Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11 October 2016 (Tuesday)

Love took up the harp of Life, and smote on all the chords with might;
Smote the chord of Self, that, trembling, pass'd in music out of sight.
That's from Lockley Hall by Tennyson. Seemed. . . .appropriate.

Mostly slept okay last night. I woke up a tad before 4 but that was okay as I'd not been awake much before that. Lower back hurt most of the day. I tried running at the gym thinking that would help but it didn't. However, riding the cycle for 5 minutes did. Remember that. Otherwise, the workout went well. Despite the back I did the usual things and, though it hurt, I did okay.

Came home and then dropped some stuff off at the church on my way to Cascadia. I did some work on the one report there and left around 11:45. I was going to go to NGate for lunch and then drop off the cable equipment, but realized I didn't have my wallet. On the way my phone rang and it was the Home calling me in on the care conference call. Mom seems to be back to where she was before the latest event. Is eating all on her own and doing well with that, but mostly refusing to do any sort of physical therapy. I wouldn't have expected that from her. I would have thought she'd be stubbornly trying to do things even if she couldn't very well. Either I don't know her very well or perhaps the stroke has changed her in some way. But at least she's relatively stable. That makes me feel better, at least a bit, but it all still makes me sad.

Went to McD's after that (call was at noon) and then drove the cable stuff up. I came home, drank a small glass of chocolate milk and then cleaned off the roof in preparation for the rain Thursday. Not much junk up there, oddly. Also raked and mowed the back yard of debris. Made dinner, walked, etc.

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