaw" which always looks like "The Healing Jew" at first. Anyway, I used the recipe with some of the pork loin. I ate a little pasta beforehand to make sure I have muscle energy tomorrow morning.

73 degrees today, even though it rained most of the morning. Walked down to the Metropolitan Market to get milk. Foot still hurts, but it was a pleasant walk. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2 May 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Practiced. Played out. Annabelle asked Shirley for her May basket back 'cause Shirley didn't give her one. Nice day.
Ha ha ha. Teenaged girl drama.

Slept well again last night, no assistance. I wonder if this junk is causing something of a slight drop in blood pressure because I seem to be getting the standing-up-too-fast dizziness more often. Kinda feels like my feelings have been muted too. Which is a good thing in my view.

Workout went well. I did 658 lbs already, and it went okay -- two sets of 5 with the last ones being kinda tough -- so I may just go for 700 on Thursday. It's a nice rounder number than 658 anyway. Although it would be more like 702 or something like that. Anyway, I think I should be able to do it.

I went downtown all ready to get the data entry forms set up with ODK. . . . .but then the server wouldn't respond. So it was kind of a wasted morning although I did some Cascadia work so it wasn't a total loss. Rowena was busy and couldn't go for coffee, and Sharon wasn't there so it was socially aborted as well. *harumph* I left at around 12:45 and when I got home I started clearing out the laundry room for the floor people tomorrow. We were able to move the drier out this evening but the washer is too heavy. I may try to get them to help me with it for free (they usually charge $75 per appliance) but otherwise I'll just pop up to the hardware store and rent a hand truck.

Other than that, I did some more minor chores and made dinner, etc.

I downloaded the soundtrack to one of the new Captain America movies "The Winter Soldier" last night and was listening to it today. Meh. Not nearly as good as the Tron: Legacy one, but not bad. The recording isn't great, I don't think. I played it on the big stereo and there was precious little bass. Probably mastered for earbuds.

One bit of modern slang for you reading this far in the future: Apparently, the word for a nice looking bottom is called 'cake'. E.g., if you are walking down the street and see a great looking butt you say something like "That's a great piece of cake". Although a bit of Internets research seems to indicate that it is more restricted to a big ol' female's butt. Probably has already morphed into a generalized term for a nice butt.

Thus enders today's lesson.

Monday, May 1, 2017

1 May 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Gave little May baskets to every body. Annabelle gave Shirley[sic] a May basket. (miracle)[sic]. Listened to radio. 
Slept okay again last night. So far so good on this new junk. The voices in my head were in some disagreement about whether it would be effective or not, but most of them have calmed down.

That was a joke, btw.

Good workout, too. I've started doing more on my chest since that has always been one of my weak areas and now that I am doing a lot of shoulder exercises I think I can do more with the ol' pecs without screwing up my shoulders. Came home, had bagel, went to Cascadia. Oddly, I was so intent on the report I was working on I lost track of time and it was after 11:30 when I looked at the clock. Went to lunch at NGate and then came home and worked a bit more. I went to UVil to get some flowers for the Spousal Unit (obviously, my moodiness has been tough on her), and to deposit a small Cascadia check. I haven't been paid for all of April so far; he tends to have cash flow problems due to people not paying their bills. I'm dying to get involved and turn it into more of a business but I don't have much say so in that stuff. Anyway, did that and sat in the SBux for a bit.

Came home and rubbed the pork loin we bought yesterday -- it turned out okay, but I didn't like it much -- and practiced my guitar for quite a while, until my fingers hurt too much to play more.

I dunno, I guess I was just very focused today.

Walked. Only got up to like 47 today blehhh. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 April 2017 (Sunday)

Slept okay again last night, albeit on the floor. I woke up on my back at some point and my lower back hurt so bad I could barely roll over. I don't know why that hurts it. I went to Mass though. Still didn't get a whole lot out of it, same old stuff. Margie was glad to see me though.

I didn't nap all day either. I think I watched something when I got home. Wait, at 4:30 I watched the F1 race. Booooooring. After the first turn we had the final top 4 finishers. The NASCAR race was far more interesting. Went to lunch at McDs and then to UVil for the usual stuff. Came home and watched the end of the race and then I waxed the Honder. It looks nice waxed, the finish has a nice lister about it. Sprinkled a bit while I was doing that but it didn't mess it up. Did the usual chores. Walked up to the Slaveway because I had to get more chocolate milk. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

29 April 2017 (Saturday)

Day 2 of Traxodone: Meh. I slept pretty well last night, didn't need any assistance, and slept until 4:30 (may have dozed off again until 4:50). Cats were both on the couch so I slept on the floor. Hurts my hips after a few hours.

Went out for breakfast. Not bad. I went to the gym. I did three sets of 5-6 at 618 so I should be able to hit 650 next week. Probably will do 658 because it's easier, just throw on another 45 lb plate instead of the 25. Am still shooting for Thursday but may do it Tuesday instead because I may end up in the field Thursday.

Came home and then went to Ballard. Yes, Ballard. I lived in Ballard when I first moved out here in 1985 and hated it. Now it's gentrifying and I still don't care for it much. The Spousal Unit wanted to go to the Locks so we did that, eating at sort of a dive next to them. Meh. I should have gotten pancakes like she did because my Greek fries weren't that great. Well, I really needed something light and sweet. Walked around the Locks for a while and then headed back and stopped at the UVil to get more bonito flakes for the cats. Then home. I turned on a Hulu movie which was uncensored TV bloopers. Some of them were really pretty foul. The earlier shows were funnier, I think because a lot of the actors had more theater experience. It was amusing.

Made dinner. Drank a little beer. This was really a good batch. But I was feeling overfull all day so I didn't want to drink very much. Went to NGate because it is raining. My brother Jeff is in FdL now.

Good day. And by Good I mean it was flat.

Friday, April 28, 2017

28 April 2017 (Friday)

Well, first day after this new crap, Trazodone or whatever. Can't say it made any noticeable difference in my sleeping last night, although I may have stood a chance of going past 4. . . .except Daisy started throwing up at 3:50. Grrrrrrr.

And what's with all these anti-anxiety/depressive drugs that warn against erections lasting 6 hours? WTF?

Anyway. Decent enough workout I guess. Started off okay, but kind of weakened up over the last half or so. I did everything I needed to though.

Came home, scarfed down bagel and then went to Cascadia. I had to start on the report and get some older reports from the network and also check on some payments to see if I could send out the final reports (one had come in). I left there around 11:15, and we went to Pagliacci for lunch and then an estate sale in Windermere. Meh. Also picked up the Honder which I had dropped off before going to Cascadia. Got a new muffler and oil change. It seems to be doing something in second gear occasionally though; kind of jerking. Seems to do it going uphill at a certain RPM (around 26-2800 I think). Hope it's just the clutch breaking in. I took it down to get it washed for the first time in years since we can go through a car wash without having the trunk fill up with soapy water. Mowed the yard when I got home, too. Didn't do much else, except read and make dinner. Walked.

Had a full bottle (almost) of my latest batch of beer. It's almost perfect. I could probably wean the alcohol down a bit more, but as it is I can drink a pint and a half without feeling too bad. That is, my stomach is okay with it and I don't feel the alcohol too much. But it's the right color and flavor and it's got a nice head on it, a dense foam that stays around. Will probably cut one of the malts down some more and see how that works. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

27 April 2017 (Thursday)

Beat right now. I woke up at 3:30 and wasted 1/4 ambien NOT getting back to sleep. Very irritating. I didn't go to the gym but just went down to Saltwater State Park, getting messed up by Google Maps again: It interpolated a road where there wasn't one. When I got there I had to move an orange barrel to get down to the camping area where the work was to be done, and also the gate was locked so I had to "hike" in (only like 1/8 of a mile but still). First hole, I hit a plastic pipe. Moved it over; hit a cable. Augered around it; hit a PVC pipe. So I quite on that one. The second one was okay, but the 3rd and 4th were in really compact fill so it was a rough slog. I put another one in for good measure and it was fairly easy and boring, too. Weather was decent, mostly sunny although I was down in a tight valley so not much reached me. I was done around 10:45 so was home for lunch. We went to 5 Guys (Spousal Unit was home). I took the gear back to the shop after lunch and then bought some new work gloves, and gassed and washed Lezzie.

I tried to stay busy when I got home so I wouldn't take a nap. But I have some Trazodone to try and also snagged some more ambien, so I'm set. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

26 April 2017 (Wednesday)

I can't decide if today was a good day or a bad day. On the plus side, I slept until 5 with only a minimum of awake time last night, although at 2 am I started in on an anxiety attack (or whatever) but tried a disciplined set of helpful phrases over and over again plus 2x1/4 ambien and I was right out again. So, adequate sleep. I woke up with the phrase "Discipline is the key" as regards various things. Which is true.

Really good workout, too. I did mostly upper body but seeing as I'm out in the field tomorrow and not in the gym I decided to do leg presses again today. Had to kick a young lady off of it, too.

Okay, not really, I asked if I could work in and she said she only had one more set. I did the full 618 lbs. Yes, I recalculated and found that I had it wrong before, I've been doing 618 rather than 608. Hence, only 32 to go by next Thursday. Go me.

Came home, piddled around, then found that I'd (probably) left my Coptic notebook at Cascadia, so I had to drive over there to get that before going to UVil to meet Engi to go over ODK forms. Irritated me. I got there earlier so I set up shop at a table and had my computer and the pad all set out and then I got up to get something and the table which was unbalanced lurched to one side and dumped a bunch of my mocha all over the pad and my computer. Fortunately, the laptop's lid was closed. I don't know what I said but a small amount of foul language may have escaped my mouth. So I cleaned all that up and moved to another table just in time for her to arrive. I checked the table for stability first.

Anyway, meeting went well and we got her all set up on it. We finished a little before noon and then went to the Chipotle and had lunch. Nice visiting with her, too.

I came home and decided to do a second coat on the outside of the cabinets so I did that; good thing, too, because some had some paint already chipped off. Grrr. I went back to UVil because I needed some supplies for tomorrow and decided I needed a break so sat in the SBux for a bit and unwound. And it was raining. Came home (again) and called the floor people and immediately couldn't find my stupid airline credit card which ticked me off. So I used the other one and then promptly found it. Grrrr.

Fed squirrels, got field gear ready, made dinner, walked at NGate because it was raining.

Last night I seriously asked myself What Do I Have To Live For? Couldn't come up with a good answer. At least not for myself anyway. I need to look after my mom until she dies, look after the cats until they die, make the Spousal Unit reasonably happy, contribute to the well being of others, etc.

Can't think of a thing for me though.

I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing.

I also include for the benefit of posterity a communication I sent to my physician:

The buspirone doesn't seem to be doing anything (leastways, I experimented going off of it again and it's not made any difference). A friend of mine mentioned Trazodone and my in-depth researches in the International Journal of Google Medicine made it seem like something to have a go with.
I've run it by the voices in my head and all seem to be in agreement.