Wednesday, October 18, 2017

18 October 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
I'm still excited about the football game. Went over to Ruth's. Played football with John & Willie & Ruth. Had lots of fun. 
Last night was not pleasant. I started feeling badly around 8 and after getting out of bed at 10:30 was violently ill. That is, I was performing sacrifices and ablutions to one of my household porcelain idols.

Still had a very good workout this morning though. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

17 October 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Oh! I'm excited. Gee but the football game was good. Wash. won 19-0 (vs Ore. S). First game I've seen with Haines. 
I still think it's adorable that she loves UW football so much.

First major rain of the autumn today and we have more coming tomorrow (larger storm). I went over the lithics data and it looks pretty good. My initial run-through getting summary totals ended up being only 1 off from what I should have. Meaning something is being counted twice. Still, it looks good. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

16 October 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Gee I'm glad it's Friday. Went to Elwood's & Beula's (whole gang - 20 - Surprise Party). Oh! Boy if tomorrow would [comi]. 
 Two items for today:

1) I finished (I hope) analyzing the lithic collection. There were ca. 5,000 and I did 2,054. I still need to do some checking and sorting of some of them, but the main work is done. It has consumed my time for the last 3 weeks.

2) I bought some Levi's 501 jeans this evening. I haven't worn them in probably 25 years. I used to live in them, but then my legs got too big and I wore relaxed-fit ones for a while, and then some others that had "more room in the thigh area" for some reason. I decided to try these since the ones I've been wearing have been really baggy. My legs have not gotten smaller (I don't think) nor weaker, although I haven't been doing the 300+ pound squats I used to do. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

15 October 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Worked[sic] till late doing school work. Hope I finish organization. Dear Miss Oakley -- school would be nice with out her. 
Was going to pour the last batch of beer down the drain today, but I opened one and it was good and carbonated so it earned a reprieve. Still tastes like yeasty sweet blehh though. Before that, however, I made a new batch.

Also helped the neighbors (the mom and the daughter anyway) get rid of some wasps in a nest under some wood by the stream (actually part of the stream bank). They were trying to smoke/burn them out. I brought over some bug spray and sprayed the snot out of it. Part of the reason I went over was because I was mowing the back yard and hit my head on a branch and said "Motherf***er" kind of loud and even though the mower was going they might have heard so I also apologized in case they heard it.

Also were chatting with the new neighbors who moved into Norma's old place. They said they just love the house and "This is the happiest we've been in our entire lives." *sniff*

Saturday, October 14, 2017

14 October 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Bob's all right now. Lloyd and I talked in library. (You aren't supposed to) I think it's terrible to separate boys & girls. 
What would she think today. . . . .

Actually, she only died a few years ago so she knew what's going on. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

13 October 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Gee I like my coat. Mom can drive car pretty good. I've had school work every night for a long time. 
Met my friend F for coffee this afternoon. It was good to see her again. She was working for the last couple months. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

12 October 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Columbus Day -- Bank Day. Started Organization in S.S. Went to town. Got new coat. Mom went to S. School meeting. Did schoolwork.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

11 October 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Sunday School. Mom & I stayed home. Miriam has a new cat. Its darling. Ruth came over later. Played downstairs. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10 October 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Boy Oh! Boy! Wash won over Calif. 14 to 0. Isn't that keen. Another thing I get to go to at last two games (This is my luck)
She really likes that Washington football. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

9 October 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
["Dad's Birthday"] Bob's hurt. Back tire came off on bike. He went over the handle nearly had concussion of brain. Dinner at church. Hope Wash wins. 
Me sometime in the middle of the night: "Say, I haven't even started that one Whidbey Island survey report yet. I should email them about it."

Email this morning from client: "Where's the report?"

Me: "I was just putting the finishing touches on it this morning. I'll have it to you sometime later today or tomorrow morning."

Needless to say, I only got 46 lithics done today.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

8 October 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Practiced, did school-work, and read. American Girls & Mountain Girl Comes Home. Its been awful hot lately. 

7 October 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Paper says it was the hottest today than for a long time (for Oct). Dear me nothing seems to happen. Wish I had a brother. 
Forgot to do this yesterday, went out to eat at a Hawaiian place. Salty but good.

I thought most young girls wished they had a sister.

Friday, October 6, 2017

6 October 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Miss Oakley terrible today. Had Actively Club today. Had fun. Practiced. Read "American Girls" and finished "Five at Ashefield".
Spousal Unit's birthday today and also, as I found out, Stuart at the gym's. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

5 October 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Bank day. $79.75 in bank. Its not fair to make kids have so much school work. After all this is the best time of life (or [somyig]).
Sing it, sister. Although I couldn't wait to grow up so I could do whatever I wanted. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4 October 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Helena and I were terrible in S.S. Went to Hecker's (birthday party on Mrs H). Bob was there. Had fun. Did school work. Darn it. 
This is kind of everything I imagined a teenaged girl's diary would read like. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

3 October 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
We won! Wonderful! "I'm Soh[sic] Happy". Catch Wash. Rained all day. Terrible for football. Was 22 -- Idaho 0. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd string played. 75 [subs].
Sometimes prayers are answered almost immediately and in obvious fashion. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

2 October 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Got new book "Five at Ashly". Lloyd was absent. I guess its his eyes. Went to town and saw show "Swing Time". Rogers & Astaire. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

1 October 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Finished "Blithe McBride". Tomorrow is Friday. Its about time. Miss Oakley pilled school work on again. I'll be expecting it. 
Assuming she meant 'piled'.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

30 September 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Saw Bobby today. Practiced until [Rush Hues]. Heard "One Man's Family". Somebody living in [Claudeos] house. It was good. 
We removed the old ugly trellis today. I finished 501st lithic. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

29 September 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Saw Lloyd playing football. Norman was there too. Practiced. Listened to radio. Went down to store -- Our new car came. 
I hope she says what it is sometime. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

28 September 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Monday again. How time flys[sic]. Didn't do much in school today. Gee I like science and Mr. Gill (teacher). Read "Anne of the Island" again. Went to store. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

27 September 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
S.S. A wreck in front of our house -- Not bad -- Nothing hurt much. Went to park (saw [ancestors?]). Darling baby monk. Saw [some] game (not as good as football). 
I do so like this chick. I believe the park she is referring to is Woodland Park, which has a zoo in it. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

26 September 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Wow! What a game. Minn. best team in the U.S. and Wash. 32. Wash played a better game but the breaks were against them. Score Minn 14 -- Wash 7. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

25 September 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Lloyd came in library. He had another spell with his eyes. Has to wear dark glasses. I got a cold. Stayed home and did wash.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

24 September 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Look at cars again. Made up 20 min in Oakley. Finished "Strawberry Acres". Gee I'm tired of looking at cars. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

23 September 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Made up 35 minutes. Norman Fall came in library (Helen should have been there). Bob Mackin (or something) came about a car. Read. Went to bed. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

22 September 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Got in bad with Design (left sink dirty). Oakley gave us an hour for it. Practiced. Read "Strawberry Acres" gee its good.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

21 September 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
My peach preserve is good. Mom stayed at church and worked. I made dinner, did dishes, etc. Ruth came up at 8. 
Slept very well. Good but short workout. Went to watershed, 9:30 to 3. Dull work. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

20 September 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
S.S. Ruth stayed after. Went over to grandma's with Hebert's. Picked apples. Ruth stayed till about 9:00. 
Slept well. Epic workout. Three of the guys are going to take a yoga class next quarter and asked if I wanted to join. I demurred. No time. Started lithics. Did 50. Meh. Furnace is botched up again, what a lemon. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

19 September 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Practiced. Wrote La Jeanne. Went with Mary to "Rose Marie" and "Birdes[sic] Are Like That". "Rose Marie's" swell (as is Nelson Eddy) Canadian Mounties. 
Slept well. Good workout. Did lithics, starting individual analyses tomorrow. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

18 September 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
School. Floyd came into the library while I was there. Went down to Middlebrook's (surprise). Ruth Bob and I. (Bob's a good egg he helps and all
Slept well. Good workout. Spent most of the day at Cascadia doing lithics -- sorted through about 1300 today. Took artifact photos and they turned out really well. Walked at NGate by myself. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

17 September 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Made tomatoes (canned) in cooking. Got new books "Mountain Girl". (Good) Went with Mrs. [Caskoal] and looked at cars. Read -- [Dielclark].

Also stuck in this page, a newspaper clipping:
Mr. and Mrs. Bodia Married 50 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Orin Benjamin Bodia, parents of Chief Criminal Deputy Sheriff O.K. Bodia, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary today at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Ruth L. Clausen of 600 N. 44th St.
They were married September 17, 1889, at McCook, a small community in what was then the Territory of Dakota, now the state of South Dakota.
They came to Seattle in 1907, settling in the Green Lake district, when it was a comparatively sparsely settled area, with a saw-mill operating on the lake shore. They now reside on their ranch at Bellevue. 

First rain in a while today, should be an overnight thing. 13th anniversary.

UPDATE (Oct 1, 2017): Two more of them were stuck in there that had fallen out. I haven't typed them out, but may do so in 3 years because looking at the dates, they were placed in there in 1939. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

16 September 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Helped Miss Hall fix books. Practiced and Read "Including Mother". Gee Miriams[sic] cats grown. Its[sic] early but I'm tired so to bed. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

15 September 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
I help Miss Hall in library 1st of [5th]. Have swell time. Commercial[sic] Club Dinner. Stayed at store till 8:00. Elwood and Buela are having a swell [today].
Today I think I finally learned what real humility is. And it sucks.

Didn't sleep well last night. I woke up at 2:30 and had a big ol' anxiety attack (or whatever) and popped a half an ambien for it. Still took a while to fall back asleep. I woke up, said "F*** it" and was fine. Workout was really good. Still not many people there.

Came home, did the usual stuff, went to Cascadia. I started on the debitage after getting more done on the SDOT report. I had some trouble differentiating flakes from shatter, but I think I got it down. Should go pretty quickly for the rest of it. 100 down, 3900 more to go. *sigh*

Lunch at NGate. Martha, the nice little asian woman at the Panda Express was very excited to tell me about her adventure with her giant pickup that wouldn't start one night and how scared she was but she called OnStar and they came right away and fixed it up. Battery. She's just a wonderful person, so happy all the time.

Left there around 1:30 to get some supplies and work more on the report at home. I got some stuff to make whiskey old fashioned sours. Turned out to be quite delicious. Good use of cheap whiskey. Also one of the usual squirrels is back. Most of them left for the summer. I know he is a "usual" because he popped right up and took a peanut out of my hand. Once we take away the rose bush all the way and make a new trellis, I'm not sure they will be able to get up there, since we also took away the pea plant frame they used to jump to and from, too.

Walked at NGate and I bought a couple of cheap (i.e. on sale) polo shirts at Eddie Bauer. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

14 September 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
School (dear old school). [Prastisa] and went to store. Elwood and Buela are all excited and happy and all. Came home and went to bed early. 
Decent day I guess. Slept as usual (waking up a lot), and workout was kind of short and sweet. Still not many people there, I would have thought many would have started drifting back by now. Classes start on the 27th so we still have a couple weeks to go. Next week should start to pick up.

I came home and ate bagel and stuff and then went off to Whidbey. Trip up was uneventful. The place was a large compound on a high (50-60 ft) cliff. First thing I did was drive down the road a bit and find a closed trail down to the beach so I could check the landing spot (it's a tram from the cliff to the beach). The trail was definitely CLOSED with two fences, one I went around and one I went under. Wasn't too bad getting down but then I had to walk a ways to the to the right spot, using my phone to navigate to approximately the right place. It was mid-tide and coming in so I had to work kind of quickly. Got down there okay, following a bunch of coyote tracks. Then I realized I hadn't sighted a landmark from where I popped out on the beach (and a lot of it looks the same). So I started following my footprints back (very deserted beach so only mine were there) (besides the coyotes') and then found that the tide was starting to wash them away. And I have had a recurring nightmare my whole life of being stuck on a beach with a tide coming in and a cliff on one side. !!! But I made it okay. Rest of the survey went fine.

And I had a little assistant:

Name was Sophie. Really nice dog. Loved to play fetch the stick. Which we did. A lot. I'd planned on throwing the stick after every screenful but she'd keep dropping the stick closer and closer to the hole so I ended up throwing it a lot. Sweet little thing.

Anyway, trip back was also uneventful. Dropped the stuff off at the shop, including the wheelbarrow (came home first) and then had an adventure getting gas, and then home. Dinner, walk, etc. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

13 September 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
S.S. Ruth stayed here during church. Went over to her house. We played paper dolls with doll furniture. St. . . .d until about 9:00. 
I believe that is supposed to be 'stayed', it seemed to have been erased.

Kind of a rough night, lots of waking up. But always dozed back off without assistance. Workout was really good. They're changing the flooring in one area; the mat stuff keeps bubbling up in spots and likes to trip you. Some of the usual females are back, I don't know if they're sorority or not. They all work really hard though. Stuart hasn't been there since Monday either, which I shall give him s**t about when he ever does show up again.

Came home and did the bagel thing and then braced the neighbor's neighbor's fence. I'd taken down our section that was all rotted and about to fall down which was connected to his fence which was all rotted and about to fall down and the other day he asked -- nicely -- if I could brace it up. Really not my fault but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway (he's an older man and seems like a decent chap, if maybe a bit weird). Bit more work than I bargained for but it's set for a while.

I dropped some stuff off at the church and then went to Cascadia and worked on the SDOT report most of the morning. Would have almost finished it but I found that half of my notes were at home so I didn't know which things I did which day at which location. But I got most of it done. I went to lunch at NGate and then we sat down (with M & R) to discuss the lithics. R agreed with me that the one Iversen report was a good model to follow (score one for me). They would also like it if I became the company Lithics Guy. I grabbed some equipment and then went to UVil to get some supplies for dinner and tomorrow (field).

Made shepherd's pie with the left over London broil, walked to MM for milk, etc. Cooler today, only 69 for the high but sunny. Looks like we've made the turn away from summer finally. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

12 September 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Elwood and Burla got married to night. The bunch came here after. We had cake, sandwiches, and jello. They left about 11:30 ([I Dan] one car) in Earl's car. 
Jell-O would have been kind of a new thing back then.

Busy day. Sadly it started at 3:30 and even 1/3 ambien failed to get me back to sleep. But I did okay. Worked out (good one) and then went downtown to Harborview. Good to see Sharon and Rowena again; it's been a good couple of weeks. I finally succeeded in getting the ODK thing up and running. I felt kind of like Dr. Frankenstein when it loaded: "I've done it! I've done it! They said it couldn't be done, but I've done it!" Haven't tested it yet, but that was a major milestone. Also got some programming done and working, too. Met Lisa for lunch and we had a nice visit. We've been friends for 27 years next month. Kind of unbelievable. The walk back up the big hill was really kind of nothing, which means my legs are in really good shape. I worked there until about 3 and then took ye olde bus home which was uneventful.

Made dinner, walked, etc. Weather is definitely taking a turn. I think we're done with all the hot, although no rain in site for another 6-7 days, or so goes the forecast.

Oh, and our perv mayor resigned. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

11 September 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Got second lunch. I get so hungry. Got out of telling a story in English (bell rang). Heard "Frist[sic] Nighter on radio and read ["Peg of Ring"].
Funny, I assumed she wrote that wrong and then typed it into the search engine and typed "Frist" as well.

Slept well. Darn good workout, too. Just really worked hard. I stopped on the way home and got bagels and then did some work on a report and then after getting mocha started in on the back yard. I used my truth 4" circular saw to saw all of the long boards in half so they'd fit in the SuBAru and then hauled it all to the transfer station. $30 for the load. I remember when it was $12.50 and that wasn't too long ago. Then I went to Lowe's and got some rock and fabric (which we already had, darn it) and then had a little lunch at KFC (blehh, only in emergencies) and tried to get the SuBAru washed but the line was out to the road. So I went home, put in the fabric and rock and it looked really nice. I'm really hoping the grass grows quickly. It's so nice to have those ugly things gone. I'm seriously trying to get rid of everything ugly around here (save for myself, of course). Did that and went back up and got the SuBAru washed and then went to UVil to get some items and then came home and worked on something for my UW project but not nowhere. Am going in tomorrow to see if I can make some headway. I really want more work there and less archaeology.

What else. Tried my 15 ml of booze this afternoon. I think I really need to restrict it to 15 ml. Any more than that and it kind of hits me too hard (which is to say, not even remotely drunk but enough that I can feel it) and tastes gross for a long time (cheap Canadian whisky). I tried making London broil but I should have heeded the butcher's advice and just cooked it enough to be done and not let it go for 2 hrs because it was very dry. I thought it was one of those meats that turns tender after a couple of hours on low heat but I guess not.

Walked. Watered the new grass some. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

10 September 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
School (much to my dismay). We have science. Think it's fun. Got Poster for arithmetic. She's nice. Read. Played paper dolls. 
Well, at least she likes Science. . . .

Slept until the alarm went off. Good. Ate in, late, didn't go to Mass. Why do I even bother pointing that out anymore? We hung out and did some household chores and then started spreading the dirt from the planter boxes around. Also did some screening of it, about 3-4 wheelbarrow loads, to later throw over the grass seed. Left around 11:40 and went to Pagliacci's for lunch (meh, on the pizza). Stopped at the Ace Hardware real quick, and then went to UVil. Not much going on there. Came right back and finished up the box areas. I think it will look very nice back there. Next weekend's project is the giant rose bush and the ugly trellis.

Didn't watch much football even though Seattle was playing Green Bay. I honestly didn't care who won. I'm so done with the NFL. Pampered, spoiled, social justice whiners. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

9 September 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Oh! Boy! I wish you could be smart without going to school. We had to start this morning. Got [crazy] teachers. Boy I dislike school. 
I didn't think she felt that way about school to be honest. I like that she writes stuff like that though.

I slept okay. Ate breakfast in. Started on removing the planter boxes out back this morning, mostly by doing some preliminary digging and also pulling up more roots where the other one was. What we have discovered in all of this is that the big cedar has roots going everywhere. They were in the one we already removed and there were some much larger ones in the other boxes. We started to pull some of them out, but then decided to get the wheelbarrow and screen and grass seed first. Went to lunch at a KFC and it was. .  .okay. I honestly like their chicken and such, but for the past 30 years or so I've never liked the actual restaurants. They all seem kind of low class and quiet and just not a pleasant place to be in. Popeye's is actually a nice place to go to. And they have better biscuits. Made a couple of other stops as well, and once nom, I went right back out to get some hamburger because I'd thought there were two in the freezer but there was only one.

I also got a 12-pack of Miller High Life in bottles. They've brought back the old style bottles and labels, with the Girl in the Moon. Miller was as close to My Brand as any back when I was drinking a lot of beer, although mostly I went for cheap. I'm not sure why, probably just because my brother said he liked it. None of the extended family drank it, I don't think. And it was also a Milwaukee staple. I've had some other classics lately, and honestly, I guess I like Miller the best of those although I really liked the old-recipe Schlitz. I also admit that there's some nostalgia going, too. And I really like the name, High Life, and the bottle and the labels. It's also been increasing in sales lately, too.

Plus, this is one of my favorite ads ever:

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my High Life this afternoon. That was after we went out and did battle with the cedar roots for a while. All of the boxes are now dismantled. Next step is to move a bunch of the dirt elsewhere in the yard and also screen much of it to get the junk out and also to make some nice clean topsoil to put over the grass seed.

Made dinner in. Walked. Only in the 60s today, but as yet no real rain. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

8 September 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Woke up at 8:00 & thought it was 12:00 (I read my watch wrong).. Mom had surprise birthday party on me. Got nice presents. Made paper doll clothes & went to bed. 
You know, I have never had a surprise birthday party. I never will and I don't want one.

I guess today was reasonably productive. Had a good workout, very hard and sweated a lot. Stuart asked me what lame, pathetic excuse I had for not showing up the past few days so I told him I was in the field eating catfish burgers in Georgetown. Heh.

Came home, ate bagel, went to Cascadia. I finished the litchi tools and reviewed some of it with R and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had actually interpreted them quite well. Ferinstance, I had called most of the bifaces "Early/Middle Stage" and he said that was expected. Yay. So perhaps this is not looking too bad after all. Pausing before doing the debitage so he can decide how exactly to do them. That gave me some free time today which I used to get the car washed. I opened the window while going through! I'd forgotten to push the antenna down and I saw a gap between the rollers and the octopus and rolled it down quick and madly tried to push the antenna back in and roll it up in time. Got some water in and one of the octopus things almost got stuck in the window but I made it.

Went to UVil to see about anything needed for breakfast tomorrow and then was going to go to the booze store there, but didn't. Came home and moved a couple of rose bushes from the planter boxes to the south side by the fence -- another one is doing well over there -- and then pulled the rest out and scraped off the mulch and put it in the bin. Plan is to remove the damn things tomorrow. I've always thought they looked ugly but I liked having the roses there.

Not good news about the Spousal Unit's offer for Arizona. It was kind of an insulting offer. Put her down two levels and a $14k/yr pay cut. It's just kind of rude. I think she's the only one to get downgraded like that. I don't know what is going on there. I have a feeling someone is playing favorites and the people higher up making the offers are just bean counting. Or maybe someone just doesn't like her. Beats me. We'll still have to wait and see.

Went to dinner at Ivar's. It was good. Place is getting pricey though. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

7 September 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Birthday. Got up early. Played around. Did dishes. Ruth cousin Orville came up. Took us out in famous speed boat [Poody] I. Its won many prizes. cont.
Happy birthday, Jean! Wherever you are. . . .

Woke up a lot last night. Went down to Georgetown for more monitoring. I didn't have any chocolate milk so I had to get a mocha made there and the nice barista already had my two shots ready when I got up to the counter. Oops. She made a nice mocha anyway. I shall miss her as a barista. The other lady was also very nice and gave my my tea later as a refill price.

I did some monitoring around 7:15 and then spent a couple of hours doing another report, and went back out around 10 for the next (and final) one. Nothing found in either, really, except some bricks. The crew and I got along pretty well, especially after they had that talking to. So, all in all a good little project. Hope we get more from them. I went to Herfy's one last time and had a delicious catfish burger. I also did a little walk around and found a giant old brewery building:
That's the old Seattle Brewing and Malting Company building which operated from either 1893 or 1904 to 1916 when Seattle passed its own Prohibition. Amazing it's still standing. I'm going to try to go back at some point and see if I can get inside for a look around.

After leaving there I came home and changed clothes and then headed for Cascadia (for the first time in over a week) for a bit. I just got some of the paperwork on the SDOT project done and then left because I had a couple things to do at the UVil.

Looking forward to getting back into the working out routine tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

6 September 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Got up early. Started for Deception Pass. Very beautifull[sic], sunny on the way. Wheat fields, dikes, rivers, etc. The bridge is long and beautifull[sic]. Rapids.
That is a nice area up there.

Only woke up once last night and started to have an anxiety attack (or whatever) but tamped it down without assistance. I can usually do that now with just doing multiplication tables.

Had to go to Georgetown again, and after the Spousal Unit left she called up and said I5 was backed up because of an accident so I left a little early and went over the 520 bridge and around and back on I90. No traffic problems at all. When I arrived I found that they moved to the other side of the street and hadn't even cut the concrete yet so I had a couple of hours to kill. I went to the SBux and worked on a report until 10 and then went back over where they were starting to pull up the concrete. That took a while but they eventually did the excavating and I watched that. The usual nothing. That took until a little before noon and I went to the Herfy's again but got some fries instead, too many. I decided to go back home and then bike to the gym for a quick workout. Not only do I want to keep the workouts going, but also because if I don't work out for a few days my appetite tails off dramatically. It was a good workout, I did legs and some back and the usual chest stuff. I'm trying to do as much as possible when I get down there in case I can't go back the next day.

I rode back home and then worked some more on the report and some other things. I worked until 4 and got a good amount done. Made dinner and then walked.

I am hoping it thunderstorms tonight, not just for the rain but also for the noise. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

5 September 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Hebert's came early. Got up there about 8:15. Played paper dolls in car. Went out in boat. I steered motor. Didn't get to bed till late 10:30. 
They didn't say where they were going but I snuck a peek at tomorrow's entry and they're out on the Olympic Peninsula.

Today was overcast. But not with clouds, with smoke. I took the following at 8:30 this morning when the sun should have been very bright:

And I took this one this morning of the ash on the car:

The fires are in eastern Washington and the winds are blowing from the northeast, hence, we are getting a lot of the smoke and ash. For a while this morning it was almost like light flurries of ash. 

Slept fine last night and got to the work site around 6:50. Piddled around SBux for a while and then went over. Nothing interesting again. They weren't digging for a couple of hours so I drove home and went to the gym and had a decent enough workout. Tomorrow I am going to bring my gym clothes with me so I can pop back without stopping at home first, if it comes to that. Very few people there. Sweated a LOT. 

I went back (around 11:15) and had lunch at the Herfy's again. This time I had a burger with just pickles, ketchup, and mustard and it was really quite good. A bit large, but not too bad. I watched them dig for a while at another location and then came back, stopping at the UVil QFC and for gas on the way. When I got here I did the paperwork and a couple of other things and then went up the street to put a wine cup and empty bottle of wine by the Adirondack chair in the street. Can't see the cup too well, I'm afraid. 

Made dinner (salad) and put my beer into the second barrel for secondary fermentation. I tested the gravity for it and it came out to 2.1% alcohol by volume. That might be a bit too low, and the beer is certainly very light, but I'm hoping once it gets carbonated it will just be a nice tasting light ale that I can guzzle. 

Went walking at NGate because I felt like being inside. 

Cooler today than they had predicted, due to the heavy smoke. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

4 September 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Went to town. Met Grandma. Got [Kodas] for birthday. New Shoes and all. Ruth came for a while. Packed. I'm all excited over going! Oh! Gee!
They're apparently going on vacation for a few days. I can't tell if she's being sarcastic.

Typical last night: Wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, etc. We went out for breakfast and I had something totally different. I didn't do much this morning except some watering. Margie called around 9 and asked if we were really coming over because it was going to be hot and I said yes, of course we were. We left early to go gas up the SuBAru and then went to UVil and did the usual shopping, and then left to have lunch at McD's because the Spousal Unit's guts have not been pleased with our dietary choices the last couple of days.

Called my Mom when we got home and it was actually a pleasant conversation. She was pretty clear most of the time and didn't go off on any weird tangents. Just a nice conversation with my Mom.

We went over to Margie's and she held court while we pruned back some of her bushes and took down a couple of larger ones. Took about 90 minutes. She was very pleased and she said that she is glad she made our acquaintance because she likes our company. This is exactly what I am aiming for in my new life: nothing for me, everything for everybody else. I didn't even feel put out at all helping her.

We both came home and showered because it was about 87 and humid this afternoon and then I made a horrible dinner (IMO). I tried making a slab of flank steak marinated in some stuff. I didn't like anything about it although the Spousal Unit ate most of hers. Walked south and back and chatted with two of the neighbors. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

3 September 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Mom better. Annabelle came over and we played paper dolls. Got letter from La Jeanne. Wrote her one. Code came in hers.
Code? That's what it says.

Am writing this earlier than usual as we are watching the end of the NASCAR race. So we are walking later. Hopefully it will get done quickly.

Same thing last night, kept waking up a lot. I thought at 4:15 it was the last time but I dozed back off until 4:45. Ate in. Did not go to Mass, instead cleaned a lot. I was going to try installing the software for the UW project but got bogged down in password hell and was swearing a lot. that's one thing I need to change: I get really angry at inanimate objects. I think because I've always thought that they should do what I want when I want and exactly the way I want, which probably originated in watching TV where things like that always work. It is a practice I have yet to tame.

But I got my room's floor cleaned up and also the living/dining room (such as they are). Did not do much else. Well, that was enough.

We went to Redmond Town Center and had a very Meh lunch at a crepes place. It was mostly like a Mediterranean sort of place. Mine was not very tasty. Had a very odd taste to it that I did not like. We went to Home Despot, Kohl's, and Target there and only bought something at the latter. Then we stopped at a DQ and the counter person had no idea what we were saying so instead of Mini Blizzards we got Medium ones. Not sure if we paid for that size or not. But then we stopped at the UVil for dinner stuff and came home. Watched racing, made dinner.

Very warm today and also smoky from the forest fires in eastern Washington. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

2 September 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
La Jeanne's birthday (top).
Ruth came over at noon. Played. Mom sick. Made supper alone. Beans hard. Potatoes not done. Meat was good though (wonder)
Once again I spent the night waking up several times. I was not tired enough to take any naps today. We met our friend Margie (97) at the Burgermaster at 7 for breakfast. I think she really appreciated it. We had a good visit. I need to go to her house and prune some trees for her. I had a single pancake and four bacon which was enough for the morning. I came home and watched a little football and then did some watering; it is supposed to be upper 80s and 90s the next few days so I did some deep watering. I only did those few things. We went to three estate sales today, one before lunch and two after. Only the third one was interesting and the only one I bought something at (a pint glass with a camel on it). It was an old house with a lot of really nice old furniture including a very large bed frame. One of the sales was in a house that was packed with Christmas stuff. The last one, in the old house, we had to search for, mainly because I did not read the map app correctly. It was on Palatine Ave which I should have known where it was but we drove around a lot looking for it. In my defense, it is split into several sections.

We got ice cream at NGate and then went to the Ace Hardware where I bought a new tape measure. They are the only place I have been able to find metric tapes. I also bought a flexible hose. They are very nice to use but damage easily. I did some minor chores but watched some football as well. I am not as into college football as I used to be. Michigan bet Florida though, which was good. Not that I like Michigan especially, but I wanted them to beat an SEC team.

I ordered salads and bread sticks from Pagliacci and went to get them in the Honder. We walked at the UVil because I wanted to get buttermilk and a few other items. I also found two more pint glasses. I buy cheap ones because I will invariably end up breaking them. I have some favorites that I only use once in a while (they have the old Blatz logo on them).

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that last night I had a very elaborate dream wherein I was given a Mazda Miata chassis (bare) and also the body (also bare). I do not know what this may mean. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

1 September 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Six more days till my birthday 8 till school (nuts). Went with Dad to figure job. Went over to the Klug's. On Bob's wrist was this ("JC" over a heart with an arrow through it, over "BK") I wonder. 
Somebody's got a boyfriend. . . . .I noticed three years hence on this date she talks about the war starting. I'm not sure I've ever seen a "real" person actually note something like that from the time.

I slept the entire night (minus the bed) on the floor. And woke up about 8 times. Always went back to sleep relatively quickly, but I felt tired this morning and am tired now. I don't mind the floor, but it makes my hips hurt. Had to go to Georgetown again so I left at around 6:30. Spent a little while in the SBux and then went across the street. Not much to see, just fill. I did find a railroad rail sticking out of a sidewall and another piece of white ceramic plate. Other than that, it wasn't anything we needed to monitor. I tried to get hold of the SDOT contact to suggest I not monitor that stuff anymore but I think she'd left for the weekend already. I was done at around noon so I went to a little burger place called "Herfy's". I see there are actually three of them. I want to try the catfish burger. It was good, but too large and it came with too much condiments.

I came home from there and went right to the UVil to get some dinner material. The Spousal Unit had indicated fish as a desired option so I bought two filets of rockfish and also a box of wild rice. For some reason I feel I need to eat boxed rice with fish. I think it is because I don't care for fish that much and the rice makes for a filling portion if I don't like the fish. This time the fish was pretty good although it had one bone in it. I also made corn off the cob, by which I mean I roast the whole cob with the husk and then slice off the corn. It is messy and I would just as well eat a can of it, but the Spousal Unit prefers it this way so I do it this way.

Both the Badgers and the Huskies are playing their first games tonight and I already watched part of the latter's. I hope they lose, to be honest. I have not watched any of the Badgers yet. It makes me sad to do so but I will anyway. I would be fine if the world came to an end right now, but I know others would not like that so I will carry on. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

31 August 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Ruth came over. Made lunch. Mom helped down at church. Played paper dolls. Made supper alone. Daddy said it was good. Left at 9:00.
Busy day today. Slept fine but woke up at 4:10 grrrr. Workout was good, I had to do legs and upper body stuff because I can't tomorrow. I believe I have fixed my right knee with the 2-leg extension. Doing so one leg at a time made the knee unbalanced. Much less of a pain today. Also tried deadlifting, and that went okay, although I made my shin bleed a bit because I hit it with the bar. Hardly anyone there. Huskies are at Rutgers tomorrow, probably why not many students are back yet.

Saw Dr, and that was okay. She still asks me about my mood and junk but I just shrug and tell her what she wants to hear. Just keep the drugs coming. Went to the office and did some more lithics. I think I can finish the tools in relatively short order, maybe even the aggregate debitage stuff. Went to the UDist to get my hair cut. Odd people there. A fat guy downstairs had long nails and nail polish and lipstick and colored hair, and the chick in the electronics section had on short shorts, fishnets, and boots. At least she was attractive.

Came home and did yet another cost estimate and proposal. *sigh* Another San Juan Island one so S can probably do it.

Oh, it RAINED this morning! Kind of a heavy drizzle but it was kind of significant. Filled up the rain barrel. I had to turn the wipers on normal (not intermittent). I'm still watering the front grass because, even though the rain didn't do much, it wet the ground sufficiently so that the water now will soak right in and hopefully give the grass a leg up when it starts raining again. Which may be a while. . . .

Dinner, walked, etc. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

30 August 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Went to S.S. Went over to Grandma's. Made pants for "little Ted". Helped Grandpa water trees. Daddy came and brought us home. 
Bourbon update: Slept fine last night, at least until 4:20. Meh. This afternoon I poured out a little more than 20 ml and that is not good. I felt it more than I want to. 20 ml is the limit.

I went to Georgetown this morning, I left at 6:30 so I would not get into traffic and then sat in the SBux across the street for a while. The construction people were much nicer to me today; I guess they got read something of a riot act. So it was a good day. I even found a couple of interesting items, some ceramics with one that had a maker's mark on it -- William & Edward Corn company (England) that was produced between 1891 and 1904 -- and one other that had some decoration on it, and the top of a green bottle, probably medicine from probably around the same time. I spent time going to the SBux to wait, and was having lunch at a nice Vietnamese place when I had to leave and watch them dig. Nice productive day. I left around 12:45 and came home and did a couple of work things, and then went to UVil to get dinner stuff. Lots of people again, lots of teenaged girls, etc. It's actually nice to see them out enjoying the last days before school starts.

When I came home I did some more work stuff and then started the dinner process. Walked to MM to get milk. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

29 August 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Listened to Radio. Started to play paper dolls but Annabelle came. Read. Got letter from La Jeanne. 
I think it's adorable how she calls her "La" Jeanne.

Slept quite well last night so Day 1 of Somnambulistic Bourbon Experiment goes as planned. One drawback: I drank the stuff straight which, while quite Manly, made me taste the stuff unto this morning (probably not, but it felt like it). This afternoon I mixed it with some Diet Pepsi which doesn't sound great but it went down much easier (cheap whiskey, btw). I don't really feel much effect from that little, which is also a plus.

Workout went well. The Gymnast talked to me more so I guess I'm not that creepy anymore. I did not initiate, btw. I decided to try dead lifts to try to fix my back which I shall attempt on Thursday, and for which Stuart made fun of me. We'll see. Probably useless, If this doesn't work I will officially put it down to non-muscular causes.

Dropped off some food items at the church and then lit a couple of vigil lights, the usual one for Mom, and one for E's parents who live in Houston. They are apparently doing okay, which is good. Terrible flooding. Hurricane Harvey stalled out for the last few days so it's just spinning and dumping rain.

At work I set up my new lamp, but had to run back to the store to get batteries for the magnifier lens. I got quite a few done, but I still feel not terribly confident. I contacted a lithics guy that another company uses in Portland, so I am hoping they will check him out and hand it over. I just don't have the time or the expertise really. If I had 6 months I could probably swing it.

Went for lunch at 5 Guys and it was a perfect hamburger. Worked a couple more hours after that and then got R set up for monitoring Thursday and came home. Made perfect steaks for dinner. Walked. 82 today and warm weather continues for the next week at least. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

28 August 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1036 (Friday):
Listened to radio. Sewed doll dress. Annabelle came over. Read. Buella came here. Some work. I think she[sic] swell. Nice. 
I am starting a small experiment today: drinking a small amount of bourbon in the late afternoon to see if it helps me sleep through the night. I have noticed that the few times I decided to have a shot-and-a-half (or so) of (good) bourbon in the afternoon, I slept really well. So today I bought a bottle of cheap bourbon (Wild Turkey) and measured out about 20 ml and drunk it down. Even the Spousal Unit tried some. 20 ml is about half a shot. Will report findings here.

Slept well last night. Workout was pretty good but not spectacular. I came home and ate my bagel and did some minor things (including working) before heading off to Cascadia. I started right in on the lithics there but was stopped after an hour and a half because my magnifier lamp broke. I pulled it down to look at something and something flew out at me and then it just collapsed. That was on top of f***ing Outlook screwing with me. Again. I tried the new version, and it seemed to work but this evening I found out that the last four emails were still sitting in the Outbox. Prepare for a rant:


End of rant.

I left there around 11:45 and had lunch at NGate and then went to Spam's Club to get some stuff and hopefully find a new magnifier lamp (no). So I came home and called in a utility locate and sent a couple of (non-sent) emails, and then sunned myself for about 30 minutes because my farmer tan is coming back. I hadn't gone out in a couple of weeks because I kept expecting it to cool down and get cloudier, but no, it's still sunny and warm. Doesn't take much. But the sunny spots in the back yard are hard to come by anymore.

I also went to UVil for dinner stuff and also found a lamp and magnifier at the Orifice Despot there so I am set for tomorrow. Worked some more when I got back and then made dinner, etc. Talked to Sunny the neighbor for a while during walk. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

27 August 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Listened to radio. Cleaned [binoculars]. Played piano. Helped Sis hunt Rex. Had tea party (Anne, [Min], Chuck, I). Sewed doll dress. Star gazed.
Sounds like a nice little day. I wonder when they start school again.

I slept through the night. Made the hash browns and scrambled eggs in a pan thing, and this time it turned out okay. Was hungry an hour later though. But I tried not to eat that much because when I sleep well my appetite is less and I can get over full and feel bad the rest of the day.

I made beer this morning. It didn't go all that well. I just used malt extract and flaked rice and during the boil the rice boiled into much and it was difficult to strain out. I believe that I used too little malt because when I drew off a sample for testing it was very light. But then, this may turn out well: a nice light but hoppy low-alcohol lager-like ale. That I could really guzzle. It tool all morning and was messy. But it is down in the basement where all the happy little yeasts are (hopefully) busily eating away the sugars and churning out alcohol.

After that it was just the usual UVil lunch and shopping. It was very warm and there were many teenaged girls there for some reason. I believe the greeks on campus are back as well, so it was kind of crowded. We had a yogurt outside and it was pleasant.

At home we did the usual chores and also watched the last half of the movie Gran Torino, a Clint Eastwood project. I think it is very good although somewhat predictable.

Made dinner. Walked. I also did some more watering. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

26 August 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 2017 (Wednesday):
Listened to Radio. Went to Gas Plant with Dad. Ruth came over. We played paper dolls. Annabelle stayed at Mary's last nite. 
Got out of the bed last night around 10:30 and laid down and could not get to sleep and then I remembered that we hadn't started the dishwasher so I started that. And also took 1/4 ambien and that did the trick for the remainder of the night.

Ate breakfast in. I changed the litter box, did the dishes (not in that order), and then went off to the car show at the Wedgwood Broiler. Some interesting cars, mostly show queens though. I realized I had no chance at winning the 1970s when three perfect-condition Stingrays drove in. Chatted with a few people, especially one nice older lady who's son had a really nice old Mercury (like 1940 or thereabouts). Spousal Unit picked me up and we went to the UDist for her hair cut and then lunch. Ate at a shwarma place which was pretty good although it sent the Spousal Unit's guts into overdrive. Later.

Went back, walked around some more, and then went inside and drank a Budweezer. Felt I should because they were a sponsor of the show. It was okay. Didn't win anything, which was not unexpected. Stopped by UVil QFC on the way back and got a couple of big ol' angus hamburgers, but we didn't make them because I had felt full all afternoon and the Spousal Unit's guts were still not up to snuff, so we just ate plant material. Walked at NGate so I could get more chamomile tablets.

Today I was very tired of being alive. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

25 August 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Listened to radio. Mary Adam. Annabelle, Miriam and Charles, Mary Nillson and I play dolls and art. Fixed dolls and paper dolls. 
I'm not really sure what most of that means.

I woke up a little before 4 this morning and I did not think I would get back to sleep so I decided to try 1/4 ambien and it worked. I was dreaming about NASCAR all night. There was a large (road course) track that had some sort of giant shopping mall in it and I had won some sort of lottery and was given a ride around the track in an old Ford Fiesta by Jeff Gordon and he drove around very slowly and then at the end he swung the passenger door open and tossed me out as he slid to a stop and found it very funny. I was not amused. I also wondered how I had been thrown out when I was supposed to be all buckled in.

I drove up to North Bend and sat in the SBux for a while before going up to the watershed. It turned out they were not digging anything today, so I piddled around some, filled out some paperwork and left at 9:30. When I got home I went to the gym and a short but intense workout. Then I came home and worked on the lithics database some because it wasn't working really well; I did not really fix anything. Monday I will plan on going to work right after the gym and start plugging away full time on those dumb things. I had to buy my own rubber gloves because the ones there I don't like.

I did one last time at the UVil SBux, and also got a pie and eggs for dinner and breakfast, respectively. I bought cage free eggs because there were no jumbo-sized ordinary ones. I feel like I should buy cage-free eggs. Perhaps not pastured ones, but I don't like the idea of chickens being kept in relatively small cages for their entire lives.

I got home and finished getting the Mustang ready for the show. I vacuumed the interior, cleaned the outside windows, and put shine on the tires. We walked at NGate and I bought an Eddie Bauer polo shirt from them for $10 on the clearance rack.

I also drank most of one of my beers before dinner and did not feel very tipsy, which is exactly how I wanted it to turn out. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

24 August 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Fixed up dolls. Miriam, Charles, Mary up the street, and Annabelle played dolls with me. Went for a walk. Wrote to Jeanne. 
Today was a busy day. I believe I slept well. Reasonably well. Workout was good, too, although I swear something is going on with my right knee. I hope that I just slept on it wrong several days ago or something.

Otherwise, I started work at home and then went to Cascadia and did proposal-related things for most of the morning, although I also started analyzing the tools. I was able to do 14 today. Only a few things I had difficulty with but I am noting those in the database to re-check. Otherwise it was some good work. The SDOT project had their team meeting this morning and they called and sent us into something of a panic because they had decided they needed someone out there every day for the next three weeks. That would be virtually impossible to do. I talked to R later this afternoon and he was not optimistic either. However, later on I received an email from SDOT saying they really only need us (me) there for a total of five days. Three I think are next week. Which still isn't great for me, but it is doable.

I left around 1:30 because I had to get supplies ready for tomorrow at the watershed, and also some other items for the lithics, specifically rubber gloves so I do not contaminate the tools in case we do residue analysis. When I came home I cleaned the Mustang's wheels, and interior, and the inside of the windows. Now I only need to vacuum and blow needles out from the engine bay.

We heard a ruckus in the back yard this morning which sounded like something was attacking a bird. It turned out four raccoons were doing. . . . .something. They were near the back door and the fence area, and one was kind of whining like he was being left behind or something. At one point I looked out the door and one was on top of the fence about 4 feet away from me. It looked at me and I said "Hi there" and then it climbed down the fence and dashed off. I felt bad because it kind of jumped down to the concrete. I hope it was okay.

I am hoping TT pings me back saying I don't need to go to the watershed until later tomorrow morning. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

23 August 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1926 (Sunday):
Cleaned[sic] drawers and suitcases ironed doll clothes. Went to Hebert's to give flowers to Ruth. Saw shows "Trail of the Lonesome Pines" "Woman Trap" good. 
Here's the first movie and here is what I believe to be the second although it was made in 1929.

Today was a productive day. I awoke at 4:30 but stayed down for another 10-15 minutes to prepare. The workout was very good. I worked very hard and worked up a good sweat. I did a usual Friday workout -- back and everything else upper body, mostly just whatever I felt like -- because Friday I am out in the field. Again, not many people. Monnie and Stuart and the Gymnast were there, although I don't chat with the Gymnast. Monnie is going to Italy for two weeks on Friday so I wished her a good trip.

I had ridden my bike there and it was fairly dark out but I did not have a light. I had a light in my backpack but the batteries were dead. If I ride it next week I will have to use the headlight. I came home and did the usual things before going to Cascadia. I had a lot of work to do, including trying to get the elevation data from J's survey but I don't believe it was recorded by the Trimble. My friend Michelle has agreed to do our GIS work next month because I will be busy with lithics. I sent out another proposal today as well. SDOT also CC'd me on a letter they sent to the contractor telling them that they have to give me 48 hours notice before digging below 3.5 ft and if they don't they (SDOT) will issue a stop work order. Maybe they will just not call.

I also started on the lithics, mainly getting the database set up. We got some information from the Parks people (or whoever) and it was complicated but I think we will integrate some of their ideas but mostly go by ours. I was there until 2 this afternoon.

I drove to UVil to get dinner material; I decided to make salad with chicken so I got a bag of salad and some chicken tenders. I only buy the salad in bags anymore. It is more convenient and we do not waste as much and they have more selection in contents. And I don't have to wash or cut anything which is the main reason.

I came home and waxed the Mustang and drank most of a beer. I believe that it is possible that a small amount of alcohol before dinner helps me to sleep better. Yesterday I had a half a shot of whiskey and the Spousal Unit said I stayed in the bed a long time. I also needed no assistance and only woke up once or twice. Maybe this weekend I will get a cheap bottle of bourbon and try half of a shot every afternoon for a couple of weeks. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

22 August 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
It's so lonesome around here. Don't know what to do. [Wishes] can make a lot of difference. Cleaned my playroom today. Wrote Jeanne.
I dunno, my computer's antivirus has detected like 8 things so far today. Hmmmmm. And Pandora decided it didn't like my password anymore. Will update later.

Slept okay last night although I woke up at 3 thinking it was close to 5. Used assistance and went right back to sleep and woke up about 4:50.

Workout was pretty good and then I went downtown. Of course, when I was halfway there I got a text from Cascadia saying someone had left a message that was garbled but about Michigan St. (my SDOT project) so I called them and they asked if I had time to come down today. I told them I could be there around 1. So I did some work down there and then came home and then went to the site. Well, they'd already dug the trench and placed some concrete structures in it and most of it was in intact deposits. And deeper than 3.5 ft which is a no-no. So I recorded things and then called SDOT to let them know what happened and then came home. And there was still more to do with projects. And it was 86 today so all the window fans I'd taken out had to be put back in again. WILL THIS F***ING SUMMER NEVER END????


Monday, August 21, 2017

21 August 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Made breakfast. Played paper dolls. Made tent out of blankets. Walked around. Gee. Jeanne went home. Left at 11:30. Oh I'm lonesome. 
She cracks me up. I wonder if she ended up writing anything else.

Today was the day of the solar eclipse across much of north America. We got 92% completeness here and you could definitely tell the difference. It even cooled down several degrees. I took some photos before and during but I can't tell the difference. I wasn't going to watch anything but J had made a nice little pinhole camera and so I got to "see" the disk of the sun being blocked. Otherwise, I still prefer the Hale-Bopp comet back in 1996-97. It was at its brightest in April of that year and fortunately Seattle had a dry and clear April so I was able to see it nearly every night for a month. I would walk back from the UW after working on my dissertation and it would accompany me up and to the left (western sky). I never tired of looking at it.

Today is also the 2nd anniversary of Mom's stroke. It is simply unbelievable how much that event has affected my life. I am mostly no longer the same person I was then. I still have a ways to go to become what I want to be and what I think I should be, but I am making much progress. I would hope that at the end of this process I and everyone else will not recognize my former self.

I went to the TV room last night at 11:30 and first started the dishwasher that we had forgotten and then had to clean of Daisy throw-up in the TV room. That's not a pleasant thing to do in the middle of the night. Fortunately I went right back to sleep with no assistance. My workout was epic and I believe this is the summer break because few people were there. My left shoulder hurt doing shoulder presses so I am going to not do those for a couple of weeks.

I went almost right to Cascadia and spent the first hour or so tracking down projects and then started cleaning off my desk so I could do the lithics, but that took a long time as well. Then J asked if I could come up with the elevations for the GPS data we collected and I spent some time doing that without success. I had to call in my GPS guru M and I hope she will come up with something. I believe it is in the process of converting the raw GPS data into shape files.

I came home and worked on that and got some ribs going and then decided I needed a break so I went to the SBux at UVil for a little bit. Again, not very many people so I think summer quarter has ended. At home I did some guitar practicing and made dinner. Walked. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

20 August 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Made our breakfast & cookies. Made more paper doll clothes. Played in sand (I thought we'd grown up). Read and played piano. Went to bed.
Slept well. Had planned on going to Mass but the Spousal Unit slept in -- which is good -- so I didn't. I made pancakes. They are good pancakes. I use 1/3 oatmeal instead of the flour. My dad had always made pancakes in our house (I guess that's something dad's do) and he always used either Bisquick, which is a southern habit I believe, or Aunt Jemima or Hungry Jack mix. I don't remember him ever making them from scratch. I did not like the pancakes from a mix that I had always made, and I looked up some recipes and tried a couple and this one worked out the best, especially after I had added the oatmeal. Here is the recipe:
1 C flour
1/2 C oatmeal
3 t baking powder
2 T sugar (I use Splenda sweetener)
(mix that all together)
3 T butter, melted
~2 C buttermilk
1 egg
We have also started using real maple syrup which I have found tastes quite nice although I may be getting a little tried of it and may go back to the Hungry Jack stuff.

Early this morning before becoming fully awake I had decided not to take the Mustang to the car show next weekend, but I decided to anyway. It's not judged so I don't really have to try to make it perfect, just a nice, clean driver. So this morning I started cleaning the engine bay. It was not very dirty since I have not been driving it much. It was very relaxing cleaning it. I mostly finished the engine bay. Then we went to lunch at McD's and then UVil for the usual Sunday business.

When we came back there was a rabbit in the back yard. There have not been very many rabbits here until this year. I believe it is because of all the composting and gardening people are now doing, also possibly the chickens people are raising. We have many more rats as well. At least the rabbits are cute. He hung out in our back yard for most of the afternoon. I washed the Mustang as well. All I have left to do to make it show-worthy is wax it and then clean up the interior. I am still embarrassed about the last show it was in, it was not nearly ready for a judged show. I even overheard someone complaining that it had gotten a bronze award when the owner "didn't even do anything to it". IN my defense, however, I did not know they had gone to a non-1st-2nd-3rd format. But I was still embarrassed about it.

I made dinner and then we walked over in Laurelhurst. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

19 August 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Got up early. Made cookie dough. Made old Fashion doll clothes almost all day. Bobby came down. Cleaned out drawers. Jeanne & I went to bed.
Me, right after typing the diary entry: "What's all this red s**t? [on the desk and keyboard]"


Went out for breakfast this morning. I could only manage four bacon and one pancake, because I slept well last night. Didn't do much this morning, although I did change the litter and a few other odds and ends. Did I do anything major? I do not believe so. We left around 11 for errands and lunch, consisting of Home Despot and Spam's Club (work gloves at the former, other stuff at the latter). Lunch at Ivar's on Aurora. Then to the pet food store and back to car wash and then an estate sale. The sale was by our old friend Marianne who is fairly old and not walking too well these days. We hadn't seen her in a while but apparently she had sent out an email asking everyone who still wanted to receive them to respond and I guess we never did. It was good to see her still at it. I bought a small pedestal to put the small dragon tongue plant on to keep away from Jack, I hope it will work, but he may try to climb up it and knock it over.

Once we got back we started a project, removing the planter boxes from the back yard. They are ugly and we don't use them as gardens so they are going away. The first one came out and we spread much of the dirt out by the southwest corner where it is low. It looks better without it. Later on I will remove the other two and also the trellis and large rose bush on the side of the patio. I have no compunction about changing things anymore. As far as I'm concerned my entire life before this is dead and gone and I am making a new person. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

18 August 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Got up late. Had books. Made fudge. Mary E. and Annabelle came over. Jeanne and I played piano. Concert next [radio]. Talked in bed till concert stopped.
I guessed that it was 'radio'.

Man, woke up at 3:30 again and was all wound up. Maybe this trazodone is wearing off. Anyway, I took a half an ambien and went right back to sleep and was out until the alarm. Ate in and went up to North Bend around 6:30 and I stopped at the Starbucks there and got two shots of espresso for my drink and sat there for a little while. I drank a little bit of the coffee and read some Internet things. then I left to go to the site.

I had very little to do. The drillers weren't in anything to monitor and I screened the sample from yesterday and then the bigger sample from the other trench. I only found a rusty nail. I did some busy work for a while because I wanted to go to lunch in North Bend at the "RR Diner" in Twin Peaks. It's actually a place called Twede's and we don't really go there anymore because it's not very good. It used to be a real dive that was kind of nice in the way that dive's are, but then new owners took it over and there was a fire and they remodeled but the service and food was not very good after that. The Twin Peaks Return is on television now so I thought that because I had time I should go. So I went to the outlet mall and bought some new work jeans and some underwear which is probably too long, but it was cheap so I bought them anyway.

I got to the cafe at 11 and it was very crowded. I took a seat at the counter. The person behind the counter was an older woman and kept calling me honey. I ordered what I thought was a hot dog but it turned out to be a massive hamburger with a hot dog on top of it. I only ate the meat and the pickles and the lettuce that was on the bun. I also drank coffee which I never do (except in a mocha) and it wasn't too bad. I ordered a slice of pie because that is also what you do there, and she asked if I wanted ice cream with it and I said no but it came with ice cream anyway. I took a couple of photos of the pie and the coffee mug which had the "RR" logo on it and also bought one of the mugs as a souvenir for my sister who loves the show. She likes coffee and drinks it a lot so the nice big mug will be nice for her.

I drove home and after a little bit of unpacking stuff and changing clothes, Margie called me and asked if I would go check on Sunny because she had been calling Sunny several times and it was always busy. I was riding my bike down to the UW so I checked on her. She was sitting on the outside steps so I told her that Margie was concerned and then we chatted a bit. She says that Margie really likes me and talks about me a lot. I think it is because I am kind of like a retarded puppy that way.

The UVil was busy as usual and it was pleasant to sit in the SBux a while. I got some stuff for dinner and also my prescription for the trazodone which had expired. I walked around a bit more and then rode home. Both rides were uneventful.

I believe we will have to sell our family home in Wisconsin in the next 6 months. I was hoping we could keep it for longer. We Skype with Mom this evening as well, with my brother, sister in law, and niece. It was a good call although Mom didn't say much. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

17 August 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Woke up about 8:30. Got up for a while. The "Anne" books came. Annabelle came over. Got up some more. Mary Elizabeth is visiting Farlow. Jeanne came home. 
Yet another odd day. Had a long, brutal anxiety attack (or whatever) last night. I think I was in the bed for a long time though. Needed assistance getting back to sleep and then I was out like a light until the alarm went off. Showered her because I had to be on site at 7:30, and made breakfast here as well.

So I was on tie at 7:10 because they said they started at 7:30 and when I got there they'd already dug the trench. Not deep enough to hit anything, so I decided I really didn't need to be there for these things. There's still some confusion about what parts are going deep enough that I need to be there, and it's almost looking like only one thing might be that deep.

So, came home, and went to the IMA. Saw Stuart leaving and he just shook his head at me (kind of far away). Good workout although a bit shortened since I started at 9. I had to stop by McD's and get a giant Diet Coke because I was parched. Went to the Shop. I just did a little bit of stuff for a couple of proposals there, and then went for lunch at NGate, and then home for a bit more work before heading to UVil for supplies. Useless information: I had a Kroger-brand musli cereal that I sometimes had before going to the field, but couldn't find it last time. It's not as bulky as a granola, but not as light as something with a lot of flakes in it. Last time I tried one of the latter and I was starving 90 minutes later. Turns out they'd repackaged it and moved it over by the other granola-type things.

I feel certain that everyone reading this is thrilled with my cereal digressions.

Um, so where was I? UVil was pleasant. Came home, did a little more guitaring. I'm using only the pick now and it's strengthening my fingers. There is no hiding things with a pick. Walked. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16 August 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Woke up at 7:05. Ate breakfast etc. Jeanne got up at 11:00. Ruth came up from S.S. Aunt Petra, Uncle Bill, Marlene visited. Jeanne went to [Kripners].
Still don't know what the operation was.

Weird day today. I slept okay except not long enough (4:15), but was okay for the day. Really good workout. Chatted with Stuart for a while, turns out he's Catholic and goes to the hippie woo-woo Lady of the Lake church up on 35th. Good getting to know him a little more.

Oh, Fucsia Leggings chick was there but in a lighter shirt and didn't take it off so I guess she was just too warm the other day. Off the hook.

So anyway, I came home, ate the bagel and then went to Cascadia where I was going to start working on the tools. Well, I forgot my license, etc. Not my wallet, because I'd taken the important stuff out of that. And left them on the kitchen counter. Grrrrrr. So I came home and just worked on the database and more or less worked out the analysis variables. Then the SDOT peeps texted around 10:30 and said they'd be excavating in about an hour, which put it right during my other meeting. So I panicked a bit and then texted them to not dig below 3.5' until I got there. Emailed the SDOT contact about that, she got a bit irate with the contractors, called Randall to apologize, but then I called her and said it all worked out okay, but they're going to make sure at their project meeting tomorrow about all the deep digging they'll be doing. I have a feeling there won't be much. I got there and checked that they'd not gone too deep (they hadn't), and then waited around a bit until they said it would be an hour or so until they were digging again so I went to a nearby SBux and hung out. When I came back, well, no, they weren't going to dig anymore today. Grrrrr. So, have to be back at 7:30 tomorrow. Probably watch for 20 minutes and then go off and probably do some work at the SBux (I will bring my computer with me tomorrow). So, came home.

I drank some of my beer, too. Made dinner, walked to the Riot Aid to use a paper cutter to make up some business cards because I'm all out. This week and next are just crazy busy. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 August 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Luella's birthday[top] Going home (sounds like a song). Came home at 4:30 pm. Hebert car. My rooms all fixed up swell. New dresser everything. Surprise. Oh I'm happy even if I haven't [bathes].
Have I mentioned I really like this chick?

Busy day today. Slept okay, mostly on the floor.Sleeping on the floor doesn't seem to make my back hurt unless I am on my back. The cats had the couch. I believe the couch hurts my back the most.

I drove to the gym this morning and forgot my workout socks (when biking I wear them there). It was not too uncomfortable without them. Quite a few people there today. Had something of an angry one for a while. But a good one. Am doing 570 lbs leg press regularly again.

I worked on understanding the lithic analysis most of the morning and then drove down to Georgetown to monitor but found out they are not excavating and may not until "tomorrow afternoon at the earliest". That kind of throws a wrench in my scheduling. It's not a bad area although I parked by several of these homeless RV areas where people live out of old RVs on the streets. None seemed particularly dangerous or anything although I did worry about my car a bit. Said hello to two nice people walking their dogs (I do not believe they were part of the RVers).

I came back and had a quick lunch at McD's and then came home and worked on the report for this SDOT project for a while and then went to UVil for dinner stuff and a coffee. Lots of people down there, too. It was pleasant. A few interesting people; all seemed happy with their afternoon.

I came home and started dinner which consisted of meatball meat -- it is a meatball recipe but I just cook it up to make a meat sauce -- and some pan cookies made with a cake mix. Both turned out only okay, because I had bought maple-flavored pork sausage for the meat and may have used too large of a pan for the cookies which were kind of dry.


I also made a Facebook post today singing the praises of my siblings for all they've done with Mom. I have good siblings. I try only to make posts now that are about other people and always positive. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

14 August 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Hope I can go home tomorrow. Jeanne came down about 1:00. Mom came later. No company. "Jackie" (Miss Jackman) goes on vacation tomorrow. Having [Fun].
Once again I slept reasonably well. I had thought this week would be very bad but so far it is turning to be not as bad. I had a very good workout this morning. I will relate one thing: A tall blonde female came in (no one I'd seen before) in a pair of bright fuchsia leggings and a light jacket type thingie. Not anything totally abnormal. But then I guess she got warm and took off the jacket thing and was just in a sports bra. I am not sure that is really appropriate, and I don't know if she was just too warm or if she did that on purpose. I think maybe the latter because it was a sports bra meant to be seen, with spaghetti straps and mesh on top. She got attention. However, that seems to me to be a bit inappropriate for a public facility. Or maybe I'm an old fuddy duddy.

Still, epic workout for me.

I had ridden my bike and stopped to get bagels as well. This will not be the last time I ride my bike but I got a parking pass because it is getting darker and colder and I will need to spend more time at the archaeology shop. That was probably too pricey.

I went to the Shop and did some things, including getting TT's equipment ready for tomorrow. I didn't have to but I thought it would be a nice thing to do. Met with M as well to go over the lithics analysis and recording. I can start on some of the bifaces already but we need to decide how they want to analyze the debitage and what cataloging system they'd like us to use.

I left there around 1 and came home quick and then went to get a parking pass. After that I had to go to the UVil to get some teriyaki and forgot donut holes, but I sat in SBux too because I was parched.

Walked. Also had about 2/3 of a Model beer this afternoon, partly because I felt like it but I also want to get rid of it because it's kind of flat. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

13 August 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Nurses all tired. Mom came late 11:35. La Jeanne came later [in] after noon. Elwood came to visit me. Daddy came down. Found another nurse "Jean". 
We were promised rain overnight but did not get much. The airport only registered 0.02". Barely wet the sidewalks, I think, although it rained late last night so much of it may have evaporated. I will still have to water the rest of the week at least. Because of the cool, and perhaps the lessening of the smoke, I slept very well last night. I only woke up once, to go to the TV room. That was very nice.

I did not do much all morning. I did not go to Mass because I'm sure that Fr. would blather on and on about the dope who ran his car into protestors yesterday. I took a short nap instead, while watching some NASCAR programming. Then I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors and changed the litter. Both my dad and I took it upon ourselves to take care of the floors. I'm not sure why this would be the case. Perhaps we both like the idea of vacuum cleaners.

We went to the Taco Slime on Lake City Way for lunch and I reported some negative comments on their web site. That location is not very good. It is not very well managed. The staff are not entirely professional and they often get the orders wrong and take a long time doing so and often the soda machine is not working properly. I did it not really to complain but to hopefully get them to make some changes.

We did the usual shopping at UVil and F was there, and she texted me to tell me so but I didn't see her, only the Spousal Unit did. We came home and watched the race and then I did some laundry folding and some other things. Walked.

I took two books out of a Little Free Library, one is an autobiography of Pete Townshend (The Who) and the other ins The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. The latter is something of the god mother of libertarians. I consider myself libertarian-ish. Or a Weak Libertarian. Primarily, I believe government -- any person or group with power, for that matter -- is inherently incompetent, corrupt, and dishonest. Perhaps they are competent at corruption but that is about all. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

12 August 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
A girl 15 in the other bed. Had tonsils out. Cried terribly. Mom bought me a flower. Aunt Carrie came. Grandma came too. Nurses Ball tonight.
Today was much cooler. I don't know if it was the cooler evening or being very tired or having worked all day but I slept well last night. I needed some assistance to get to sleep but once there I only woke up twice and went back to sleep readily both times. The alarm woke me up. The change in the weather also chased the smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia away and I think that had been making my contact lenses dry and irritable. Today they were much better. As I type this, we just returned from our walk, this time in Laurelhurst. It's pleasant and quiet there and the houses are big and nice and expensive. An older lady in a car asked us for directions and although we don't know the street names very well, I think we got her headed in the right direction. She was very nice.

I tried a new breakfast recipe this morning, although it wasn't really a recipe, it was just something I threw together. It was not a rounding success. I mixed frozen hash browns with scrambled eggs and backed it, but it took a long time and was not flavorful and a little dry. Next time I will do better because I think it is still a good idea.

I did nothing useful this morning as I was still tired from this past week. I watched most of an old movie called Top Secret. It is a very funny movie although it was overlooked when it was made in 1984 and I have always loved it. Today I also found an easter egg in the DVD that I had not known about before. There is a scene that was filmed where the actors were moving normally and then in the film it was shown backwards. The easter egg was the originally filmed scene. Then I watched most of From Russia With Love (a Bond movie). I think it is, all in all, the best Bond movie because it isn't silly and there are not many gadgets and much of it is very intense, especially the fight scene in the train car.

We went to Briley's for lunch; it is a BBQ place on Lake City Way, just a small building with a big tent with tables in it. They make good food, especially the collard greens. It did not agree with my stomach. Next we drove to Aurora to Lynwood to a Walmart. I needed Nestea iced tea mix but we got several other items as well. I haven't been able to get the Nestea here until a few years ago at Walmart. I used to drink gallons of it when I was in my 20s. It's not very tea-like but I still love it. We also went to a Dairy Queen up there as a treat.

Once we got home I started to take down the awning in the kitchen window but halted; it will be more difficult than I had thought and I will need to place the ladder correctly but I can't do that now with the planter bed where it is. When I remove those I can take down the awning.

I did not drink beer today as my stomach still did not feel well. I got pizza and salad from Pagliacci's for dinner and then we walked at Laurelhurst. We also saw a bald eagle flying very close by. There are dark clouds in the west heading our way and it is supposed to rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. That will be refreshing and I hope it rains a lot. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

11 August 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Miss Ferguson went home this morning. Annabelle & Mrs. A. came down. Jeanne, too. Played. Ruth, Mrs. Hebert, Mrs. Helmiche & Howard came.
Sorry about all the French yesterday. I was in a bad bad mood.

Didn't sleep well either. Needed ambien to get to sleep and then woke up at 3. Just stress is all. Because of all the work next week and the lithics and going home. It's always kind of a fight around here whenever I go back there. Whenever I go anywhere.

So yeah, woke up at 3, so I could take my time this morning. Drive up to the site was fine, mostly a boring day though. I did spend a pleasant half hour photographing some of the metal objects we have found. Otherwise, it's a complete waste of time. We have to watch them when they're doing simple grading and backfilling and junk, involving stuff that's been excavated and pushed around a lot. So, useless. Boring and useless But we're making money at it.

A little chipmunk was running around looking for grub. He even snuck into one of the guys' backpacks. Cute little buggah.

Drive home was kind of slow. I had to sort at the Shop to drop some stuff off. Came back and stopped at a Slaveway to get beer. Sheesh, it was pricey. I got some Modelo which, interestingly enough, was the first beer I ever drank. Did it in Mexico as a 16-year old. This stuff was really Meh. Not nearly enough carbonation. Mine is much better.

After getting all of my junk put away, I did some piddly things and started dinner. Spousal Unit came back and we walked at NGate because I didn't want to be outside anymore today.

Cooler today and it's clouding up right now. I'm hoping we've seen the last of the upper 80s and beyond. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 August 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Miss Jackman is my nurse today. She's an angel. Jeanne came down. Mrs. King & Woody visited. Dad came later.
Let me get one thing out of the way right now:

I am sick to death of this 90-degree shit.

To think, a month ago I was wondering if we'd even use the AC unit this year. I took a shower this afternoon so I wouldn't have to take one in the morning and here I am sweating like a god damn pig. Fucking high pressure area. . . .

So anyway, enough of the cussing. Slept a little better last night. Probably a combination of heat and stress but it's been difficult to sleep the last couple of nights. I think I just worry about the lithics and the various projects that are all piling up. Like everyone decided to wait until August to do everything after waiting around for months. But I managed okay last night.

Workout went very well. It was leg day but I threw in some upper body stuff because I'm out monitoring tomorrow. At 5:30 AM. Grrrr. (See Fucking Heat, above). Tried a bit of chatting with a female who's been down there a lot but she wasn't having anything to do with it. I think most women at gyms, or at least at the UW one, assume every male who tries chatting is trying to pick them up. They may be right, in general, but that's always kept me from doing much chatting. Feels awkward. Some of them are more "guy-like" and really hang out with the guys, but most I think just want to be left alone.

Anyway, I went to the Shop right away and got a decent amount of work done, mostly looking into the lithics and how they'd been done on another project, starting to look at the database requirements, etc. Once I got into that I started thinking more along the analysis lines and that kind of got me all interested in doing it, so at least that might not be so bad after all.

Fuck this, I'm going downstairs where I can stop sweating. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

9 August 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Miss Pat Smith. Auntie visited me. Mom came late. Dr. Baker came late, too. Dr. Lowe took my clips out. Gave them to me (14). Ruth & Mr. & Mrs. Hebert came over.
I may have had the wrong days of the week for the past couple of days. This one is correct though. Sunday now is Thursday then.

Slept badly last night. Probably just worried about stuff. I fell asleep real quick but then was awake for a while (ambien) and then woke up at 3 and was awake for a while (more ambien). Sheesh. I did get back to sleep for a while so I didn't really feel too bad. At some point after the first wakeup I just could not get comfortable and ended up sleeping for some amount of time on the couch on my back with both feet up on the top of the back of it.

Workout was really good. I did extra chest stuff (today was back day) because I might have to go monitor Friday. No one there to chat with!

Went right over to Cascadia, and I was the only one there. I'd forgotten my wallet so I just did some basic work for a while and drank hot chocolate without espresso in it. I could have gotten some at the Safeway SBux I go to over there because they know me, but I didn't bother. Came home, got wallet, did some stuff, and then went up to NGate for lunch and to get my watch battery changed. I was going to walk to the other end but then noticed that one of the "islands" did watch repair. So I asked them and yes indeedy, they did it. The wife was there and we chatted a bit (she looked bored). One of them, usually both, are almost always there, weekdays, weekends, you name it. They're young and asian so I assume they're the usual sort of workaholic 1st or 2nd generation. Anyway, it was nice to meet one of them.

I went to the UVil because I needed dinner stuff again; this weekend my guts felt so bad I didn't really plan anything. Ended up with three big chicken thighs for $1.89! Quite a few people there, too.

Came home, did yet more worky stuff. Trying to set up various projects. That's what I was worried about last night, just getting everything scheduled next week and junk. Also had to cancel a Dr appt next week and reschedule.

Some guy called from some tech placement company I'd submitted a CV to like in 2011. Wants to talk. Maybe they're getting hard up for people. Everything seems to be picking up.