Friday, November 25, 2016

25 November 2016 (Friday, Black)

Did I sleep okay last night? Until 4 I guess. Pattern now seems to be wake up at 12:30, go to other room, sleep until 4. Or thereabouts. This morning I didn't get back to sleep though. So I just got up and watched TV and spent 45 minutes trying to find the football show that is coming on at 4, but then realized it's Friday. Duh.

Went out for breakfast. I was so cold I ordered coffee and had the decaf which was kind of awful. Came home, took a probably 30 minute nap which is long for me. Went to the SBux because my stomach felt awful and then Skyped with Barb and Mom but the connection was bad so we just used the phone. Mom didn't talk much.

Went to lunch at Taco Slime and I had chili which is causing me much intestinal grief this evening.

Mostly watched football this afternoon. Also put up some lights. Drank some beer. Walked at UVil cuz it was raining (a bit) and needed buttermilk which was sold out at the QFC, harrumph. So went to Slaveway instead.

Felt okay most of the day, sad later on. 

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