Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2 November 2016 (Wednesday)

Slept rather badly last night, although I got to sleep pretty quickly. Then I woke up and went to the couch and couldn't get back to sleep and then I went up to the bed and went back to sleep and then woke up and went to the couch, etc. Sheesh. Had a really good workout though. This Prozac crap sure isn't doing anything for this middle of the night crap (so far).

I cleared out the dining room first thing and cleaned that room. Found that Shout (fabric pretreater) seemed to get rid of some of the stains, although there was a tiny amount of it, but found something else that worked as well. It looks better, even the darker path from the kitchen looks better. That took until about 9 or 9:15. Went to SBux and thence to see Mom. She was sleeping so I went out and did some work. Coptic files are all messed up. Had some visit but mom was tired and even Janice couldn't get her to be reasonably coherent. I left and got a box and such and then went to Connie's Diner on Main St. Not bad. Halfway decent burger. Fun sitting at the counter. Went home after that and did some box packing and some other things. Oh I did some laundry this morning, too. Hung it out on the line.

Went back to see mom for a while, still not making a lot of sense. Asked me if I was going to the funeral home and if my mother was an attorney. Went to the Target before seeing mom and got some casters for the table.

I got a pasta dish at the Festival and then ate at home and drove to the Library and walked up to the Home. We Skyped Barb and then Skyped Phyllis. Mom was going on and on about a video and eBay and email at Barb, but was more coherent with Phyllis. Although the latter had a baby and daughter who were being loud and obnoxious but Phyllis wouldn't tell them to be quiet or leave.

Anyway. I dunno. Kind of a rough day at the start, very frustrated and bummed, but I slowly got better. 

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