Sunday, November 13, 2016

13 November 2016 (Sunday)

From the diary of Jean Clausen:
While at hospital recieved[sic] flowers from Mrs. McCloud & also (gift0. Ken Johnson Mrs. Patterson, Aunt Lu, Daddy. Letter from Miriam book from Auntie Beth. Flowers from Ladies Aid. Books from Mother & Daddy & pajamas. A fine box of candy from Aunt Christina. Flowers & book from Annabelle. Brass Bell from Elliot. Rev. Allen oranges. Candy from Mrs. King. Book & flowers from Heberts. Candy Aunt Carrie. Flowers Mrs. Helmick. Picture verse Lo. Jean. 
Am now downloading a book called Breweries of Wisconsin to read. Have read three books on the beer industry. Fascinating.

So-so day today. I required some assistance around 3 this morning, but otherwise I woke up a couple of times but went right back to sleep. I was on the floor second, and then moved up to the couch when my hips were hurting (at 3). Decided not to go to Mass this morning. I dunno why. Well, I wanted to watch the F1 race, but it didn't start until almost 9 anyway. And kept stopping because of rain. Mostly sat around all morning. Went to Taco Time on Lake City; still don't like that place. They just aren't as well-trained and the restaurant isn't as functioning as the other ones. Went to UVil for groceries, etc.

I did play the guitar for a bit this afternoon, callouses are starting to thicken up again. Still using the pick for everything and really concentrating on fingering I plan on doing nothing but fingering exercises and chord repetition for a while. Decided I might also play my trumpet, too. Saddened up later in the afternoon, but I guess I got a lot out yesterday so no tearing up even.

DIdn't walk because it was raining, but cleaned instead. Made chicken souvlaki for dinner with leftover pesto pasta and some broccoli. 

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