Thursday, November 17, 2016

17 November 2016 (Thursday)

Day 2 of increased dosage of Prozac Nation: Woke up as usual last night although the second time my thoughts were getting revved up but they weren't all negative and such. Needed assistance the second time, albeit very minor. It's the negative stuff that irritates me. Ended up sleeping pretty okay.

Workout was on the verge of being great but my back started to give out. Can't seem to get up to 135 squats without it going. May have to cut it back to 115 and just stay there and maybe do really deep ones. Still worked pretty hard though. Did mostly Coptic work this morning waiting for the sewer guys to show up at 10 which they did about 10:10. They snaked a camera down the access point in the back yard and I watched. Was clear except for a few roots.

Went to lunch at Five Guys and had fries. Then went to Cascadia and did some cataloging of historic objects for a while and then finished up a report and sent it off. Home, guitar practice, dinner, walk, etc.

Got a text from Michele which made me happy. 

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