Wednesday, November 23, 2016

23 November 2016 (Wednesday)

Okay day today. Slept pretty well, waking up twice, once around midnight and once around 2, I think. Assistance (minor) once. Woke up for good about 4:35. Workout went pretty well, too, doing a full upper body one since I won't get to work out until Monday. But was indeed sore today.

I went to Casadia around 9 and did a bit of work. Realized that we hadn't made up a contract for the work next week so we had to get that ready. Also did some piddly work. I think I left there around 10:30? Maybe 11. Went to McD's for lunch. Came home, did some more work and then went to NGate to drop the old bakelite clock off for potential fixing. And sat around the SBux out there and had some chocolate milk. Came home and the Spousal Unit was home already and we watched the last Terminator movie. Meh. Okay. Didn't make much sense. Mostly a way to bring a bunch of old characters back. Walked at NGate.

Got a bit choked up during the movie, but no breakdowns today. I want to reiterate that all this isn't functioning as any sort of drag on me or some kind of anchor or anything like that.

It's fuel.

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