Sunday, December 25, 2016

25 December 2016 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
May 26, 1936. A beauty of a lightning storm. Saw it from front of church steps. Ran at every bolt.
Christmas day. I woke up again at around 2:30 and laid on the floor for a while before getting a little pink pill and a nub of ambien and it worked fine. I define a 'nub' as 1/4 of a 5 mg tablet. Sat around until a little before 6 when the Spousal Unit got up. Made breakfast in, it being Christmas day and all. Opened a few gifts, tried to get my new iPhone (7) hooked up and swore a lot because it wouldn't. But I got it mostly fixed up. I still have some stuff to migrate over from the old phone. Stomach felt bad so I went and got some espresso shots and made a mocha.

Drove down to the in-laws' and for the first time I was neither looking forward to it nor not. It just was. I was pleasant and reasonably chatty and busy, again for the first time. Have definitely gone past the point of no return. My ultimate goal is to have little regard for myself and do everything for everyone else. I can feel. . . .good about that.

Had to walk after dinner, my stomach felt awful. Too much odd food.

Oh, my sister got us some sort of meal-in-a-box thing. Some place sends you a box full of an entire meal once a week and you're supposed to cook it. Not sure what she thinks about my cooking skills. Maybe she thinks I can handle more breadth. At least, that's how I'm looking at it.

Will only say one other thing: It didn't happen. It sucks. But the road is now taken. 

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