Wednesday, December 14, 2016

14 December 2016 (Wednesday)

First day in new drug. Meh. May have done something. I'm only taking one right at bed time since it's supposed to not last that long in its effects. I woke up the same number of times (2) and needed minor assistance once, but I didn't have much of any anxiety attack (or whatever). We'll see.

Still in a relatively. . ."angry" mood. I need a better word for that. My mantra these days has been "Happiness can go f*** itself" (more potty mouth, I know) which isn't exactly as bad as it seems. I'm basically saying I don't care about my own. I feel as if I've spent way too much of my life pursuing 'happiness' by chasing after unproductive/bad/whatever things that I thought would make myself 'happy'. So to hell with it. I'll try to make other people happy for a change and my own can go suck it.

Hopefully, someday, I'll figure out what it is and how to get it. In the meantime, well, happiness can go to hell.

Anyway. That sounds so dour. I went to Cascadia and worked on a report for a bit and then the plumbers called and said they could come by today instead of Friday so I went home and he fixed the one outside faucet and found that I hadn't been tightening the hose enough on the front one (which I swore I was doing). So those seem to be in good order. Had lunch at home, then went to look for an Xmas gift for the Spousal Unit at the Gate Macy's/Bon, which they didn't have anymore. Called up the Alderwood store and that said they had some, but when I went up there they didn't. And I found out the dumb things cost $300 anyway. Drove home. Practiced guitar for a while and then started reading and dinner. Went to UVil.

I dunno. I sound like I'm getting bitter but I'm not. Except maybe at myself. 

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