Monday, December 5, 2016

5 December 2016 (Monday)

Slept decently well last night. Still the usual pattern: Woke up at 10:30, 1:30, and 4:30. But good. Good workout, too. I did a low-weight hi-rep day today. Always tough.

It was raining but I'd forgotten either a hat or umbrella so I got pretty wet, although I took some shortcuts to the Rotunda from the IMA. Raining now, too, with some slushy flakes mixed in. May get some snow tonight, but I hope not.

Work was okay downtown. I got quite a bit done and finished up with the Cytology data memo and such. Started on the biopsies today but didn't't make a whole lot of progress. The merging code also needed to be run again because of the lost to followup issue (I think I mentioned that earlier): some kids were being "exited" but in reality were just having their chart moved to the adult clinic but our code was flagging them as Lost. I had lunch with Rowena which was nice, and Ken was there, too. I like him. Decent chap. Kind of a nice little semi-productive day.

Bus ride home was okay save for the mess of high school kids. Well, they weren't that loud. Most of them got off before my stop, too. I don't mind them. Wish it was a bigger bus though. Went to UVil to get bagels. 

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