Monday, December 19, 2016

19 December 2016 (Monday)

Didn't sleep too well again last night. Ended up needing assistance once. Cold again, too. I mean, I ended up getting pretty much enough sleep but it was kind of a pain.

Workout at the new place went well. Was angry again. Lots of people there, but not too crowded. More 'showoff's than at the IMA,by that I mean people who are trying to look all hot and stuff. But they seem mostly okay. Came home and tried to do some work but not very successfully. I went to the SBux and got two shots o' espresso -- what they call a doppio -- and put it in with chocolate milk at home and nuked it. turned out okay. When I can I think I will just do that. A grande mocha is almost $5 and the two shots is only $2.36. Might even try making my own espresso shots.

I went over to Norma's house because Carol texted me yesterday to let me know they'd be there. They are already cleaning the place out. Kind of sad. Said we cold have whatever furniture we want. I kind of like a sideboard but it's a bit cheap and I fear we will just store junk in it and on it. Looks neat though. May see if there's anything else. Would like to have something to remember her by.

Bummed out again this evening. Frustrated and such.

I went to lunch at NGate and then went to the Dick's Sporting Goods and got some socks. Thence to Cascadia to get an auger but none were there. Went to Assumption after that to drop off some stuff, including a 12-pack of soap that they had at Norma's. Went to UVil after that, had a drink at the SBux -- oddly, there were open seats -- and got some foodstuffs and then home. Thought I might break down but was too busy to.

It all just still sucks.

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