Tuesday, November 29, 2016

29 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Writing this up a little after noon since I'm going to the field earlier than planned, need to be out there at 4 instead of 8, which is good I guess. As long as it's an earlier night because of that. Talked with TT and I feel somewhat better about the job; my only anxiety is determining intact from disturbed midden. I think I can tell the difference. Fortunately, since the time is earlier, tribal reps probably won't be out there. I know, I do tend to over-worry things.

I slept pretty well last night although I needed assistance three time (minor). Just kept waking up. Workout was very good. Lots of people there though. I came home, ate bagel, and went to Cascadia for an easy couple of hours, and then Meg called and said the time had been moved up so I left. Got gas at Spam's Club and as I was pulling in I noticed Anne's (hair person) car right ahead of me! That was neat. Went to McD's for lunch and then got some dinner matériel and a donut and came home. Am wearing lots of layers including flannel-lined pants so I should be warm enough, but probably boiling in the car and elsewhere.

So, hope it's a decent might out there.  

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