Sunday, October 9, 2016

9 October 2016 (Sunday)

7/13/39: Prosser. Pasco. Yakima -- Started up Pass Naches High swell -- snow on mountains, rain on this side. Stopped at grandma's. (saw cowboys & Indians etc.). Home again. 1012 miles. 
Apparently quite a long road trip. All of what she's written has been in eastern Washington.

Slept fairly well, although woke up at ca. 3:45 and couldn't go back to sleep. Took two shortish naps this morning and that seems to have sufficed well enough. Watched NASCAR stuff most of the morning. Left for lunch and grocery shopping etc., as usual. Nothing exciting. Made a trip to get more river rock for the side yard, thus far 17 bags of it and about 1/4-1/3 coverage. Technically, we won't need all 150 square feet because a portion of it is blocked off by the window. There are two holly bushes there serving as theft deterrents. It has deterred the meter reader more than once as well. Need to keep them pruned.

After that I did a couple of chores and then installed the new cable router and box. The rates went up a few months ago to over $250 and I put off doing anything about it. Finally contacted a competitor and got a price and then called Comcast and threatened to leave, so they gave us a great package. Includes a DVR which will probably never be used. Didn't take too long, maybe an hour all told.

Cloudy most of the day but no rain although it is raining a bit as I type this. Walked a bit early and will watch the latest Captain America movie instead of either football or the stupid presidential debate. We're heading towards Greece status anyway so it doesn't make a difference who we elect at virtually any level anyway. All we have now are an amateur jackass and a criminal. I hope perhaps in the future, dear reader, you save some good thoughts about us. I'm not sure how we let it slip away, but mainly through apathy, although I am certain it is the very nature of things. 

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