Tuesday, December 6, 2016

6 December 2016 (Tuesday)

Sort of an odd day today. I slept fine last night, only woke up once and without assistance. The Honda was all frosted up inside and out and I quit trying to defrost/scrape it after a couple of minutes because I know it would take a half an hour. So I waited for the Spousal Unit to leave and took mine instead. I parked the Honda in the sun all day and drove around with the windows down a bit and the heater cranked up so I'm hoping it's dried out enough not to frost on the inside over night.

Workout went well. I was kind of angry. Just at the whole situation. Not a bitter angry, just anger at myself mostly. A productive anger.

I did some work on a report at home this morning but around 10:30 the computer was just making me furious so I kinda of quit before I smacked something and went and did errands. I went to a local coffee place and got a pound of coffee for Michele and family for Xmas, and then to Cascadia to pick up my checks, and then to a chocolate store to get some chocolates (nice ones) for Michele and family and Janice. Mailed that all out this afternoon, too. Went to a Paglicacci for lunch. Then to UVil to get some comestibles for tomorrow and drink a mocha.

I played my trumpet today and it went quite well. I'd like to play at least one thing at mom's funeral, maybe two. I enjoy playing it. Did the guitar for a bit, too. Broke down a bit. I dunno. I need to get it out every now and then, I guess. 

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