Saturday, October 8, 2016

8 October 2016 (Saturday)

Adequate sleep last night for the most part, with little assistance. Was not that cold overnight due to storm coming in; it was raining nearly all day, never very heavily, but steadily. Has slowed up this evening fortunately. Stayed in for breakfast.

Did little this morning save for football and dozing off a couple of times. Left for the Spousal Unit's hair appt in the UDist at around 11. I went to the U Bookstore and found a book to read which I ended up buying: Confederates in the Attic. I read some while waiting and some more this afternoon. It's quite good so far. It's written by a northern Jew who had a long fascination with the Civil War and so far it's not the smarmy, sneering sort of thing you might expect. For myself, my ancestors -- the original males that came to this country initially anyway -- both fought on the Union side and one (dad's) eventually went down south whence he originated. It's only the last few years that I've become somewhat conflicted about the War. One thing very much struck me watching Ken Burns' Civil War series. Shelby Foote noted that many people say that we here in America have never lost a war, but that's wrong: the South lost. The rest of us have trouble understanding how they have reacted to that. It's rather naive of us, I think, although we simply don't have the experience that many other people, here and abroad, do. Anyway, I'm liking it.

Stopped at Lowe's and got some river rock for the side yard, 7 bags worth (out of 50 we need eventually). Heavy stuff. I'll probably do like 10 bags at a time over the next couple of weeks. I laid that down this afternoon in about 20 minutes. Sat around and watched football and read the rest of the time. Walked at NGate because of the rain.

I used leftover meatloaf to make meatloaf shepherd's pie. Delicious.

Spousal Unit is getting concerned about my moodiness. That's okay, she'll get used to it. As will everybody else, eventually, I suppose.

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