Thursday, November 24, 2016

24 November 2016 (Thursday, Thanksgiving)

Slept quite well last night. Woke up once at 12:30 -- I thought for sure it would have been around 2 -- and needed a little assistance, and then again at 4 when I didn't think I wold get back to sleep but I did, right away. Go me.

Lazy morning. Watched TV, took a short nap, watched more TV, and then around 12:15 we drove downtown to the Daily Grill for Thanksgiving dinner. Almost was bad because the waiter (poor guy) took almost 15 minutes to get to us. But after that it went well. We had the buffet for $52 (way too much) but they had prime rib of which I ate approximately 35 pounds. Not a lick of turkey. Also some delectable sauerkraut salad, yuuuuuum. Ate almost too much but not quite. Tried walking around Pacific Place but they had most of it closed off. So we came home and Skyped with mom and Barb. Mom looked pretty okay. Talked fairly well. She thought I was in San Diego.

Ate a bowl of cereal for supper. When I was a kid we would have had sloppy joes for supper after the big holiday dinner meal. That's just what we did.

Walked a couple of laps at NGate. They opened at 6 and Macy's/The Bon opened at 5 and they will be open all night, probably until 9 pm tomorrow night. Spousal Unit bought some brassieres. (Had three tries to spell that correctly).

Squirrel bite is much better. Can only feel it when I really use that finger.

Liked this much better than the in laws'. Too noisy. I would be exhausted when I got home from that. Today was relaxing and lazy. 

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