Tuesday, November 22, 2016

22 November 2016 (Tuesday)

The rains hath begun. Should be raining for the next few days.

Slept vaguely okay last night. Woke up at 12:30 (minor assistance) and then again at 4 (minor assistance). Workout went very well. My butt is going to be very sore tomorrow as I did a new lunge thing with a free barbell with my back leg raised up. Wow. I think it was better for my back, but I can already feel it.

Guy talk at the gym this morning between me and Stewart who has tennis elbow:

Me: Hey, how's the wanker's elbow?
S: *laughs*
Me: Hey, I didn't know you were left-handed.
S: It feels better that way.
Me: Oh, so it's kind of like cheating?


Went to Cascadia and had to go through some things on the historic artifacts. TT thought some needed to be checked again and one bag hadn't been done. Couldn't find a couple of bags. But it took until almost 11:30. Talked to Meg a bit and then went to NGate for lunch and then to Spam's Club for nuts and Vitamin E. I'd gone off of E for a while, but I am going back to it. May not last though.

Came home and raked some leaves in the front and filled up the yard waste bin. Then went to UVil and got a new power strip and sat outside at SBux. Would have sat inside but it was full. It was okay outside though, I wasn't even cold. Interesting fashions there today. Came home, broke down some, and hooked up the new power strip. Tried the voice activated control for Amazon Fire TV and it worked quite well. I said "play Garbage" and it knew to play Garbage (the band) and shuffled all their songs. Am liking this. So that works.

This morning Sheila was hanging out by the front door so I gave her some nuts, and fed her a couple by hand (carefully). This afternoon she was in the back yard and actually followed be to the front just like a little pet. She's adorable even if she bit me.

Walked at NGate because of the rain. Fairly sad today. Bit more frustration than lately, too. But okay I guess. 

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