Saturday, November 19, 2016

19 November 2016 (Saturday)

Sheila bit me!!!!

The squirrel. She was going for the nut before I had it securely in my fingers and grabbed onto the finger and wouldn't let go. Aye caramba. Hurt like the dickens. Bled a lot, too. Must be careful.

I slept vaguely okay but woke up at 3:30 and I'm not sure I went back to sleep. I think I did. But I took a decent maybe 30 minute nap later and felt okay. We wen over to Norma's and it turned out to be a rather large get together, with several people. I sat next to Norma the whole time. Nice visit. We'd gone to McD's for breakfast and was there when I got the voice mail about it and so I didn't eat all of my sandwich. So it was nice.

Went to UDist to get the Spousal Unit's hair cut and I sat in the book store. Lunch at Paglicacci's and then an estate sale and then home. Watched football. Walked at NGate. Was sad most of the day but got some feedback, and that was okay.

Broke down again last night after signing off here. In a bad way.

Me and Norma:

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