Wednesday, December 21, 2016

21 December 2016 (Wednesday)

Well, at least I had a productive day today. Didn't sleep really well for the most part. Woke up at 2:15 and had a heck of a time getting back to sleep but once I did the alarm woke me up. Workout was good, too. Kind of angry once again, which is helpful. Lots of 'scenery' there, aka, people who are hot and they make sure everybody sees that they are. Good facility though, so far, I have been able to do everything in a like manner that I do at the IMA. Kinda cold though.

Came home and then started writing the report for yesterday's work right away and kept at it all morning. Spousal Unit and I walked down to the Slaveway SBux. The idea of using my own chocolate milk with a couple shots of espresso works well, I drink the whole thing just like a regular mocha and I actually like the flavor better.

I went to UVil to meet Engi for lunch and we had a good talk. She's going to mention that I'm looking  for time to her mentor who already knows me somewhat through emails when I was providing data. I think she has a decent opinion of me so far, so that's good. I would be okay with up to 80% time spent with UW. When I got home a Schwab financial advisor called and we went over my IRA investments.  She said I had a mix of solid mutual funds but suggested their automated investor thing. It's a robe-algorithm that automatically reallocates for you depending on your answers to various questions. I've looked at some reviews and the most common ding is that it likes to put a lot in cash. Well, heck, I've got like 22% in cash now, so hmmmm. I will probably give it a try since I don't really want to actively manage it myself.

Anyway, I worked until about 3:30 and then did a few of the usual chores. Spousal Unit is being very quiet I think she's annoyed with me but won't say why. 

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