Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 October 2016 (Wednesday)

15 January 1954 Ask Louise to go steady with me tonight while we were down here at my place in my bedroom listening to the radio. It was about 12:30 and we had just gotten back from a church party after a basketball game that we had played at.
That was Clarence again. They were married in September of that year.

Another rough day. I slept well though. The Big Problem of a couple of days ago is still embarrassing but was all worked out and I don't even care that much anymore. Was mostly just mopey today instead of frustrated. I slept okay last night. Had a good workout. I went straight to Cascadia from the gym and did some work there and then about 10 I found I had to go up to Whidbey because the excavator thought I had said it was okay and since he hadn't heard back yesterday just figured he could go ahead. Which he should have known otherwise, but it wasn't a big deal. So I went straight from there in my regular street clothes and borrowed some died equipment from Jana and it was okay. I left about 10:15 and got there at around 12:15 with a stop at a store for some lunch material. Nothing of importance was disturbed. Weather was nice.

Last time I went through this I kept it all bottled up and drank it away (ha, 'away') and ended up blowing years of my life on a PhD.

However, it will also be a test of the New Me which I hope she notices. In a good way.

Yes, I broke down sobbing again later this afternoon, while I was playing my guitar. "I am Weary (Let me rest)". 

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