Saturday, December 31, 2016

31 December 2016 (Saturday)

Really, the end of this stupid year can't come soon enough. Not that I think there will be some magical boundary crossed and 2017 will be better. Probably not. In fact, most indicators suggest it will be the same old crap and probably worse. Psychologically, perhaps, I can put some of this. . . well, this shit behind me.

Anyway, I had a very odd thing happen last night: I don't remember going to the TV room. I don't think. I remember getting out of the bed to go there but then it seemed like all sorts of whacky stuff was happening on the way so I was thinking it was a dream. . . .but then I woke up already on the couch. My best guess is that I had a dream about going to the TV room after I had actually gone out there and just misremembered it all. Anyway, it was weird and a little disturbing. Ended up waking up again at like 3, tried the pink pill and a nub and eventually wound up back asleep until 4:30.

Ate breakfast in and then I went to the gym to work out. Pretty hard one, too, at least the cycling part. Chatted with Ashley a bit, she's very sweet. On the way out I told her to make sure NOT to behave herself tonight. She liked that. Went across and got some candy for the Spousal Unit to give her hairdresser. Then went down to the UDist for the hair thing, and I went to the U Bookstore and got some mechanical pencils, took a little nap waiting, and then had lunch. We went to Spam's Club, grocery store and then home.

Huskies played Alabama and didn't do very well. They had one good drive in the first quarter but that was about it. Bama wasn't that great on offense either but I don't know how much of that was good Husky defense; they had lots of penalties.

Raining so no walking, but I cleaned instead. 

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