Monday, October 31, 2016

31 October 2016 (Monday)

I slept pretty well last night, but needed a lot of assistance. Just kept waking up and worrying, mostly about The Usual Issue. However, at some point I woke up and decided I was done talking about it, done thinking about it, and basically said "f*** it, I'm going to get one with things". Dunno, but I had a really great workout and my mood was just about what I would want it to be. I would hope I could keep this right where it is.

Came home, did a bit of work, and then dressed up and went to the Home. Good thing, because it started before I thought it was going to. Instead of like last year where the residents were in in their rooms, they had them all out in the lobby by the nurses station which was good. So I sat out there with them and we handed out treats. Mom had these funky glasses on that said GROOVY in weird letters and a mustache. I'm not sure she was thrilled about it, but she liked it once I was there. She did okay handing out treats. I could tell some of the kids were a little weirded out by her.

Sat there for a while and then left to go to lunch (chili cheese fries at Culver's) and then went home and started doing things. I got the recycling and trash out and then boxed up the big old TV and took it to Goodwill. Glad that's out of the house. Oh, before that I cleared out the living room and vacuumed in preparation for cleaning the carpet tomorrow. Looks nice all uncluttered in there. After Goodwill I went to Janice's and got the cleaner and tried to find cleaner fluid at the Festival, but did not luck out. Decided to go out for dinner for a change, but only went to Rocky's for pasta and salad, yawn. Went to Walmart for the fluid and walked around quite a bit there and then did a couple laps of the Mall before going to see Mom for a while. She was in good spirits and watching the football game.

So, hope today is the start of . . . I don't know what. 

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