Sunday, November 6, 2016

6 November 2016 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
Will Rogers died in an airplane crack-up in Nov. 1935 and "In Old Kentucey[sic]" was his last picture. Walley Post also was killed.
Actually it was in August of 1935.

Odd day today. We turned the clocks back and we both ended up getting up at about 4:15, new time. So it was a looooong morning. I had slept marginally okay, getting up twice and ending up on the floor. No big worry fits though.

I did go to Mass. Wasn't thrilled with it. Lots of kids there but I wasn't really into it for some reason. Just feeling exceedingly wrung out and drained. Went to McD's for lunch and then to the UVil for shopping. Went to an estate sale afterwards, nothing worth buying or even mentioning. Well, except for a lot of seashells. Also toured the house on the corner that is for sale. Looks okay, but doubt they'll sell it at the price they're asking ($700k+). It doesn't even have a garage, just a single car port.

Made dinner, walked, etc. I did pick up the guitar today, first time in over two months. I decided to always use a pick. Was very aggressive with it, too. Felt good though.

Did okay today, but had its ups and downs. Like I said, drained. 

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