Friday, November 4, 2016

4 November 2016 (Friday)

What a difference a day makes. Slept awful last night, in the bed, on the couch (not sleeping), back in the bed, back to the small couch, and back to the bed. I woke up around 3:30 on the small couch and decided to just lay in the bed for a while, but ended up dozing off again and I didn't bring the alarm up with me so I slept in. . . .by 7 minutes. Felt awful, emotionally. Just awful.

I got better during the workout, but still not good. Did some work at home and then the lock guy came over while I was cleaning and he got that fixed up. I went to the Home and mom was pretty tired. I left there and got the car gassed up and washed, had lunch, came home, did a couple of other things, and then went for a ride down to the A&W. Called my dear cousin Michele (not there) and left feeling bummed again, and then went back to the Home. Mom was in a mood and ended up on one of her crying fits, but happily dear cousins Michele called soI was able to sneak out for at least part of that. Talking to her made me happy again.

I went for fish at KC Hall with some of the family and also Mike Fritz ('Fritz') who I haven't seen in decades, probably 1982. He seemed quite pleased that I'd contacted him and it was really good to see him again. It was just a great time and I came home in a good mood, about 180-degrees from last night. Sad and pathetic I guess that my moods swing so much. But I am what I am. I went for a short walk. 

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