Sunday, December 4, 2016

4 December 2016 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
July 24, '38. The Cash Lumber Co. burnt down -- Harold and I saw the best part of it from the ferris wheel at the carnival. 
That's hilarious. I like this chick. Couldn't find anything about a lumber company fire in 1938 though.

Kind of an okay day I guess. Slept. . . .okay? Until 4. Was tired so I didn't go to Mass but I did nap for probably a half an hour. Watched the Great! Big! College Football Playoff Show! Alabama-Clemson-Ohio State-Washington. I would have taken Penn State over Washington, not just because I'm from a Big Ten either. I think WA's schedule was wimpy and not just their pathetic non-conference one. But whatever. Wisconsin lost. I'll be rooting for OSU and then Alabama.

Lazy morning mostly. I did the litter and cleaned the toilets. Went to Five Guys at NGate for lunch and then the usual shopping. Sunny but only 46 today and it's getting colder tomorrow and then for the next two days. I raked some in the front when we got home and then did some more little chores. Fed the squirrels. Got a tree after dinner. A noble fir (ca. $50) about 6 feet tall. Looks kind of ugly, definitely not perfect. Like a real tree. I don't like perfect trees unless they're artificial. One needs some character. A conversation piece. Something that looks like you went out and just cut down a wild one.

No breakdowns today, mostly because around people all day. 

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