Friday, December 30, 2016

30 December 2016 (Friday)

Kept waking up last night, almost once every hour until I took a decent whack of ambien (read: a quarter of the larger dosage) and that put me out for a while. I ended up sleeping until the alarm at 5. Workout went really well. All of the 'anger' of late was mostly gone, just a good disciplined workout.

I went to Cascadia and found I'd left the little space heater plugged in. !!! Doubt it would catch fire but it was a bit alarming. Nice and warm up there though. I just did some filing and some stuff on the network, and then came back. We met Janet (worked at Cascadia) and her Spousal Unit up at the Mukilteo Landing Ivar's. Meh. Food was only okay. But it was nice to chat with them. Then we went to see Norma's grave. Nice little area, at Holyrood. Her side of the headstone isn't engraved yet, but it was nice to see where she is.

Came home and practiced guitar for almost an hour, but with a little (5-10 min) nap thrown in. When we drove in the youngish female mail carrier came over to ask if Norma had passed away and she got a little teary when we told her. Norma was indeed beloved by many.

Dinner. Walked. 

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