Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30 November 2016 (Wednesday)

So, right now absolutely sucks. I'm sitting in an Oak Harbor Starbucks, it's 7 pm, and I have to go back out to the site at 8. Because last night we hit some intact midden. I didn't immediately recognize it, but showed photos to TT and Meg this morning and they said, yes, it was intact, so we had to tell DAHP and consult, etc. So I did and then followed a big mess where I had to come out here this afternoon and try to document the damn thing -- which I really couldn't because it was covered with big metal plates -- and then the owner showed up and he was an ass about it and I almost just left because of that.

Long story short, after much waiting and many phone calls involving the contractor, Meg, and DAHP, they can go ahead with the work tonight. I have to stay for hopefully just some of it. But we have to come out again tomorrow at 12:30 and draw the &^$#($^#( profile and document it and crap. And I may have to be here tomorrow night as well.

It just sucks. I am hating archaeology right now. Actually, I've been thinking of cutting back on it anyway and concentrating on getting more money from GH or somewhere else. I don't like these kinds of hassles for really nothing. Plus the company finances are not good -- we didn't get paid for almost 2 weeks because there was no money -- and I can live without the crap.

Anyway, that was my life today. And tonight.

Felt better to write things down though. Hopefully, the owner won't even want me out again. PLEASE!!!!

Oh, for dinner/supper I had a few handfuls of popcorn, a pear, a protein bar, and half of a chocolate bar donut. 

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