Monday, November 7, 2016

7 November 2016 (Monday)

Kind of an okay day. Managed to sleep pretty well albeit with assistance. Still waking up although not necessarily worry-warting a lot.

I ordered a pith helmet from Amazon today. I've been meaning to try one out for fieldwork, primarily in the rain. The one I ordered is something like a hard hat (I hope) with it sitting off the head to provide ventilation. Gambling that it is waterproof (i.e., plastic) under the cloth. May be in the rain Friday so I wanted to try it out. Should get here tomorrow.

Workout went well. Worked here for a bit before going to Cascadia. Busy there, finishing a report with the bridge examination and recommendation having to be done. Still need to do some stuff with the HPI form. Also did a cost estimate.

I had lunch at NGate and left there around 1:15. Went straight to UVil to the bank and then sat at SBux for a while. Came home and promptly broke down sobbing for like 20 minutes. I'm still glad I did what I did Saturday -- probably one of the hardest and most draining things I've ever done -- but I feel. . . .better. Not as much frustration I guess. At least now it's out there and done with and whatever happens happens. I have done what I could.

Started reading a book on Budweiser. 

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