Wednesday, November 16, 2016

16 November 2016 (Wednesday)

From the diary of Jean Clausen:
The Washington Crew for the first time in history won all three races two timed in succession at Poughkeepsie -- Never will again. 
Kind of a weird day. Was awake twice last night but still slept reasonably well. Workout was fine and I ran up on the track for about 15 minutes and nothing hurt (always a plus). Worked a bit here and then dropped some food donations off at Assumption and chatted with Carol for a bit. Then went to Cascadia and finished up a couple of things. Looks like no fieldwork this week. I think I will work on Coptic stuff tomorrow and then not go in next week since I will probably be in the field Monday anyway. I left there around 10:30 and went to Spam's Club and the PetsMart. Decided to have lunch at home and ate the leftover BBQ place junk which was kind of gross but I was starving. Did a little more Cascadia work until the stupid WebMD place called up and gave me a bunch of useless advice on my health status. Meh. Whatever.

Went to UVil for comestibles and then sat at SBux for a bit. Needed to relax. Came home, had a good practice session on the guitar and then had a low-level breakdown and then read and made dinner (salad). We have four squirrels begging for handouts daily now: Sheila (old female who will take stuff from my hand readily), a couple of other more skittish adults, and then a cute little young one. Sheila's a beeyotch and like to chase the other ones off, but I think she's just a survivor.

I did my first goofy thing in Facebook in a couple of months: Transferred my face to a Rick Astley pic and made it my profile. 

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