Monday, December 26, 2016

26 December 2016 (Monday)

Day after Christmas, big whoop.

Usual night sleeping: Out of the bed at 10:30, awake again around 2, pink pill and a nub, and asleep on the floor until. . . 4:30. Well, wait. I started out on the floor because the cats were taking up the couch. Had to go downstairs and get another blanket. New drugs aren't doing much. But Fiona gave me two 'reiki stones' that are some new age mumbo jumbo kinda thing that's supposed to fix me. Or something. I said it couldn't hurt as long as I didn't have to stick them in any orifices. I'll humor her by putting them under my pillow tonight.

Watch, I'll sleep like a baby.

I worked out later in the morning so had a decent breakfast in. Another angry workout which was good. Would have broke down later this afternoon but the Spousal Unit was around. I'm really trying not to look bummed or sad or anything, I just want to appear pleasant, but largely unemotional. Which is my ultimate aim, I suppose: Kind, thoughtful, pleasant, but unemotional.

Had lunch at NGate and then got our phones fixed up and some cases (bright pink again) and I exchanged some wrong-size pajama bottoms. Came home and took the cats to the vet. Poor Daisy peed. She ran around and when she knew she was trapped she went into the cat thing at the window and into the little bed there and peed. She did okay the rest of the time though. She had a small lump on her rear leg and it turned out to be a fatty thing so no worries (whew).

Also spent part of the day entering my contacts. I could have probably found some way to migrate them over, but decided to re-enter them manually and clean them up some. Not sure what all else I need to do with that, but at least I have all of my iTunes stuff on my phone now. Much easier that way.

Went shopping at UVil because it's raining.

Still sux.

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