Tuesday, November 8, 2016

8 November 2016 (Tuesday)

From Clarence Lyons' diary:
Feb 13 1954: Tonight before Louise and I went to play for a basketball game and a dance we came down to the house and I gave Louise her valentine day present and she gave me a beautiful picture of herself and a cake for my present. 
That's kind of sweet of her, I guess.

What a day. I managed to sleep pretty well, in the bed, couch, and floor. The latter was the last and I slept until the alarm. Was awake around 2:30 and the Spousal Unit was up sometime after that and came in and looked at me. I went back to sleep.

Had a decent enough workout although I had to not do the leg press because it was always in use. Made up for it riding the cycle. Worked at home for a bit and then was going to drive the Mustang but it had a flat. I pumped it back up and took it to the Discount Tire and had it fixed, sitting at a nearby SBux while it was being done. Went to Cascadia after that and did a few things. The excavation permit I wrote up was approved and one of the tribal archaeologists sent a note to DAHP saying it was well done and they liked it, so brownie points there.

I left around 11:20 and went to McD's for lunch. Did some Coptic stuff at home for a while -- the data they sent is a mess -- and then went to UVil and sat in SBux and got steaks for dinner. Am cooking them better now. Mostly I have decided I can eat it quite pink. Broke down sobbing but not as bad as yesterday. That's the pattern: I may wake up feeling lousy, but the middle of the day goes well, but I steadily get sadder and sadder and then lost it sometime around 3. Which is fine, I don't mind. I mowed the front lawn and then sat and read my book. Walked.

Election day today, I plan on not watching any of it. Clinton will win, obviously, or should I say "win" since I don't trust anything any government does anymore. In some sense I don't even care because all that I am going through lately had affected me far more than anything like an election. May go to Mass tomorrow morning. 

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