Sunday, November 27, 2016

27 November 2016 (Sunday)

For Jean Clausen's diary:
The coast conference ended California-Stanford-Washington-Oregon State-Washington State-Oregon-Southern Cal, U.C.L.A.
I think it's really neat that she is really into college sports.

Slept the usual last night. Took another nap this morning. We went out for breakfast cuz I didn't feel like cooking. Or typing out 'because' apparently. Hash browns were too salty so I didn't eat much of that and helped with french toast instead. Oh, I did watch the final Formula 1 race and it turned out to be at least somewhat interesting. Hamilton led the holy race - *yawn* - but Rosberg was close behind and only needed to finish in 3rd to win the championship. Near the end he had a couple of guys chasing humans it was possible he could have gotten caught; also Hamilton was ordered by the team to speed up (so the guys behind Rosberg couldn't catch up to him) but he refused. Hamilton's kind of an ass. Anyway, Rosberg won the championship; I don't care too much as long as it wasn't Hamilton. So, racing is over until February.

Went to Kohl's in Redmond around 10 to find some gifts for the nieces (two UW sweatshirts) and got those, and then came back and went to UVil for lunch and groceries. Had to stop by the Ace hardware on the way back and get some better Xmas lights. I'm sick of them going out after only one or two years. Was going to put them out but it was raining -- still is, we walked at NGate again. Mostly sat around this afternoon although I had a good guitar session. Since using the pick all the time it's a little more interesting. Am getting better, too. Read a while and made dinner and then walked.

Didn't feel too bad today. Might just be building up for release tomorrow or something. 

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