Saturday, December 3, 2016

3 December 2016 (Saturday)

I just finished putting some glittery reindeer ornaments on the pink plastic lawn flamingoes. Also put one on the one I stuck over at Norma's. I hope she gets to see it.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, got out of the bed after only an hour and spent the rest of the night (unit 4) on the floor. Did some praying for a half an hour before getting up. I started making breakfast here this morning, but first one egg broke in one carton, then I knocked something on the floor, and then another egg broke in the other carton so I gave up and we went out. I went to the gym this morning, too. I needed to. Had a decent workout, too. Only one regular morning person was there.

I came home and actually took a nap. Then we went for lunch, a tiny bit of grocery shopping, and then home. I watched football, wrote a couple of cards, practiced guitar a bit, made dinner, walked at NGate.

Kind of a boring, but restful day I guess. I was planning on practicing my trumpet -- I would like to play it at my mom's eventual funeral -- but didn't feel like all the noise. Plus it's much more work to play that than the guitar. More rewarding, I think, but more work. 

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