Friday, November 11, 2016

11 November 2016 (Friday, Veteran's Day)

Last night was the first night in a while that I needed no assistance sleeping. Still woke up several times, mainly because I was on the floor all night and was a bit on the cool side. I probably woke up a little before 4 but felt okay since I didn't have long waking periods through the night.

No workout because the UW is closed so I did some work here in the morning and then went to Cascadia around 6:45. Didn't do much there, but stayed until around 8:30? Came home. Got my boots and gloves and went to the SBux in Greenwood (because they fill the damn thing up all the way) and then went to Lowe's to get another 12 bags of gravel for the side yard. That was just barely enough. Still could use a few more to fill in though. But it looks way better than it did. Finished that by 11:15. Went to lunch at the Five Guys by Northgate and just had some fries. Met Fiona at UVil, really crowded place; the UVil, not the SBux. Nice visit. Came home and. . . .wait, on the way there I saw Norma and Sunny outside the latter's house so I stopped. Bad news: Apparently, Norma has taken a turn for the worse with her cancer (whatever kind it was) and. . .well, she said "days" but I don't know. She looked very tired and slow. They're going to give her a transfusion tomorrow to see how that works. I'm hoping for the best. Still, makes me sad.

That was about it. Read. Made dinner. Walked. Sad day. Broke down some this afternoon. 

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