Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 October 2016 (Thursday)

Odd day today. Did not break down (yet), but it's not over yet. Plus I was around people nearly all day. I probably would have were I alone. I had something of a change in attitude perhaps. I don't know.

Slept okay last night. Had a good workout, still light weights for the leg stuff. I went straight to Cascadia and think I got quite a bit done today on the one big bid and a couple of other things. I left there at 11 and stopped at a florist to get the Spousal Unit birthday flowers. Went out for lunch. When I came home I worked on entering probe forms for a couple of hours and then started the birthday dinner preparations a little after 3. Despite my mood and emotional state I will continue to full fill all of my humanly duties to the best of my ability. Had New York strip steaks, maybe a little less done than they should have been but I'm learning to be okay with pink meat. Potatoes and green beans. Spousal Unit made Haupia cake, a Hawaiian type thing with coconut. Walked at NGate due to the rain.

So I dunno. 

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