Tuesday, November 1, 2016

1 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Interesting day. I only woke up once last night and then at 4:30.. Fortunately for me I did because I'd left the alarm iPad upstairs, although I was heading in that direction when I noticed the time. Decent workout.

Came home and cleaned the living room carpet. That took about 30-45 minutes all told. I just did the areas not covered by the couches and the TV stand. I came back later in the morning and was going to do the other areas but when I pulled them back those areas didn't seem to need it. I piddled around and then had a burger at McD's and then drove down to West Bend to meet Fr.s Tony and Roger for lunch. Good to see them again. I had suggested Sunday that I need some "priest time" but decided against it (see Monday entry). We chatted a bit about My Recent Past but not in any detail. I started to drive back on 45 but it was slow so I skipped over to 41 and got back before 3 and then rode the bike out to Festival for dinner stuff. It was 68 degrees today. Nice ride.

Ate, walked up to Gille's, got some soda on the way to mom's and am now about to Skype with the Spousal unit.

Here's today's Mom update:

She was kind of tired this morning, but fairly chatty. I disappeared during the middle of the day to have lunch in West Bend (never been there) with a couple of old priest friends and get absolved of my multitude of sins.
The big news is that she fell out of her recliner this afternoon. Not to worry, only a minor flesh wound resulted. The nurse who called me said she was laughing when she was on the floor, but Mom assured me that she "may have laughed once". She claims to have been attempting to stand, but may have just answered in the affirmative to placate me.
Waiting to Skype with Aunt Phyllis at the moment, and she is quite lively and speaking clearly. [Update: Skype fail. Phone backup]
I offered to pass along a message to all of her Facebook followers but she declined with a "No. I don't think so."
In other news, there is another deceased mouse somewhere in the basement based on the smell, but I was singularly unable to locate the corpse this time. Who knew I'd be spending inordinate amounts of time looking for small, furry cadavers?
I Am Become Death, apparently, (and unwittingly) Destroyer Of Mice.
That is all.

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