Tuesday, November 15, 2016

15 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Slept okay last night. Needed assistance. . . .don't remember. Maybe twice? Killed it on the workout, too. Did some work at home before heading to the Dr's office. We're trying to up the dosage of the prozac junk by 50% and see what happens. Not sure if it helped last week or not when I took 1.5 but we'll see. Going to try one in the morning and then another half in the late afternoon.

Went to Cascadia most of the day (until 2-something anyway) and got a decent amount done. Lunch at NGate. When I got home I called up Norma and went to see her. She was doing okay, but the physician said she's probably got 2-3 months left and is officially in hospice. I don't know what drew me to her or how we even met but I do adore her. It will be sad when she goes.

Came home and bawled like a baby for ten minutes. Not really so much about that as the Other Thing. But it didn't help.

Walked at NGate because it's raining.

BTW, I made this thing public again. Ready to get at least a little back Out There again.

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