Friday, December 2, 2016

2 December 2016 (Friday)

Missed a day because, well, lots of stuff going on. Wednesday I went up to Whidbey in the afternoon to do some documenting on the possible intact midden and while there the owner showed up and I told him I was checking it out and was going to send something to DAHP about it and he went nuts. Was very upset that I even talked to them without telling him. Which I guess was right. But he turned into kind of an asshat. Well, no, he was an asshat. Not too rude, but I almost left at one point. Anyway, he was all mad and DAHP wanted to stop all work, but after a couple of hours and many phone calls, we finally got the go-ahead to do that night's work. That started at 8.

And then a (apparently drunk) neighbor came by and was screaming at them to shut it all down. Sheesh.

I left the site at 9:15 and made the 10 pm ferry. Except there wasn't one. So I had to wait for the 10:30. Blehh. Got home about 11:30. Didn't even go to the gym Thursday morning, I slept until 6.

And then Meg and I went up around 11 to document the deposit, and that took about 3 hours in the mud and light rain and. . . .it was kind of fun. We drew a profile, took photos, I wrote something up, and sent it off. I enjoyed the profile drawing, it was actual archaeology, quite rare. But kind of dirty and miserable in a way. Well, definitely dirty, just kind of miserable. And I was looking forward to another night starting at 9.

But no! They cancelled the excavating that night! I was miserable for the previous 24 hours just due to all the driving and the angry owner (he was much calmer after Wednesday night) and the cold and the wet and the dark and late night. Then I was happy. I had gone to Oak Harbor to have dinner and wait around for the work, but Meg called and said it was off. WHEW. Drove around the top to get home and made decent time although there were a couple of accidents.

Slept like a log last night for the most part. Had a really good workout. Went to Cascadia for a while, took some flowers to Norma (sleeping), had lunch, came home and cleaned out the Honder, went to UVil to get a prescription and some SBux, and came home.

And broke down completely. Just some serious weeping there. For some odd reason, when I got back Thursday night Puff the Magic Dragon popped into my head and it was making me a little teary last night and today, so I played it this afternoon and just broke down sobbing. For like 15 minutes. It had just been building up I guess, but I don't know what that song had to do with anything. I mean, it's kind of a sad song and all, but I hadn't thought of it nor heard it in years. Weird. 

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