Friday, November 18, 2016

18 November 2016 (Friday)

Well, on the plus side I didn't really brown down sobbing this afternoon.

I did it at 4:30 this morning instead. Woke up at 4, laid there praying and junk, and eventually just got to the sobbing part. It felt kind of good though. Workout started out poorly but I got stronger as I went and ended up having a very good one.

Came home, ate bagel, did a little laundry, and then went to Cascadia and cataloged junk until about 1 (with a trip to QFC for lunch). Kind of boring, but more interesting than other junk I do there. Met Fiona at NGate at 1:30 and had a nice visit. Came home, dinner, walk, etc.

I'm not overly concerned that the sobbing fits are still going on. I can state rather confidently that I am not depressed, in a clinical sense. Just sad. For good reason. Reasons. I'm okay with it. I need some time like this to readjust and realign. Decide what really matters and how I'm going to exist from here on out. It's okay.

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