Tuesday, December 20, 2016

20 December 2016 (Tuesday)

Weird day. I'd set the iPad alarm for 4:30 and I woke up around 3:15, took some minor assistance, and then went back to sleep. And then woke up to find it 4:45. Harumph. The volume on the iPad was all the way down. So I just dressed and ate and then decided I had time to shave so I did that, too, but didn't shower. Made it to the ferry at Anacortes in time, but then said I was going to Friday Harbor instead of Orcas so they sent me to Lane 1 and I was the first and only one there. Didn't realize it for like 15 minutes. Got in line, blah blah blah. On the way I changed my reservation from the 12:25 to the 5:15 in case I went late, which of course I didn't, and was worried I might not make it on (I did). The survey was a pain. All rocky and hard to dig. Found nothing. It was mostly clear (raining a lot on the way up) but very windy so I was cold. Coming across the strait the boat was rolling quite a bit.

Other than that, not much else to report. Kind of sad today. Drugs still don't appear to be doing anything of significance.

Oh, I listened to something besides quiet piano or sacred polyphony in the car today. I put on Smashing Pumpkins. It's. . . .loud, obnoxious, and pretty dark stuff. I also finally took the record off the tuntable that's been sitting there since before I left for Wisconsin.Played an old Genesis album. Meh. 

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