Friday, December 9, 2016

9 December 2016 (Friday)

Sad news: Norma the neighbor has gone into in-patient hospice and isn't expected to last the week. Which is good I suppose, at least for her sake. The flamingoes took up station at her house now for a vigil.

Otherwise, it was an okay day for me. Slept well. No assistance. Had a killer workout. Came home and worked for a couple of hours and then went to lunch at McD's and then went straight up to Spam's Club to get a Hulu gift card for my sister. My online purchases are acting weird. I also tried to buy a 30-day pass to the 24 Hour Fitness but it didn't go through either. So after Spam's I came home and started to pack stuff up but realized I didn't have anything for the critters so I went to UVil to get that stuff and then found out my sister's old cat had died in August. Mailed that stuff and then hit the 24 Hour and got that and then. . . .I think I came home. Yes. Played my trumpet for a while. Spousal Unit came home and we went to NGate's California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. That's where Norma's daughter called. We walked a bit. Listened to a violin duet at the B&N for a few minutes, then came home.

Snowed overnight but was mostly just slushy by this morning so it wasn't a big deal.

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