Saturday, November 26, 2016

26 November 2016 (Saturday)

Slept vaguely okay last night but I woke up at 4 or thereabouts. Took a nap later though. Stayed in for breakfast and didn't do much all morning except nap and watch football. Went up to North Bend but only to the Arby's because I didn't feel like waiting for a waiter and stuff. Bought a few things at the outlet mall. Came home and watched more football. Started cooking and reading at 3:30 and that was pleasant. I have a "Peaceful Holidays" station on Pandora that plays all soft instrumental Xmas music that is very pleasant this time of year.

Went to NGate because it was raining and I got some more workout shorts and a candle.

Spousal Unit kinda went all berserk last night so we had to spend some time Talking. She was in a much better mood this morning. I guess I was, but the usual sadness crept back during the day. I am, however, incredibly lucky in my choices. Well, one wasn't a choice, but still fortunate. 

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